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General Discussion / Re: DONT BUY THIS GAME
Should I buy this game?
Yes, its good. Huge open world with lots of content to explore.
Single player that could stop being playable at any moment with no notice.
plenty of people playing....i struggle to find a single villiage not taken in the whole map

So buying this game is kind of like giving money to a stripper then?

Game's poppin, Blizzard's finally got some competition.

Blizzard is nothing but thots and bird brains.
General Discussion / Re: DONT BUY THIS GAME
Should I buy this game?
I wish quake champions had persistent servers like previous quakes (see quake2 ctf hook mod servers)
General Discussion / Re: new player - looking for clan
Don't troll ub3r like that. Marc probably went to check his PayPal so he could afford another week of food.

General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
This is not my house.
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Another unfinished beta.  I wont poke that game with a stick.
General Discussion / Re: What if...
*hits blunt*
Mycke 2.0
Guides and Player Help / Re: New player
Ah yes, those rays.
Trade / Re: Buying deeds. Mainly Cottage deeds. HMU
75$ IRL cash

/not kidding
I'd pay that just to have you disappear forever.  But for house property/deed in a dead game... yeah right.
Guides and Player Help / Re: New player
There is probably hundreds of players that log in every day, but keep in mind:
* most probably spend very little time actually in-game (just do a quick meditation gain and log off)
* world is huge
* there is no teleportation of any kind (except for respawning on death)
* local banking -> if you want gear elsewhere, you need to transport it

When you combine all of that + Ub3rgames' silence and lack of updates for the last 5 months... you end up with half of the world almost dead, and center having some bang (at best you'll find 40 players on a VCP, and even that's a stretch lately)

Considering the game's low price, I'd still recommend giving it a try. And definitely join a clan asap to have some company when you play.
Hundreds?  That seems a bit exaggerated. I might guess a few hundred(350ish) at most, including alts.  But "hundreds" seems unlikely, not to mention pretty vague.  Like, might as well use the term "tens of," as it brings about the same representation of a vague number.
^ title.

The progression is really clear when you try to meditate a non instant ray it's using the nerfed progression progress from instant rays

You can meditate a non-instant ray?  What?  Great run-on sentence by the way.
This poll question should be rephrased "is darkfall dead?"  We all know roa and dnd are both dead and aren't going to pick up any new players ever (as in repopulate to a thriving and massive playerbase).   Rest in peace darkfall.