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Just let it flop.
Trade / Re: WTB LV deed
hm... I have a villa deed... maybe that's enough to put out their misery..
Rats best bait was playing wow and logged in too late. Good luck for you :)

General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Okay, so the debt is real, meaning you did not pay taxes or something, right? If that is true, you should have known something like this happens, or wtf, just forgot about it?

How do you explain having a debt and not knowing about it? It's not like someone made that debt out of their asses, right?

One more question, you said you prefered to 'pay' employees then, but this sounds like you wouldn't have any payed employees now, or what's going on?
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Ub3r post incomming

How do you know xD ?
They have been online for more than an hour
Don't forget, it takes 8 hours for a response to be written.
6 people having an 1.5hour meeting is already more than that, so that is not surprising to me at least.

they eat those baguettes very slowly
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
This whole post only was good to show that they still remember their password to the Ubergames account :)

Guides and Player Help / Re: Transmuted bows
- R40 + Q2-3 Keen + Q2-3 Transmute works well, best are mobs that do not have high piercing resistance but are vulnerable to some element, this way your average dps will increase quite a lot.
- You can consider transmutations that are above 0.60 good ones and useable in pvp against robes, need higher against bone or leather, useless to use transmute bows against heavy.
- Keen first, transmute after, because you will not be able to keen after transmutation.
As I said, some people still believe in it :)
98 years left.

Summary so far is, local banking and local markets will solve everything! Some people still believe it :)
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Status of Sedition?
Do not feed the troll!
Media Highlights / Re: Isturak siege
Don't go afk too much, it's a dying genre, they could swing the servers under your afking ass any time now, just like UW.
Media Highlights / Re: Fun seige
Not much difference between baseline or level confusion, most people are high level already, and only mages or ppl with low encum drop it.

You can kill blues without loosing alignment if the siege is close to being live and they are in the area, the problem is you can't loot them. So, horde could just roll a blue naked alt, run in with spikes, die, reloot himself next try and spike again. Not to efficient, but considering their number of nakeds and current hamlet siege stone hp, could be a winning strategy.
Media Highlights / Re: Fun seige
Hahaha, that is what you get for crying Horde in the Rats. We stayed away this time, (the main force at least, there were some who couldn't resist) so there was noone to kill the roames :P (We consider everyone clan outside of Horde and Ymir roamers)

Media Highlights / Re: Fun seige
After gosti get's blue again.