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ALT account (51 wis, 58 labor title, 41 mining skill) 108 ore 1 seletine, 1 Veilron
NEW account (base alfar stats, 23 mining) 141 ore 6 seletine, 2 veilron
this is not official but heres my take: the longer you hit a mine in one pull without stopping the more rares you get.  the alt account hit the mine for only 108 ore which is a short amount of time while the new account had a longer uninterupted pull off the mine of 141 ore. not only did the new account get more due to mining 30% longer it got more because the longer you hit the mine uninterrupted you get more.  I could be completely wrong and maybe OP is correct.  However the new account still hit the mine 30% more than the laborer alt account. The pull limit is determined by the regular ore and not the rare ores pulled from the mine.  Also RNG is involved.  Also on a new account with low skill it actually would take longer to harvest the same amount as a skilled character which might cause the new character to get more rares simply due to hitting the mine for a longer length of time.  I wouldn't say anything is broken and Magic Yeti is correct with the get double rares (2 per tick rather than 1 per tick) after 50 skill.  I think the double rares is due to gaining mastery.
Media Highlights / Re: Khamset Cancer
Good Video! I think you missed a chaos chest,  I could see it behind the orc at about 1minute 57 seconds.
Start offering duels/group duels nightly and you might start winning more fights.

this is done, however many of our players are working on keybindings, unlocking spells/skills through grinding mobs.  Once a player has the spells/skills it's usually working on a key bindings again.  Also 1v1 and small scale group fights are very different from 20v20.  So we are not able to practice large scale pvp mechanics on a nightly basis.  Did I mention the players still need to grind casually to unlock the spells/skills.  It is very hard to practice a skill/spell you don't have the ability to use yet.  We support all play styles and do not force our members to switch to the left click playing option of a melee/archer.  The alternative play style of a mage has a steeper learning curve. Also Last i checked, Robes do not come from mines.  We are being asked to provide more gear weekly than the total gear in the AH's across agon in a month. Additionally, we are not complaining about gear.... more the threat of blowing up banks by vet/multi race/nut cupping  if we do not go to the 4 specific villages the vet/multi race/nut cupping has determined we must go to.  Not even complaining about that really, just interested in some race wars.
Also need the ability to race change even for fee or a one time deal. I know indev characters can do this now but I didn't play indev.
   I have given a few of my "race changes" that belonged to alt accounts from indev to new clan members that did not play indev to get them switched for free to alfar.  This can be done by using /GM_help and pming Ub3r on your forum account to verify.  Also the word on the streets from GM Marc is that this will be a fee based option available to purchase on the website.
Suggestions / Re: Lower siege/war costs significantly
Supposedly they are making War not required to siege.
If they did not discard that along the way...
I understood it that war dec's would only be used to siege a clan of the same race
Just want to clarify as a casual guild we do training on saturday so that everyone may attend.  Lets say our bank is being destructed on sunday and threats are made that we must show up to each of the 4 villages fully geared with 20 people to be zerged by 4-5 clans.  The math is there are almost 30 villages we must attend before training would occur. Due to the training not occuring the 30 villages might not go so well.  People might even blast us and say we do not train.  so the community is basically demanding we donate 600 gear bags to the vet zerg in a week, prior to any training.  We are claiming this is unhealthy for the game. TBH i don't even know what the community of archer melee players plan on doing with our robes?
i have the discord pm's of you saying you owe me for khosgar do you dispute this fact? As I recall You were going a completely different direction and WE handed you your Alfar starter area base.
We are really enjoying all of the action on Ruby.  Certain clans were not able to 1v1 us and that is understandable with the rotating village timer that each sides force might change significantly from one village to another.  I am not sure why clans that even outnumbered us at a village would ally with clans that did not outnumber us and are of another enemy race.  WE would much rather see some racial warfare.  Even being hit from 2 sides from different races would be much more entertaining (the way the game was advertised to be racial warfare) than the current lets all join in the same party and mix races and clans at all times of the day to ensure we outnumber the casual solo blue racial clan. I just thought even with the features not in the game as advertised, we would see a little more effort to support the intended premise of the game from our great community. 
Is SKD having that much issue with 10 guys?
typical response from the leader of the Alfar Zerg alliance bosting 5+ clans and 100+ siege force safely nestled in the Alfar starter area.

Sorry bud when you SG joined up with Pat to siege us in indev after we came to help you defend Ghan, you guys lost any credibility or high ground.

(PS your description was of your clan not our alliance which combined is half that size)
  WE might have attended the indev server Khosgar event but as in the case of all friendly sieges for practice no holdings were taken to my knowledge.  Why would we take a holding we had gifted in the first place?
This particular feature of the game was the entire premise of New Dawn and should have been included at launch.  Race changes have been available and processed accordingly.  Cross Racial trade and alliances have run rampant throughout the server since launch.  When should we expect the patch?  Please Update us to the progress, if any has been made in regards to this issue.
It's always been like this in Darkfall. The nolifers and self-proclaimed great players have never missed out on an excuse or opportunity to focus on or even zerg down regular, casual clans.
  Zerging isn't even really the issue at hand... the issue is "Pure" Racial Veteran Clans allying with enemy races to zerg down Truly Pure Racial Clans with no allies. Is there no Honor left in our New Dawn community?
Is SKD having that much issue with 10 guys?
typical response from the leader of the Alfar Zerg alliance bosting 5+ clans and 100+ siege force safely nestled in the Alfar starter area.
if you took the largest number ever posted for seek and destroy(a blue alfar racial clan with no allies).... lets add to it and call it 30 and subtract 15 for the alts (the number reported by spitfire) and we are at 15.  Then you subtract new players we are at lets say 8 experienced players.  The Vet zerg was 30ish(multiple known veteran elitist race traitor clans make up this number) vs these 8 + those learning the game.  GF's please post more videos of it since it is video worthy.
Well said Spitfire.  Why would the community support a casual organization that fosters new player growth which would be good for the game.  Instead let's zerg them down with out no lifer vet organizations and try our best to run them from the game. Sure cause a big fuss when someone is blue blocked in the first few days of playing.....but when vets maliciously target organizations that are keeping the newer players in the game, let's justify it because they are grinding their skills.