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"Good job"? This will get you banned if caught on tape or by gm. This is clearly described by devs as exploiting (ban worthy by their own words). If this is true then good job on revealing what a bunch of cheaters Lux Arcana/Tausion Dominion is. Heldana even liked your post. Good job!

So i was told to respond to this.

1. I told them this during indev, its still not fixed to this day.
2. They specifically told me (when i reported another player using a certain position against monsters to avoid death), that as long as monsters move its fine.
3. I told them this was a horrible way to determine if you are exploiting the AI or not.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
4. I kept this to myself, even when clan members specifically asked what i was informing the devs about regarding the AI.
5. I send them video's of how bad it really gets, on all the things.
6. I remade those when they changed the rate at which monsters are allowed to swap actions
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
7. I did not use these methods untill long after people quit, just to figure out the depths of the AI which used to be obscured by uncertainty and missed windows due to slower choices.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
8. This ship is on the bottom of the ocean, there's no harm in revealing just how broken things are anymore.
And you cant reproduce this in RoA, the AI there is too slow to take it into account. (as dumb as this sounds)

So yes, had i wanted to, i could have exploited for all those pixels.
But none of my wealth ever got used. I never used infernal or higher, i never used q3 or higher enchants, i never funded sieges or did anything worth mentioning.
I am a nonfactor, dont make it seem like i matterd one bit.
Here's the sad ending of dnd's tale.

In their quest to add diversity of playstyles to allow different kinds of players to enjoy dnd, they had to change the game.
They put a lot of time into thinking about how they would do this, long before they ever even got the license.
When they got the license, they had their path laid out for them and "all"  they had to do was walk it.

They, after many years of having no dfo, realised that a lot of basics to the game were quite troublesome to get used to.
A lot of new players dont get past their first week, or didnt...semantics...
This meant they had to put a hold on adding the features they wanted to make the game actually playable.
The veterans obviously didnt care much for these changes, because they overcame those obsticales long ago and had made a setup around the obsticales and/or macros.

This slowed down their implementation of new things, because changing those core mechanics drove them deep into the code to find, unlock and catch all the fall out from the happy little accidents that kept the game going.
If you ever had "paperdoll locked", you know its not 1 input being lost..its not 5...its more like 1 second worth where every weaponswitching action resets your timer. In a game where players whine about 100 ping, 10x that ammount literally being unable to swap weapon is massive.

So yes, this needed to be done...eventually...but its a quirk.
If the game had a proper tutorial, a proper website to look up information and some directions in how to get your character to be productive you could just be...20% less efficient but still progress along the same lines.
New players, no matter what, would never keep up with veterans anyway. So the attempt to level the playing fields based on what makes logical sense with inputs wasnt going to change that at all.
In fact, it made it easier for vets to get away with certain things...and thats knowledge based which new players will not have...
And even if they join a vet group and they take the time to teach them...would take time to learn anyway.
Let alone learning things without that guiding hand.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So, none of the features that were meant to make the different playstyles viable were implemented.
I mean...they got shoved down our throats with the title system...
But like, alts?
And this was argued at lenght with them, that there is NO difference between a player who took titles and an alt who took them.
They felt like time spend on the grind would deter players from doing this, but they clearly didnt perceive the dedication players would have.

They should have thought about ways to make the playstyle required.
Like a 3% chance of having a weapon be broken on use (in pve), which can be repaired in the field by a crafter (with sufficient skill), bumping the current durability up by 5, but lowering max by 3.
(so if you have a new weapon, and you use it a bit...then it gets goes to 105/115 instead of the 100/118 it used to be). Now you can just bring...20 weapons and repair them with an alt in the city. Or bring the alt.
But it means that you are alt tabbing all the time...And we all know that sucks.
Its a horrible idea, i just literally writing down my first idea that would make the alt tabbing so annoying that it would be easier to actually have a player dedicated to this. (even if it is just on an alt, you wouldnt also be playing the main).

If you take 3 hours a day, of just throwing ideas into a discord channel with a few semi intelligent people for like 2 weeks im sure we could come up with idea's that wouldnt suck and would help.
Thats how you make players do things, and if you want to make it title locked then im done trying to change their minds on this.

Anyway, moving on from that failure.
They then launched without the needed changes for end game. Players did what they always do, rush to end game.
So after like 2 months clans were peaking in strenght, it was enjoyable to stomp on less progressed groups.
But before long that thrill was over and there was nothing left to do.
Who would have known, that the only end game dfo ever had was pvp (often forced by sieges).
But dont worry, they fixed fun sieges by making the wardec cost retardedly high.

Now what do you do? Thats right, you camp a village and log off to play other games in the mean time.
But dont worry, they fixed villages by making them rotate 1 hour later every day.

Now what do you do? Thats right, you log in to check if a village that is close enough is in a decent time zone and else you log off.

You cant blame the players for the mistakes they made, especially because some of us took the time to discuss these downsides with them at lenght.

For me, either they sort their shit and start looking at the game from a fun/not fun perspective and try to add to the daily enjoyment of playing. Or there's no point in playing ever, even if they get their shit together and start patching again.

As for "go play roa". It took me all of 5 hours to max out a char, i feel like all i can do is pvp in that game and i just cba to fight the same people for the sake of fighting every day. Ive done that, i want it to have meaning, which is why i tried dnd.

Probably my last post on these boards, if there's ever something going on in dnd im sure ill hear about it from somebody.
So like 200 people is the entire server.
A map meant to have 10k players on it.

is it more than dnd, sure...but i mean...
if i start a minecraft server, which holds 8 at most, i think i get pretty close to dnd pop
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
Who are we to give them advice and EXPECT them to listen to us?

You kind of invite that mentality when you ask players to test your game in indev and ask for feedback.
But i guess they never said they would listen to us...Technically correct, the best kind.
Trade / Re: WTS house Aldenfau
I naked capped 6 VCPs today. Should I post pics and brag how good I am?
Considering that documented record is 27 villages your 6 does not sound like anything one can brag about.

That was solo though, the 27 is the combined effort of the entire active Horde clan.
I mean, that was what you said in the thread...that it was a clan activity and you werent nolifing the game riding to all remote corners of the world to cap uncontested village points.

Also, he was trying to be witty...but maybe actually going for face value will give a more entertaining response in the end?
Trade / Re: WTS house Aldenfau
If nobody plays your game, its a good indication its not fun and needs changing.
Now i know you just said you like playing, but <100 players is basicly nobody.

If you like playing, go for it...
If you like the idea of what dnd could be, dont play a game you dont enjoy now.

Its that simple, its why so many have quit these past months(in combination with the loss of hope because uber is basicly gone?)
Those of you that remain, arent even playing darkfall as it should be.
The world is deserted, holdings are up for grabs and there is almost no competion over anything
General Discussion / Re: Mobile website is excellent.
Your mastery of necromancy is surging
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
I think the person in charge of the liquidation is wearing a yellow vest and is protesting, got injured and is currently comatose in a hospital that is understaffed due to same protests.
Because of a misplacement in personal belongings, person is listed as john/jane doe.
So uber is patiently waiting for a reply that may never come.

Or something that is almost infinitely more likely, they dont want to talk about it because shits bad...
Media Highlights / Re: Transfer Gate PvP 2
It doesnt matter who they are.
All that matters is that they are so much better at this game that they are unable to do anything informative to show you the way.
They are so far out of your league, that you cant even sense their powerlevels.

As for who they really are, i believe camera one is being used by pat currently.
Then again, with how accounts are being shared all over DnD just to have alts to expedite many of the in game tasks, it may be anyone who can be botherd to figure out how to log in with it on the forum (and, its not that hard).

And yes, my responses were trolling. Truth is, competition in a game is only valid if the pool of players exceeds a certain point.
You may be the best player in your city, but if you are also the only one it doesnt mean very much.
Likewise, being the best player in DnD, when there's so few playing doesnt hold much weight either.

Neither of them are truely top tier, but both of them are far above average and would likely dunk on the majority of the DnD population. Especially because part of the split between RoA and DnD happend over what is prioritized in the game. As such, some truely pvp orientated players, who dedicate themselves to playerskill improvement, have chosen not to even start playing DnD.
I dont think many would argue the playerskill level on DnD is, on average, higher than RoA.

Having said that, DnD has got some...alterations to how you approach a fight and certain methods of fighting fall short of their previous potential due to it. So im not saying a player who beats you in RoA will do so in DnD or vice versa.
But if half the time in DnD is spend in med point upkeep, travelling and logging in various alts to do tasks...its not spend doing pvp.
So over time the population in RoA will become more battle hardend and thus easily more proficient aswell.
General Discussion / Re: BUY THIS GAME
There are less positive ways of throwing away money.
Like sustaining somebodies addicition, or literally funding terrorism.

Heh, normally id shy away from using terms like this because it attracts some pretty serious inspection from outside sources...
But...who cares...if these forums get shutdown it may just be the most optimal outcome anyway.
Media Highlights / Re: Transfer Gate PvP 2
Dont you get it, he wouldnt need to use his pro techniques and huge playerskill to beat you.
There would be no information conveyed in the 0.5 seconds it takes to drop you.

Please understand who it is you are talking to, and refrain from asking further questions.
General Discussion / Re: DONT BUY THIS GAME
I stopped logging in, but then i dont have a house and ttd has dropped even more holdings recently to accomodate...even less activity...

But im sure that Marc still sees a steady increase in active subs and is hopefull that the growth will continue.
The sky is the limit, except when reality sets in.
Why did the OP post 4 times in a row, being successfully ignored by everyone including those he @ summond.
Only to fail 4 days later.

Stop wasting your time digging up threads to talk in.
Either Uber posts, or the game dies.
If you could all stop makes it easier to find out when they have.

Sorry, thats the wrong way to use when.
IF they have posted.
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
I might, but i want to see real gameplay because trailers always look nice even if the game is shit.
Wildcard are a company i have faith in, ARK was a project that really took a flying start and they managed to catch up and manage that project for a long time after.
They were open with modders and implemented feedback and features generated by the playerbase.

But...EA is a flag not to be ignored.
Suggestions / Re: Mysterious essences = clan med
so its a bandaid, to hold you over for a week, or few weeks.

The real problem is
- med drain was aimed at a certain scope of active players, to make holdings easy enough as long as you arent hoarding them.
A way of tying activity into allowing an area to be player controlled.
- we have dropped well below that scope of active players, and there's a sense of needing to hold on to what was once yours.

So, for the first, all they could do is tweak the rate it drains, only to buff it later.
They have a hard time patching, lets not go down that road of actually adjusting your game in any way to fine tune it.

For the second, guess why there are so few people left.
Let me give you a list of options and then you can pick your favorite one.

  • Uber stopped communicating outside of the game
    Uber stopped patching
    Uber is potentially being liquidated
    Population started eating each other over the few things that were marginally fun
    Tedium in game became massive
    RoA is in f2p

I could add way more, but that would ruin the creative juices that some of the other posters have around here.

Point is, even if i could magically fill the clan med points by logging in and jumping twice...its still an effort that will eventually become something i cba to do either.
Would it last longer, sure...but where do you see a light at the end of this tunnel?