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games dead
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
As a quick update after today's appointment:
It is less bad than expected.

The person in charge of the liquidation seems willing to help resolve the situation.
In the short term, all former debts are frozen, and all new expenses regarding running the business can be paid.
It just has to go through supervision and a plan has to be formulated to work on the frozen debt while not creating new ones.
Appeal may not even be necessary, as this new plan seems far more desirable. Further meetings will occur on Thursday and the coming weeks.

However, for the players, there should be almost no changes.
The server will continue to run, we'll continue our work on the game, however we'll have to start being "greedy" at some point.
After Thursday's meeting we'll know how soon that will be. At the very least the paid race change is planned for next patch.

Thank you all for your patience and calm during these few days of uncertainty.

We'll address your comment in a few days, once time permits. We're trying to catch up lost time this issue caused us.
However, we wanted to already thank you for your effort, especially if you hate communicating.
" a few days "

then a week passes

still nothing


pathelogical liars

actions always speak louder then words and there actions are atrocious as in the lack of them matching there words

what a JOKE!
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status

I mean I could write a book highlighting all the lies and contradictions of your words vs actions from the last 3 years but I don't care enough anymore

You guys are joke

Media Highlights / Re: It gets better.
I did find this funny, and great work on making the vid.

Horde get a lot of stick (some from me over my Darkfall Career) some of it is just, but a lot isn't! We need like 20+ clans like Horde, who take anyone and everyone to just play the game. Pallist Horror, try and be a little nicer :)

Not everyone can play 2+ hours every day, so these casual players need clans like Horde to band together, to make their online experience in Darkfall worth playing again, the next time they have some free time to play games.

Long live The Horde, and clans like them!

I think you misunderstand or I do, because I see this more directed at their NAers who have no leadership in their time zone, EU time Horde is a far better clan than in NA. They should stop recruiting NAs until they have an NA leader if at all.
clan leading advice from a guy who ragequit his own clan after being trolled by a handful of guys and died to battlespikes
garbage community/players
General Discussion / Re: Post your banks!
The game is dead and worthless so is your time spent, characters and banks. Get shit on 😂😂😂

Im sure time spent on dead game's you dont even play forums is well spent. What a loser. 😂😂😂
the time spent on this forum is only via iphone and when im travelling with time to kill, i know your mad at what i wrote but just be self reflective for once and admit your entire new dawn experience has been a waste of time, stay bad kid x
General Discussion / Re: Post your banks!
The game is dead and worthless so is your time spent, characters and banks. Get shit on 😂😂😂
General Discussion / Re: New Dawn isn't going away
The game is absolutely dead my finger nails have a longer future, you are completely deluded kid.
Media Highlights / Re: Heldana PvP 1
This player is clearly better then Heldana (not hard) but also is still clearly a below average scrub:

General Discussion / Re: Forums are dead
We need forum C O N T EN T.

@Mycke  any suggestions?

The only thing that will help this forum is Ub3r taking control of it, since they have let the trolls take over the place, most normal people dont even waste their time here at all.

And ive already suggested to Marc this needs to be done, so... *shrug*
mycke and normal

General Discussion / Re: Resubbed - How're Things?
games trash

good news tho battle for azeroth is out next week
For everyones information.

They are fighting in sieges together and cap villages together.

Don't know if they will deny it though, but it is obvious.

the world is against me victim syndrome
It's been fun watching the idiot trolls posting in this thread that apparently never had a real job that requires meetings.... when you eventually get off your parents insurance and have a job that requires actual meetings and goals this will become more clear to you.

Every business successful or not has a meeting to determine what's the plan going forward if internal goals aren't met ,it's so standard nobody ever thinks twice about them.

Parents insurance? Do you pay a small stipend to your family to cover up the doubtless countless blunders you create in your life? Its a shame they blundered and let the condom break.

The thing is, when you own your own companies, you can do whatever you like. Then again the concept of business ownership is probably a loooooooong way above the head of a dribbling spastic like you.