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Media Highlights / Re: Sero Nys?
wow that crosshair is jumping wierd.  donno if its hax, but does look wierd.. check the guy he kills right before "back to russia"
Media Highlights / Re: My first dnd fight
what did i just watch -_-
There's nothing in game or currently planned for the game that would make me unsub. On the other hand there's a number of suggestions by players on this forum to make DnD more of an arena version of Darkfall like RoA, or worse WoW with physics that if adopted by Ub3rgames would make me instantly unsub/demand refund etc.  Fortunately I don't think Ub3rgames will do anything so stupid so my continuing sub is safe.

mate i agree with u,  but i think we could find something in between that could work,  it dosent have to be instant travels and stuff like this, but spawning naked in the middle of nowhere, nah mate. and 50% of the mobs dosent drop or skin for anything, ( actually 0 stuff in the loot bag )   thats is not good for a game, i belive we can find some middle ground that dosent make it an arena game like roa, but at least dosent make me struggle doing basics
economy is the answer - and zerg limitations by logistics.. but yea..what should i say .. you'll get the answer over time (maybe).

How would it benefit the economy ? what is the vision behind this ?

if people are able to teleport fast (instant) from city to city - there cant grow an economy. economy in the wide is stable when there are on different areas different prices.. aka price caps. these caps motivate people (in combination with other benefits) to make these travels.

What exactly will happen when areas known as a populated areas where people are constantly drive/ride by?

What does an instant teleport means ? right, you gimp yourself on pvp. because you take a flyby ticket.. so does the other people, too. This means people dont cross each other.. and no pvp will happen.. exept in some minor areas and some limited spawns.

but it seems, you know it better  ;)  :D

being able to fast travel dosent have to mean, that u can teleport to anywhere u want,   but not being able to bind + local banking + noway to fast travel at all ( it could be a few chambers around the map, or portals like roa had )  its too much, i want to have fun playing not haveing to struggle to acctualy play the game
F... no im not staying subbed,   game is unbalanced, loot tabels are completely messed up. and the overall feel is that they should have stayed in beta for abit longer,   removeing reg cost on transfers, so they can be spammed, and then fixing it 3days into release, ffs guys did u even test anything before patching it??
Media Highlights / Re: Test
best video!
Trade / Re: WTB Steedgrass
new bee is op player
Metal armors as a whole will be buffed.
We will give them extra protections equivalent to the base protection that was removed with rigor, ignore pain and defense.
Encumbrance will also reduce displacement effects, which means heavier equipment will reduce the impact of knock backs and knock ups.

We'll also introduce leather and robes alternatives that should cost an equivalent amount, which will balance gear bag costs down the line.

i hope that you know what u are doing here, buffing armors with knock up resistance ( and not buffing non-knock up spells ) can be a dangerouse thing
General Discussion / Re: Damage OP
seems like ur pretty new to pvp :)
do some practise
Suggestions / Re: Free trial
There was a free period 3x that long. It's your fault if you bought a product without informing yourself first of what you were getting, so stop complaining.
wtf are u on about, im playing and will keep playing. if u read the post u will discover that my consern was the population of the game
Suggestions / Free trial
i think adding a 14 day free trial would benefit the population in the game alot (maybe make it IP bound, so only 1 trial per ip)

atm its pretty dead out in the open
i know dj terrorize allready said this, but bringing it up again wont hurt i think
Gilonn Greyham
Suggestions / Re: Remove alliances
or maybe make it 2 clans pr alliance or something like that, i agree on removeing might not be the solution, but i think it needs some work
Suggestions / Remove alliances
remove the option to allie ppl up, so it wont be 60% of the server against 1 clan XD

sieges lately have been stupid
Media Highlights / Re: You be the judge.
that gil guy is in Late Night PVP Police that clan has always been known for being trash tiers, possibly worst clan I ever saw at PVP with PVP in it's clan name lol

may aswell be late night PVE police the way those scrubs play
n1 pat dont u have some clanmates to kick or something?