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General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
I remember the days this same fucking clown would tell people to shut the fuck up or move on when they'd write posts similar to this just 3 months ago. I love it

8 months ago you dumb fuck.

AND we had a population that enjoyed the game at the time AND ub3rgames were still patching at the time.

April as in almost 8 fucking months ago.....

You two fucking idtiots @SomeBK @bigabbo88 have been on the forums trying to talk shit LONGER than ub3rgames patched the game.
This game was never populated, it had more then it does now, sure. But it was never thriving it struggled and lost players from day dot, due to the product being released well below par of what was promised.

The difference in brains is clearly shown by the fact people like me predicted this over a year ago, whilst dumb fucking peons like you have only just clocked on now how bad they are.

Just shows you are braindead gimp who followed ub3r like a dumb dog, until your bowl ran out of water.

General Discussion / Re: 10 hours 12 minutes 31 seconds
ivar is the definition of a soyboy
They're trying to poach folks to ROA.  This is evident and expected.  It really baffles me when people say "Why come here to complain about a game you don't play?"  Their motive could not be clearer.  And with DND dead, I don't think them marketing ROA here could even be considered unethical.
"poach" to be honest it's not exactly a hard sale "you're game developer hasn't communicated with you in months and it looks like your game is about to liquidated and deleted, come play ours which hasn't died yet"

that said I think both edition of darkfall are garbage and RoA developers are equally garbage they just had more finances to stay open longer, neither will win any awards for development anytime soon, lol.

back to battle for azeroth, 8.1 coming soon, looks amazing, can't wait.

stop bullying disabled people truedon
ROA 1000x better and have high population Free to play
when 200 players is considered "high population" in a instant teleport travel game


we just had another patch how about u
WoW's doing great thanks, got a big 8.1 patch update coming on December the 12th

dumb kids lool

Pretty sure you failed to sticky back in DnD and quit because of it.

you remember when this kid piped up to you and you flopped him on a 2 day old character LOOOOL talking about me failing to sticky back people lol you should be happy i'm not playing you would be bind re spawning at that bindstone 24/7 ;3

yep, i remember when i beat him on a 1hour old char in hintenfau  with just melee

ROA 1000x better and have high population Free to play
when 200 players is considered "high population" in a instant teleport travel game

General Discussion / Re: Whatever happens, thanks Ub3r

We do not know how it will end, but thanks for trying and delivering many good things.

You gave us the chance to enjoy again Agon and a game we all love.

There were certainly shortcomings, but all in all we got a lot for what we paid.

I know many might be disappointed, but it is the bitterness of people who were in love and cannot be objective when things break up.

I probably paid much more than many here complaining non-stop, and likely played less than them, but for me it was worthwhile and I think these attitudes say more about the critics than the targets.


Agree, Ub3r never ask us money apart the first beta and the official launch and it was a very cheap and low price, we pratically play for free since 2016, so even if the ship sink they still are good and nice people, they let us enjoy DF again, not the old DF but the DF should have been since the beginning but never be.

Happy to be part of this adventure, no matter what will happen.
shut da fk up kid lmao
@Ub3rgames New trailer for New dawn expansion looks amazing!
Great trailer can't wait to see Darkfall New Dawn: The Last Heartbeat
Ub3r, seriously... I feel bipolar with your behavior. I want to say fuck you and walk away but I know deep down i refuse to give up on the vision and keep playing but still.. fuck you guys right now.

Just walk man, the games are still trash out there but at some point you gotta draw fucking the line. This is borderline EA ass-fucking your player base levels now. I walked and I played most of InDev, thats how fucking die-hard fanboi I am.

Even if they patched a huge update along with a cash-shop race change and stuff like RoA did , I'm not sure I even come back. You cant trust a fucking thing they say now. Ub3rgames either plays dumb (liquidation? wut? or no melee reach isnt the same its got electrolytes) or try to push an answer that everybody knows is wrong (server location, gold drops on VCP's, required mats for new armors, ect). If anything, I bet they make one push just to get clear of the debt and close it down.

edit- and when you do quit, looking back at their half-finished changes and complete lack of follow through on anything and wonder why you played as long as you did.
the fact you have to look up definitions and use them as a signature, just shows you are an actual LOSER

People's memories are really deluded.

DF UW was complete garbage, the combat system was trash with set skills and lack of flexibility even when you could select all the skills into your limited abilkity,  most people used the same cookie cutter build of what was the most OP making a real lack of diversity.

Holdings had absolutely 0 value in that game, meaning there was no end content in terms of politics.

Enchanting wasn't even the game even though it was promised for years.

The econemy was in ruins, gear was easily gained and lost without care because resources where so easy to gain and lose, making everything you lost and gained feel worthless.

Race models where indentical in shape in size, meaning racial warfare was non existant.

It had extremely carebear features such as safezones,

all in all it was a console version of Darkfall, that sucked dick more then even New Dawn does.
so many disabled deluded noobs are going to have mental breakdowns over no more purpose in there life when this game shuts down soon,

seek help soon i suggest
Everyone give Pat some attention so he can crawl back under his bridge not feeling so lonely.
said the expert of being lonely who died 1v1 to light battlespikes

Suggestions / Re: Shrink the world
i still strongly believe that islands is a cancer for this game and for the population we have or will ever have

I strongly believe that you are a cancer for this game and for the population we have or will ever have.
Don't touch Yssam.

ill repeat my self again, this map was made for 10k online. ONE of the reasons ppl not coming back is the empty world. even in the release i could farm for long hours without being spoted. its insane specially when the core end content of this game is sieges and controling territories for high resourses.

Farming for long hours without being spotted is fun and profitable. The core content of this game is not sieges or controlling territories. The core content of this game is FREEDOM to play it how you want, which includes or does not include sieges and pvp (whatever your preference is).

Yes, I understand that sieges and pvp is your main entertainment because you think its fun.
So you would actually be happy with a 5x5 kilometer map or instanced battles with teleports or Agon or 50% of Agon.

But that isn't Darkfall. That is a slaughterhouse and you would lose players who don't want sieges or pvp.
Actually, most players like pvp - but they just dont like constantly losing in pvp. The same for sieges. Many people get demoralized and depressed from losing sieges unless they didn't care about the siege and they just did it for the heck of it. But then you are moving towards a perverted and sick idea of the game where your actions are not serious and you just siege for action. Which ends up devouring/killing the population because you are preying on people to get your own fun.

Darkfall needs more players and more fun, but you won't get that by removing continents or creating constant/easy fights everywhere. More fights & sieges = more ragequit/crying etc..

You need to find ways to give players a feeling of success and fun. This wasn't such a big problem in summer 2009 because people were at the same playing field, but now people are shitting all over weaker opponents in PvP, so its not fun.

This game's population will grow when you can have success in pvp even if you suck.