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Topics - Ryko Stormeye

Just like you can add speed, damage or AoE to spells could we chance our power attack secondary effect based on what "Upgrade" we had selected.

All Power Attacks have their secondary effects changed to add extra damage
On a NPC under Melee Upgrades you can change your power attack secondary effect to one of the following (can come up with any other fun effects):

Extra Health Damage (Base Effect)
Extra Stamina Damage
Extra Mana Damage
Debuff Physical protections
Debuff Stats

The benifit to this system would be people would not choose a weapon type based on its current Power Attack (i.e axe) but also that they could add the effect they wanted to suit their playstyle.
Suggestions / Rework Hymns in Spellchanting
Currently the Hymns in Spellchanting just buff the 5 individual stats and dont last that long. One of the issues if that most people dont use all the buffs, quickness being used the most for physical types.

I suggest a removing them as they are and adding in three new Hymns.

Hymn of the Warrior - Buffs a bit of str, vit and quickness
Hymm of the Archer  - Buffs a bit of dex, vit and quickness
Hymn of the Mage - Buff a bit of int, vit and spell haste

The person playing the buffer/healer would then have to regonise the play style of their teammate and cast the apporiate buff on them. Hybrid benfiting from both the warrior and mage hymn.

I have said a bit of each stat so the buff is not overpowered but usefull and does not invalidate haste/rapidshot from fire which would still remain as the best speed buff.
Suggestions / Enchanting enhancement
I know its been suggested before that runestones be used as a item you enchant to then trade to others so it can then used on a item be anyone to create a enchanted item. A bit like gems in RoA

I think this should be taken one step further. This is the idea.

The enchanted rune stone could be sloted into gear/weapons to give them the enchant benifit but be taken out (deslotted) as well.  The runestone would get its own durabity to not last forever and the following items would get their own slots.

Head Peice - 1 Slot
Chest Peice - 1 Slot
Shiled - 1 Slot
Weapon/Staff - 3 Slots (2 regular, 1 transumte)

The enchanted rune stones could be sloted into weapons/gear and taken out with a short degear timer.

The reasons for this idea are as follows:

1). You could loot a enchanted item from a player, take the rune stone out and put into into a weapon or gear of your choice. e.g loot a Great Axe with a Q3 keen enchanted stone. Take out the stone and put it into a Greatsword (your weapon of choice -skill & title).
2). You could take multiple enchanted runestones (transumte) with you when farming and slot into the weapon the damage choice of your type. This would allow you to take one melee weapon/bow/staff out with you rather than 4 for farming and just take 4 enchanted runestones (if you didnt know what damage type to take).
3). You could take off the enchanted runestone and fo PvP with your regular weapon (with a short degear timer).

What do you think?

The idea is to remove skinning and make the mats appear on the mob grave using the same drop rates as the skinning rates.

The reaons for this are;

1). Skinning as a activty (running up to a grave and pressing a use key) by itself does not add anything to the game. 
2). Getting interupted by a party member walking by is annoying
3). Getting interuppted and knocked back by a range attack from a mob is annoying
4). Having to spend time skinning graves rather than fighting mobs in a scalled spawn is annoying
5). If you have a skinning title in a group you are the one who has to do all the skinning to increase the loot and spend less time fighting.
6).  If your head is down skinning graves you are not looking arround, increasing the chance of gettig ganked.  (I am fine being jumped in pvp just dont like 2 free back hits because I am skinning a grave).

So many people dont understand the skill/stat gain you get from being online is SO much greater than meditation.

Skill   (e.g. Greatsword) - Meditation points to max 214,996 - Time 15 Days (360 hours) = 0.28 skill gain per hour offline
Spell/Abilty (e.g. Fireball) - Meditation points to max 143,380 - Time   10 Days (240 hours) = 0.42 skill gain per hour offline
Stat   (e.g Strength) - Meditation points to max 408,500 - Time    22 Days 15 Hours   (543 hours) = 0.18 stat gain per hour offline
Adv Skill (e.g. Greatsword Mastery, Necromany, Intensify etc) - Meditation points to max 426,663 - Time 30 Days (720 hours ) = 0.14 skill gain per hour offline

N.B. All information taken from the ingame Journel

You can get way more than 0.28 skill, stat, spell or adv skill gain per hour while playing and thats without powerhour.  Also when playing you are leveling up MULTIPLE skills, spells, stats and adv skills in one hour where as you can only meditate one at a time. Also loot, fun and playing the mmo you paid for, so don't log off just cause your power hour is not active to meditate. Stay in game and play!
What actions levels the human racial skill "Human Ingenuity"?  It unlocks after 25 wisdom but what levels it?
Bugs & Feedbacks / LONG time to log in

I logged out and now trying to log back in.  I clicked play and have the Darkfall New dawn logo come up and its just staying there.

If you have chest selected but take the tick off dungeons it does not always take all the dungeons off the map.
If you have dungeon not selected and put the tick on and off chest it then adds and removed the dungeons and the chests.
Suggestions / Difficult to get Enchant mats

The devs asked for some feedback and sugestions on which enchants mats could do with a tweak.

Q3 Bile and Q3 Horn are really hard to get, more mobs need to skin for these.
Q4 Darktaint is very easy to get considering its Q4. Gray Ork warriors, assasins and maulers are easy to farm.

Q3 Claw from Matayins is a pain to get as they are a underwater mob.  There is a few place where they are above water buts its rare.

Q2 Eye from Ceil Fye.  This seams to be a rare skin, if you look at how easy it is to get other Q2  mats.  Maybe they just need to skin for less Q1 stuff.

Q3 Lifeforce.  The respawn timer on Forest Phrophets seems high compared to other Q3 mob types.

Q2 Quartz - Everyone hates farming brownies.  Could this not be move to a different mob? and Renamed

Its a lot harder as a a physical player (melee/archer) to get the rare mats you need for your weapons/armour than as a mage.

Rare Ores - Golems - A Q3 R50 acid tranmuted bow does 20 or so damage where a acid bolt does 38-40 damage
Snow Hide - Ice Jarl - A Q3 R50 fire bow does 30 or so damage where a acid bolt does 38-40 damage.
Exarch Scales - Sun Exarch - A Q3 R50 acid bow does 15 damage where a holy bolt does 40.

The healing & regen of these high end mobs making getting the materials you need alot harder as a physical player than as a mage.

Can something be done to balance this out?

I dont want to play as a mage to get the mats I need to play as a physical player
Suggestions / Standardize Spell Unlock Levels
I think it would help players to Standardize Spell Unlock Levels as follows. With signature spells associated to that school coming at the levels indicated (e.g. Stormblast is a signature spell to Air)

1   Bolt
5   Debuff to Magic Damagic e.g Lightning
10   Shield to Magic Damage  e.g Lightning
15   Signature
20   Signature
25   Charge Up Ray
30   Signature
40   Buff Other Magic Shield e.g Lightning
50   R50 Aoe
60   Signature
70   Signature
80   Field AOE
90   R90 Aoe
100   Signature

The reasons for this suggestion are as follows;

1). New players can choose a school and know when their damaging spells are going to be unlocked as they no longer will be buying them, they wont see when they can "buy" their next spell.
2). The power (damage projection) progression of the school is kept the same no matter which school you choose.
3). It makes it easy for the devs to see which schools need a tweak as certain types of spell are missing from certain schools e.g A holy ray
4). Knowing that a school should have a a signature spell at R100 for example gives the devs a reason to adjust a spell for that type of big final unlock, something to want to work towards. I,e, maybe making Earthquake or Tornado a big final AOE spell like Volcano in Fire or something fun.

Suggestions / Merge Mental & Maledition stats into one
The Mental  & Maledition protection stats and spells have never been really understood.  They both protect against the affects of certain debuffs but no one seems to know which debuffs and how they work.

Would it not be better to merge them into one stat "Debuff Protection" (Call it what you like) with a easy to understand stat like % chance to resisit the affeect of debuffs?
Suggestions / Filters for Meditation Window

Please can we get filters or sort options for the meditation window.  I would like to not see skills/spells at 100 and maybe be able to see all magic skills or say all earth magic skills as a filter option.

I have skilled up two magic schools now to 100 via meditation.  The sub skills Intensify is not being granted automatcily on login now that your magic skills is at 100.  You have to go and purshace it at a mage for 1g.  This can be a issue if you don't notice or forget to buy it.
I am going to suggest something radical so bear with me.

Remove the encumbrance system.

Now before you freak out, please read my reasoning and understand the arguments.

Now that we have traits in the game I feel it's better to balance around these than use the old the encumbrance system.

This is because:

1). Bonuses, positives, and advantages are fun and penalties, negatives, disadvantages are not. Players love the feeling of bonuses.
2). Trying to balance the armours and getting players to understand the balance is easier from 0 to +20% (or more) that have to balance from -20% to +20%. 
3). Traits are easy to understand (they still need a percentage symbol at the end of the display digits) but a percentage bonus to your attack speed you can grasp but what the hell does 25 magic encumbrance mean?
4). Bone, Leather and Robe armours total encumbrance comes to less than 20 which with 100 in Armoured/Archery/Magic Proficiency your encumbrance is 0 anyway.  So what's the point of it in game?

I suggest the devs remove encumbrance as a stat along with the armoured/archery/magic proficiency skills.

Arguments against

a). A full metal geared player could use magic at baseline effectiveness - Is this really a issue or opening up a new play style "the cleric, paladin, battle mage".   Also if metal wearers and leather wearers can cast magic at the same baseline effectiveness it becomes easier to balance the game.  Bone and robes wearers get bonuses to magic so their magic abilities will always be better. Some tweaking to spells may need to be done but that's coming anyway in the "Great Magic Overhaul"

b). A full metal geared player who can use magic at baseline effectiveness gets more from their heals than another armour user as their protections are higher. - This would be true but they don't get any bonuses to damage output so again they are all about staying alive. If they are going to remove back protection this would also help metal geared players.

Compromise solution

If you really feel a metal wearer should NOT be able to use magic at baseline effectiveness then give the metal armours Negative magic traits intead of the encumbrance system.  Showing a negative magic trait is really easy to understand VS the current encumbrance system. If each piece of Full plate for example gave -1% effectiveness to magic magnitude & speed.  That a 10 pieces wearer would get a -10% penalty displayed in their traits on the players information window.

Your feedback and comments as always are welcome.