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Media Highlights / Re: Apautan Siege
may be may be
Media Highlights / Re: Apautan Siege
what about online at middle map? thinking about return... but game still dead as i know;/
p.s. fortnite best game :D
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: dead

Dont leave semenchik dude!!!
At least keep in touch bro >.<
ofc bro, just waiting any good news about dnd
The most fun I've had in a videogame ever was sieging you crazy Russian bastards. I think i lost a dozen bags in 6 hours. Constant action, no shit talk, regeared fast and back to it.

if admins will do holdings usable u will see more sieges :)
Good Fights friend. The best fights were during indev
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / dead
server dead, only relaunch after roadmap can save this server, RIP
scaling killed economy(all guys have full bank)
no sieges ( useless holdings) no seatowers... only villages just for med points( 90% of server using 1 village then log out)
no pve content ( just farm with alts)
pvp so funny.... but not perfect.
cya after roadmap, need soft wipe for all items and relaunch
Trade / Re: wts hamlets
Kharhendak is free now
Trade / Re: wts hamlets
anyone need hamlets? or i will abandon them...
Trade / Re: wts hamlets
Media Highlights / Aer Tithil siege
we was not regroup when they pushed us at first us , then we pushed them ( lost siege , but win fight)
GF everyone
Trade / wts hamlets
WTS Kharhendak and Skaranibben cheap
Media Highlights / Re: tournament 1x1 (my fights)
In Video options, set your "Vegetation Area Size" to full right (200) and "Vegetation Density" to full left (10000).

That way you don't have grass bushes in your face.

will try, thx
Events / Re: Hero of Yssam, Tournament of Heroes
Any participant recorded anything?
i did some fraps
Media Highlights / tournament 1x1 (my fights)
at last fight with kal venom my shadowplay was broken...only 1 round was frapsed.
GF everyone, thx simiran for that tournament. hope GM will teleport all players next time :)
Events / Re: Hero of Yssam, Tournament of Heroes
who was that guy who saved kal venom? i was so fucking tilted after that
Most likely that imbecile Pat (aka "SupremeBeing"). As you can on his YouTube channel, he clearly loves being retarded.
fcking retard.
Events / Re: Hero of Yssam, Tournament of Heroes
who was that guy who saved kal venom? i was so fucking tilted after that
Events / Re: Hero of Yssam, Tournament of Heroes
GFS guys. thx for tournament