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Well he had stam eff TL chest, snow hide piece, 2 or 3 fp parts... and yeah blank r50s lol
You're not expecting me to kill 2 snow hide haylandos now , do You Sasa? :)

Baby steps, try to kill one first :P
Quality vid, quality player and you know its comming.....MAGEFALL.

Oh cmon, there was a huge gap in character and player skill in that 1v2, also in gear as well. Studded r50 2 hander, bow against probably max encahnted cobra, shredder, giant? bone set.

It's too early to call this magefall... wait for next vid :)

You know we're going places when you can outbolt a 2h sword in a melee exchange.

Haha, mages that are complaining about needing to melee in close range can feel noobs now :P
Trade / Re: WTS Dragon Armor
This is not selling but trading, selling is for gold, which is not happening for some odd reason. Vision is failing boys!

I am curious how many sets can you 'sell', please update when you found a buyer. Maybe the next siege will boost your business :)
At minimum they should add a second aspect to the character customization menu similar to the barber shops that let you change your hairstyle. Basically make that second aspect straight be an online store that lets you start buying cool skins, sandals, capes, fucking mini visual of the necro casting animation that always follows you around your feet, consumable mount skins that replace your horse horns with sithra style ones etc. Charge like $2, $5 and shit and this community would be throwing so much fucking money at them.

I personally would start playing again simply to just buy shit from a cash shop to pimp my characters out and not even care to play the TravelFall game in its current state. I'd just sit in Hintenfau afk with my guy decked the fuck out and just rebuy any of the shit I lost if I got jumped while I was gone

That needs art and 3d graphics proficiency, they obviously do not have that.
..and the 1st deletion activates when you join up with your 8th alt a week later (you can only delete characters every 24 hour) and you loose the siege because you go below the required members. That could happen with alts that try to sabotage you as well.
General Discussion / Re: Power Hour - opinions
A poll directed against this feature, that's why the lack of proper options, not like this poll or any other means anything for Ub3rdead.
Suggestions / Re: rework seize
Only good thing about Uber progress is, they are not able to add cast time to melee abilities.
Sorry, they are on kitchen support for Yvainne, cooking food is too slow :(
Uber still does not charge subs? Months without charge going by, just prepay those 8 alts, you prob gonna be here a few more months.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
Ubergames promised us that local banking will be a convenience feature. (Check my sig for reference)

There is nothing convenient so far, global markets would definitely help a lower populated game. When and if the population treshold hits a level that can support local markets, it can be changed to local again, should that be desired at that stage.

Other usefull thing is to be able to see the marketplace even if you are not at one. Again, to help get started.

Media Highlights / Re: Bloodscar siege first fight
Where are the alpha alfars? Hyped for tab target new wow expansion?
Suggestions / Re: Landlords
The only concern with this suggestion is that new players wouldn't have a chance to get into a house if pop raises, because landlords would share only between themselves.
Media Highlights / Bloodscar siege first fight
Just a preview until the pro's post.

Was fun, gf's,
@Azmoodeus  wtf, get back in shape dude.