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Rich morons
or "soon to be broke" morons
:D  :D  ;)

Df will not make the end of this year, slow progression ended this version. Great plans by the devs but yiu cant spend 3-4 years redeveloping an old game.

They had their chance but they fucked it up.
They did a huge mistake by rushing launching and are kind of tryign to backpedal out of that by pretending it wasn't one
Got bored after 2mins watching, looks like an overextended video. Also player made content and those signs look very cringy while the video is trying to portray a serious vibe.
General Discussion / Re: ded
mod is alive at least, vacation is over
General Discussion / Re: ded
no u
General Discussion / Re: The calm before the storm
Jesus H Christ look at the fucking drama queens in here.

Where was the poll option " I played a game every single day that has probably 3% actual content, got bored and quit"
That doesn't really sound like a valid answer to a question of what will happen to the game.

The next few patches will add actual content which is required for ND to be fleshed out and considered a "online game". Then the population will start to rise visibly. People getting their panties in a bunch prior to that are not doing themselves any favors. They're not closing, I doubt they're having Financial issues, and even if they needed to secure financing they have a polished product that's almost completed and that stuff never takes into account your actual player base just an FYI.
So patch 3.0 is next? Actually laughed out loud to the bolded part though.
General Discussion / The calm before the storm
So this is clearly the clam period before the storm (right?). Vote on what you think the storm will be.
DND is basically an RTS game at this point
Current DND pop:

General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
So since that has been sorted we should close the forums now as there will not be anything else to talk about. Well maybe the battlespike thread can keep DnD running
General Discussion / Re: France
Tomorrow should be a good hangover day for the frenchies.
General Discussion / Re: So.......
Trust? No. Hope - sure.
General Discussion / Re: 4 week
General Discussion / Re: Duel VS Avast BK
where's that thread