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Dead game. Community cannot survive with no communication and/or updates from developers.
Guides and Player Help / Re: Meditation Point Burn Rate
Higher skills burn more the higher they are, the same for stats.
Village caps give way more than 10k/day.  Otherwise, lots of 1hr quests, 3x meat turn-ins, +dungeon/keys/maps.
Maps are equivalent to VCPs and aren't that uncommon if you are grinding out yellow+ mobs that drop them.
Yep. If true, this is banworthy.
Over when we can expect a patch, I'd be more interested in when will we get any of these changes. Any one of these will fill me with more urge to play.
It's so strange how SB speaks on here about how this is what "the clan" wanted... I have talked to several SB players and they keep saying that this is not what they wanted or that they had no idea that this happened at all.  Luckily I was able to direct them to this post so that they could see the true nature of what a few dumb fucks in leadership did.  It doesn't really sound like everyone has a voice since a lot of them didn't even know what you all had done.  Be prepared to lose your crafters and harvesters you fat fucks!

@LeprechaunRage - bro your an asshat "im not here to play Forum Fall which is why i will probably not respond to this topic again." Yet you continue to post into the forum thread, therefor everything you spill out of your mouth (which smells like dick) is all lies anyway!  You dumb Cunt!
they took a vote with like 11 people majority of them was i dont realy care and a couple was yes from what i was told. Im assuming the dont care guys just didnt wanna get kicked for saying no to the vote.

Sounds like they had a North Korean election. Vote yes or die or be demoted or be kicked.
Suggestions / Re: increase polearms arch pls?
Great thread. Love that you didn't delete it or edit. Best to live it up as we've all done this kind of thing at some point.
Sounds like a big troll. Don't buy into the pipe dream.
Really hoping the number of clans pickup. Guess pop increases will take care of that.
Getting rid of skinning failures. Greatly decreasing skinning time.

These two are very doable and would make skinning less boring.
Suggestions / Dungeons (Leash and agg range for mobs)
After the AI changes where mobs will chase you for long distances some mobs agg range is broken and will show up in rooms that they aren't supposed to. This makes some dungeons a bit worse then they should be.

Hardruk in general is one of those. Shadow spirits will spawn in rooms above it instead of staying in their general area. Sarnakhs from other parts will show up in dungeon room and chase all the way to shadow spirit/skeleton area.

Please take a look at some dungeons to make the overall pve experience better there. I know that you do not want leash ranges taken advantage of where mobs can't fight back, but for some mobs it has been taken to the point of ridiculousness.

Not all dungeons need tuning, but this one does. If there are other dungeons like this, please tack onto this message.

If you are in orclands, give me cloth and i'll make as many bags as that is.
Suggestions / Re: Staffs missing ranks
Other crafts also have a crafting mastery. With no crafting mastery, would need to add this to balance it out.
Suggestions / Re: Enchanting
I thought you could mix mats right now for enchanting? LIke if you use Q1, Q1, Q2 you get a 1.33 enchant? Still need the higher enchantment skill level I suppose?
Suggestions / Re: Learn from Eve Online

No thanks. EVE Online has something like 60-70 independent regions that you can NOT see from the region that you are in. We don't even have that number of towns, we have THREE regions that are allied, so it's not comparable at all.

And no thanks to you being able to remote control the market and get your money without moving around.

The philosophy of DND is that barriers create opportunities. If you don't want to travel to markets, let others make good of that opportunity - there are players that are happy to exploit the diversity that arises from these barriers.

Making trading easier for *you* to control, will kill the gameplay of other players.  In short, stop making suggestinons that will lead to fewer people controlling the market and the game, and other players leaving.

Thank you for the opposite view. Let me give you the upside.

Right now in game we have 11 regions: 6 starter areas (one for each race), 4 islands (ruby, yssam, cairn, ice hell hole), and center chaos cities.

If you are in dwarf and you can see all the dwarf cities. You can find something you want if you die. Maybe you can find something for a deal. Then you can transport it to human or elf lands (which you can't see as it's a different region).  In Eve, made a lot of money transporting stuff between region. Know it's not the same amount as Eve, but I think there is still some things that could be implemented similar to it.

Suggestions / Re: price floor (Marketplace)
most tard thing i heared in a long time

you realize that we all would just stop using the market right?

fucking pathetic to read, you want to control a player market in the most utter way

And why exactly would you stop using the market?
People would just sell it directly to others at a lower cost if their items were not selling at the floor price.