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 :D  :D  ;)

Df will not make the end of this year, slow progression ended this version. Great plans by the devs but yiu cant spend 3-4 years redeveloping an old game.

They had their chance but they fucked it up.
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
I am no longer playing actively and my time is very limited atm due to work etc. I cant organise this tournament if anyone wants to take over jump right in...
No loss, your first tournament was complete trash

Hahahahaha, gonna miss this  somehow in a strange way....
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
I am no longer playing actively and my time is very limited atm due to work etc. I cant organise this tournament if anyone wants to take over jump right in...
Great that we remember the ones who are not here anymore, i wish the family and friends of Gringrok all the best in the time to come.
I wanna add a few.

- If you die your inventory is destroyed, so no more loot from kills. It will make sure that pvp-ers dont get any rewards from killing another player.
- Each mount you spawn you have to give a name before mounting it, that way a personal relationship between the player and the mount can arise. No more anonymous travelling on a pet, he will be your best friend.
- All city resources will be moved outside of the holding, that will help blue players bank stare in safety while the red players can farm the resources. ooooh wait....
- Reintroduce the fizzle, dont make the fizzle be a random thing but bound to a crafted staff. You craft 10 staffs and you will recieve 9 working staffs and 1 fizzle staff. So if you use that staff it will only fizzle, it will make sure the realm will be more realistic. Not everything works 100% in real life so ingame should be the same.
- Forum trolls get meditation points per disliked post, it gives more reward to the effort trolls put into this forum.
- All trolls will be renamed, there is one Troll in this game which never got any reward for all his adventures and other nonsense. All Trolls will be named Pat from this day forward.
- Alt accounts will no longer be sold, to make a second account you have too impregnate a female char and after 9 months after the baby title has skilled to the max you will receive an alt. This will make sure Altfall will be a thing of the past.
- During the WoS a new theme song will be added to the ingame playlist, the song might be familiar to you all the trolololol song. This will make sure everyone will understand the logica behind the WoS. If you know the lyrics of the song and you singalong you will run 2 times faster then normal.

i betterstop now before this turns into a wall of text..
Another myckey thread....... sigh it is really getting boring....
General Discussion / Re: How to save DnD
Died like an hour ago at Harjik. Had one respawn option: Hintenfau. Our holding Dagnamyr was 200m (1.9km) further out than hintenfau (1.7km) so ofc that is a more appropiate spawn location according to the game.

Heard the same on many holdings, what was wrong with bindstone revival? So much time and energy spend and customers lost because of this retarded idea that we need a penalty on death in a full loot game.....
To explain our reasons in less of a wall of text for those who were turned off by our previous reply:
In short: We have observed from DFO, from inDev, and even from Live that players stop "donating gear" after a while.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The ghost form was actually one of our first potential plan.
However, we thought it might be less of a hassle for people if they could just select where to respawn instantly.
You would still gain more time with the loading screen in nearly all cases, over having to actually walk to a bindstone when dead, faster run speed or not.

What exactly makes this an appealing solution even if it takes longer?
That you keep the feeling of being in control?

On stat losses on respawn, we toyed with that idea initially too.
We were considering even more freedom, with a death penalty proportional to the distance of travel.
But in a zerg quality doesn't matter much. Just being there as a sandbag is a factor, even if you do 80% less damage or heals.
For example, a character with an heavy armor pushing melee, even if he doesn't hurt, still disrupts the other side heavily.

However, there is another alternative we've discussed too based on the posts in this discussion.
Isn't the walk of shame more of a symptom than a root cause?
Isn't the actual issue that there is a lack of rewarding local content?

This would go both for PvE and PvP, but also in terms of quality of life.
For example of quality of life, trade being still not "meta" is an issue.
If we solved these issues, would the need to travel really still be felt?

The WoS is not a symptom it is a result of your vision. That people find the WoS unrewarding and non constructive is not a emotion but a rational conclusion. With local banking and no fast travel you allready countered the KoS players, adding WoS on top is just 2 much and pushes the wrong kind of players away from the game. The question if the core of the problem is lack of local content then i say no. If you die at a point of local content you still have to walk miles naked with no use or constructive purpose so no way there is another reason behind the hate on the WoS.
Try test your own WoS, go die at the one side of an island and move back to your bank on the opposite side of the island. Do that 10 times and then ask your tester if he enjoyed the time spend testing the WoS.......... c'mon Ub3r.......wake up !!!!

If you keep looking at the same picture, over time you start seeing more and more details that you first never seen or noticed. A perfectionist would start fixing each and every detail to create the perfect image but when he is finished the picture isnt his anymore. All the improved and highlighted details created chaos which conflict with eachother, viewers start seeing details first and not the complete picture anymore. In a way you Ub3rguys are that artist, to much details/math and stuff your players have no clue about and or not intrested in at all. They just want to be entertained.....
General Discussion / Re: How to save DnD
It is a very old game and if that old game doesnt have kickass content then no one wants to play it.

How to fix this game?

- Quality of life, no walk of shame and other time consuming nonsense.
- Content, more and more and more and even more content. What is the best way to keep red players not killing starting newbs, correctly give them something fun to do instead of making up weird time consuming nonsense.
- Reset brains of Ub3r developers, if you stare at the same thing for a long time you loose perspective and start focussing on details instead of the grand and total picture.

Having a vision is not the same as being religious but some people in this game think and act differentl. The most devastating error made in this game is listening to old players.  Most old players were only intrested in making their own playstyle more dominant, zerging is OP and melee/archer is very strong. Congrats your playstyle is now dominant but game is dead again.
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
Tournament gonna be postponned to the 20th of may, we have 6 teams now atm and that simply isnt enough. 12 teams is a minimum amount to make the tournament entertaining to watch and particpate in.
General Discussion / Re: I'M MAD fix this!
Getting pretty bored with the game tbh, i been playing a couple a hours a day since launch but i am getting bored with DF. No sieges, no raids, villages are almost empty or you always see the same people there.

Not gonna stop playing, still havent given up hope but content needs to be added right now otherwise game is dead in a couple a months from now.
Media Highlights / Re: Aer Tithil siege
Nuyur is 100% right that one of the reasons why the old DF lost so many players was because of the pvp hungry red elite clans.

Ub3r tried tot open it up for a new audience but without succes. Instead of startimg a discussions about wanted or unwanted PVP while the key is in the hands of the developers doesnt seem tot be efficient.
Media Highlights / Re: Aer Tithil siege
TSS has some good holdings, they are organised and have the numbers. Instead of sieging smaller or dying clans they went for one of the bigger and still active clans. Why is there a discussion about sieging TSS yes or no?

All clans struggle with activity, game is loosing active players each day.
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
We are considering postponing this event, amount of particpants is to low to make it a good tournament. So go get your applications in asap or we gonna push this one a few weeks later.
Media Highlights / Re: Aer Tithil siege
I miss the sieges, this game really delivers in the bigger fights. I hope we will see more of them, who cares about pixels everyone should have a full bank allready anyways.