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General Discussion / Re: Yssam Bindstone Quests
you got me too, good one guys. returning to the game would be hard now. i should have lost my house with its bank by now. ontop of that we dont own the city with my main bank anymore.
General Discussion / Re: Seriously....
Unholy Wars was the best Darkfall, espiacially its classes and movement.
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
? i uninstalled the game, so keep me updated
General Discussion / Re: A True Darkfall Player
great that you still enjoy your time and can experience adventures
General Discussion / Re: ROA IS FTP
And a far superior game.

gameplay wise now, New Dawn was what DF was supposed to be in 2009.

But how the Dev's run the game is an obvious win to RoA
Media Highlights / Re: orks9
Wow you guys sieged? awesome
Enjoyed writing these suggestions. Maybe it will be useful maybe not. We'll see. I can manage well my expectations. Thanks to care about my mental health.  :))

i liked it
is this really a big suggestion thread ?

games do suck nowadays.....

There's plenty of entertaining games if you can just get away from the mindsuck of Darkfall.  Honestly in this day and age I wouldn't consider Darkfall or Eve my top 10. The only thing good about it is nostalgia at this point.

Well, i cant think of any in the MMO genre.

Edit. However some promising projects on the horizont.
buy orders would help for sure. Bindstone quest sounded fun. warfronts in and then they could have gone for months
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Mortal Online 2
this true? If so - interesting.
it is, official post.
Off-Topic Discussions / Mortal Online 2

who would have guessed this game survived DF and even announced a MO2 nine years after its previous release.
Media Highlights / Re: RIP New Dawn
the area around erinthel were awesome and probably a reason why iam so pro-local banking and no teleporting. Regional fights everywhere. So much fun.
General Discussion / Re: DONT BUY THIS GAME
Yes, its good. Huge open world with lots of content to explore.
General Discussion / Re: sad... but you got destroyed
i dont get this post. Local banking and markets were awesome. Supporting mechanics were missing.

Just because you keep saying this doesn't make it true.

Its my opinion, how can that be false ?