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Media Highlights / Re: Bloodscar Siege.
Great video. Rly enjoyed watching it.
General Discussion / Re: Keep the pressure on Ub3r!
Games as active as any df literation before it. We never gonna see thousands online at the same time but the few hundreds we have currently is enough to have fun. If you dont enjoy it, dont play it. Its that simple.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
I kinda wanna see regional markets. Markets in their respective racial land should be connected at least. Maybe connect the three chaos markets in the middle but those dont matter much anyway.
If you wanna do the most efficient champ farm, look for double spawns. Two spawns either very close to each other or in the same location. Its possible to get 2 champs every 10-15mins that way. Even 3 champs is possible but i am not gonna tell you the locations. Find them yourself :p
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
To be fair, there are like 2 arac clans out there and sieging is fucking cheap regardless. And the main reason people sieged in indev was to get pvp since that was the only decent way. We barely see any sieges cause of vcp's... they provided the pvp sieges did in indev. But just like people got bored of sieging in indev, they lost motivation for vcps... every kind of content gets boring after some time.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Un-nerf group farming again
The funny thing about darkfall players is that they seem to like hoarding more than anything else. Even if they have millions they wont buy slighly overpriced items but instead try to get items below mat cost. They wont sell anything usefull either since someone in their clan could need it someday. Its gonna be hard to address that mentality.
A proper gold sink might help. Maybe deeds and house items(crafting stations) at npc's? Higher house tax as well maybe...
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Is game dead?
Your clan plays a heavy role in your perception of the game as well. Playing in rats, the game still feels active enough to have fun. But thats because we are out in the world and do stuff and even have fun pveing.
If you dont like pve, you shouldnt play a grind centered mmo like this one anyway.
Media Highlights / Re: VCP - Snowfort
Why does he not craft the safe quickly himself? Drop one combat title for construction and craft it... you lose 10 levels but thats like 0,2% on whatever useless title you picked... you regain that in 7 days anyway. And traveling from wolfland to snowfort is like 10-20min depending from where you start...
I disagree with a longer primetime window BUT not being able to see other clans primetime is annoying and hard to deal with.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Un-nerf group farming again
How about buffing champs in scaled spawns? More champs with more loot and a higher regen to make it very hard to clear them alone with alts.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Un-nerf group farming again
I agree, currently i see no reason to farm 99% of the monster in a grp. Maybe spawn scaling previously was too good but now its just decent for skillgain on big mobs. And honestly, i dont rly care about alts being used. Only a minority did that anyway.
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 12
there is no sense to fraps broken boring game,no emotions and game looks unskilful. Go watch roa morons.

You okay mate?
You seem to be confused. Forumfall appears to be corrupting your mind and splitting up your thought process. Take a step back and relax a bit.
We have a way higher population than indev for sure. But its more passive. In indev we still had global banking and runestones, so whenever there was action somewhere the whole server showed up and made it somehow enjoyable.
Suggestions / Re: Gold sinks, material faucets
Would be even cooler if there were like hidden npc's on the sub continents that would sell the region specific materials. I mean there are a lof of nice unused places where you could possibly place and hide npcs. Maybe they could have quests for the monsters which materials they are selling as well.
Heeeeaaaaavy tank, just saying. Damn youre good at triggering people haha. Youre doing this on purpose at this point, arent you?