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Stop this game time token nonsense. Pay in cash or leave.
General Discussion / Re: Small Scale PVP?
If you're outnumbered at siege or village capture that just means your alliance sucks or your enemies are just better organized. Or noone loves you.
What content? Active fortresses and reworked UI?
Do you have any sweet r50 daggers?
I'd be happy to kill more smelly orcs with you next time (not sure about Alfars, they are small and black, I'm scared of them)!
General Discussion / Re: balance
People are so obsessed with maxing chars... C'mon buddies, get life and enjoy some casual DF.
General Discussion / Re: A breath of fresh air
Are you against Putin?
Markets implemented one year later, what a big step forward.
General Discussion / Re: balance
I ddn't want Magefall, that's it. Meleefall is much better.
General Discussion / Re: balance
The game was balanced around everyone being terrible at melee. The geriatric playerbase and developers cant melee to save their grandchildrens lives. The end result was that melee was buffed to help in numerous ways, while magic was nerfed into the ground in almost every way possible. Their DPS was lowered, their utility and cc was completely removed, they're reliant on wearing armor that makes them super squishy, fuck even their armor is more tedious to craft. To top it off they have 20x the grind and  they need a bajillion regs to cast spells. It's great.
The salt is real here.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: WEEBS
We definitely need more weebs here because weebs are cute.
General Discussion / Re: balance
Do you realize "magic" has a lot of different buff/debuff effects + area damage and such shit when "archery" is just a ranged damage with a fixed range which requires quite a good aim and some time to shoot? Imo a good mage will just wreck a good archer on a long distance and mages are much more dangerous in group fights aswell.
Media Highlights / Re: Shargal Mercs
crazy how sieges happen and i dont know it because local.

or because you have no friends
Damn that was a grandmaster-level comment.
That was a good orc gank, too bad I got caught in melee with my archer gear :D

P.S. Lootz were sweet.
This is a very good forum thread, respect.