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General Discussion / The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good
First Person Shooter/RPG
Full loot PvP
No hardcoded classes
No hardcoded safe zones
No handholding
No censorship
Unique Leveling System
Skill based PvP
No other game like it

The Bad

The Ugly
This game is as close to perfect as you can find. There is literally no other game with these mechanics. It caters to hardcore gamers. That is the market niche it fills. If you are not in that demographic then this game is not for you.
Agon doesn't care about you. This is not an RPG that you are used to. The world is setup like an RTS. The macro game is different then the micro. If you want to accomplish a goal you must overcome obstacles and work towards them. The bigger goals require groups or a really long time to accomplish. Mechanics like sieges are not something you do just for fun any more. The game world itself does not consider you or your feelings. Its hostile because it was designed that way. It was not designed for ease of use or efficiency.

The bottom line is that if you don't like this game then don't fucking play it. Its not going to be easy. You are not going to do everything solo. You can not be the best on the server in a week. No matter how good you are, you will still die. You will lose your shit. You will have to use your skills to get better at them. You are required to play in order to get things accomplished. Other people will never stand still so you can kill them efficiently.

Quotes from my clan in Discord.

"Vocal minority forum warriors"

"Code brought 15 fucking people at 11pm est. Games dead"

"We PVP'd or invaded enemy holdings to use their mines for 11 hours straight yesterday roaming around. Games dead"

"We went into a dungeon and found Farmers. Games dead"

"Went to sarthan sea at 9am and fought 6 guys. Games dead"

"People that no lifed and border line exploited mobs to raise skills to 100 in first week so they could beat 98% the population by the stat advantage. Can't find good pvp. Games dead"
Guides and Player Help / Tips for New Players
Switch your AUTO RUN key from numlock to R so its easy to touch.
If your a mage then get double jump so when you begone you can get extra distance.
If your melee get double step so you can get that extra foot by double stepping forward to re-engage your sticky back.
put your minimap to 300% and have your world map sitting on top of you system menu so you can navigate long distances but still see where your party members are in a fight.
Carry a one hand weapon so if you get into combat on your mount you can at least hit someone.
Carry a shield so you can parry up if you are getting rekt. Normally your buddies can all toss you heals while you are parrying and save your ass.
Pick one melee weapon and level it to the mastery. You may not want to get into melee. Maybe you even want to avoid it completely but you are going to get into melee. Its gonna happen.
Pick a ranged skill and max it out. Archery is the easiest. Its 2 stats (dexterity and quickness) and 2 skills (archery and sharpshooter) but at max level with a good bow its the best single target damage in the game. Magic is a longer commitment. Its only 1 stat (intelligence) but its 7 skills (the spell you are casting, archmage, the school of the spell, the 4 subskills of that school). But at higher levels it does alot of damage and if you miss you will probably still hit for 10-15 dmg if you hit close enough.
No matter what you do, you should be healing your friends. It doesn't matter if your wearing full plate. Heal your friends.
Don't be afraid of losing your pixels. Be afraid of staring at the bank all day and never actually playing.
Currently looking for 1-2 Independent Active Individuals.

We are active during NA prime time. We will be maintaining a small clan with no plans to own any holdings. No zerging. No Try hard.
I wont' waste your time by blowing smoke up your ass about how awesome we are and how everyone else is shit. We are a small tight knit gang that have fun, help each other, and play the game.

We do not tolerate crying when you lose pixels.
We expect you to learn from your mistakes and move on.
Progress not perfection.
General Discussion / Lets get an unfair advantage
"In the end, we are certain of those we banned, and we will monitor those who have been flagged suspicious."
Uber Games

Get Fukd bitches.
Suggestions / Mob Scaling Advice
I think the amount of lower level mobs that can spawn from scaling should go up.
The amount and difficulty of Higher level mobs should go down.

The idea here is that as people level they will go back to the lower level spawns and still gain the benefits in large groups while large groups won't get one shot and overwhelmed by the higher level mobs allowing skinning and looting.

Right now when we scale up something like the black knight there ends up with 10-14 black kinghts running around and they are all super beefy. They push us from the spawn even with 30 guys there. No one can really loot. Skinning is out of the questions.

Low level mobs we end up splitting up because they won't scale any higher. I think there should be a limit for smaller groups but when you reach a certain threshold like 20+ members they should start spawning more again like before. Giving us some leeway.

This will make PvE more enjoyable and rewarding. Then you can adjust the loot tables as needed till its well balanced for risk vs reward.
Clan Recruitment / ARAC-Curious LF BBC
Just wondering how many clans actually plan on going ARAC and I heard there were alot of new penalties to being ARAC but can't seem to find any kind of definitive list of the positives and negatives. Would appreciate any info. Pitchforks welcome.