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Edited OP with clarifications on some folks who may be getting blamed unfairly.
Some of you may know me as the Leader of the Steel Bones clan residing in Kvitstein/Vranghorn.  I have scrupulously avoided forum-fall for most of my gaming time and instead relied on in game tell or my clans discord to communicate with many clan leaders both friendly and hostile.

Earlier today I was removed from leadership in my clan by a coup, largely over issues of which clans we would allie or remain allied with, as such I am notifying other clans that they must pursue relations if any with the new leadership and I now have no influence on the direction of Steel Bones.

As my connection has always been terrible and my PC is a potato the raw game is quite dull for me, the meta-game of people and politics was what I played and this is over now.  Thus I see no reason to continue a subscription or even play the rest of the one I have.

To those who were innocent bystanders to this I wish you all the good gaming for years to come.  For those responsible I ask only that the clan be kept forever and always, DWARF ONLY.

To my knowledge no other clans or individuals outside of Steel Bones had any influence in these events and should not be held responsible, nor do I know who other then the new SG's who was or was not a part of the plot.  I assume they will announce themselves here or in another thread.  In either case this is my final message and I will not be debating the merits of their actions other then to say I consider it a personal betrayal.

Some folks have been casting aspersions upon Immortals due to the close timing of our trade of Aradoth to them and the coup.  I fully supported this city trade as Immortals had given it to us during inDev and I wished to return the favor, also they having just gone all Dwarf (it's not reflected in the Roster I know, its slow to update) I was very eager to see them in a proper Dwarf city and to secure an alliance with them.  So their ownership of Aradoth has my full blessing and they as a clan should be judged on their actions from this point forward not those of Steel Bones.

Also some posters listed Ceej Tank as on of the SG's, my last recollection is that he was also demoted and replaced with Sulmak.
Nice job Haldir, We would love to have a fight like this every day against Horde, so bring more of your slobbering Grunts we need a challenge.
For now there is no salvating skill but it is planned.

What a skill needed just to produce spit?  That's ABSURD, quickly everyone start demanding changes!
My perception is that population has stabilized, any decline from the first week is people over-dosing and burning themselves out to try to gain an early competitive advantage in character/clan/city progress.
Pro moderation is moving into a stronger lead, now winning by 3:1
Suggestions / Re: Hold F to revive. Hold alt+f to gank.
Perhaps F for rez and G for gank then.
Suggestions / Re: Clan Activity Tracker
I second that!
I'd like to thank DOH for their assistance at Osdnak tonight in pushing back the slobbering Grunts of the Horde.  You showed good initiative and coordination in bringing your forces their on short notice, I believe it turned the battle in favor of the Dwarves.
H&H, now THAT is a hardcore game, makes Darkfall look like a walk in the park.
Moderation is badly needed, GM's should do a few bans of the worst offenders and then appoint some community members as moderators so it doesn't consume anymore of their time.
General Discussion / Re: Mastery robe prices..
Perhaps the solution is to lower both the materials costs AND the durability on robes, they won't last as long but your first one is easier to get and it's less of a loss when you lose it.  Mages by nature burn through regs and staffs so why not burn through clothing as well.

Also I would retain basic cloth as a part of all higher tier robe recipes, just as Iron is still used in huge quantities on armor, it will provide cloth price support.  Also let farms produce Flax which can become cloth.
From my perspective the ping is always the same, but mobs tend to just move slower and stand in place often and I move to get into melee with them and try to stay still so my mates has some slim chance of dropping a heal on me.  That's why I play tank because I can't hit any ranged attacks consistently.  When some real combat starts I'm just squirreling around as hard as possible and the rubber-bandings is far more noticeable which makes me hard to hit but also makes me largely unable to land any hits either.

I have wireless DSL (changing in a few months thank god) and I notice my ping shoots up around other players.  I was wondering if that same thing happens to you, only worse, because of satellite.

It will sit at 180 then in pvp it shoots up to 200-300 and is very random. 

I never really see a correlation with nearby player count and ping, I think because the satellite has plenty of Bandwidth.  I get ping spikes out of the blue when no one is around, sometimes they dissipate, but most of the time it is just the beginning of a disconnect.
I do not believe the full-loot nature of the game is a turn off at all.  10 years ago that was edgy and hard-core, now it is just a normal game mechanic that plenty of people do not even blink at, look at games like PUBG, rouge-likes, high stakes games are increasingly popular.  You veterans need to stop thinking your taste for high-stakes combat are so special and niche, it is your desired for the very specific broken as hell quake spastic combat which is abnormal, everyone else in the gaming world out grew that stuff a decade ago.

If the game fails to retain players it is because of flaws in the game execution, not in the games core premise.
Suggestions / Search for vendor by name
I noticed a brand new newbie today trying to use the map search function to find a specific vendor for which they were needed to turn in a quest 'Gortblob the Merchant' or something to that effect, but the system can't do this.  This was a very obvious expected functionality of the UI and something that should be added as it otherwise throws off new players.