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General Discussion / Let's just pretend...
Let's just pretend ub3r patches the game to 2.2.

What would it take for you to come back to New Dawn?

For me, 2.2 is no longer enough.
3.0 bindstones are probably not enough.

Once garbage men holdings are gone, i have no investment left in New Dawn. There is no incentive for conquest because I don't trust Ub3r will develop content in a reasonable amount of time. I expect another year to pass before a patch beyond 3.0

So to start...

In order for me to come back to New Dawn, i would need dynamic content such as warfronts and racial wars. Content where I can log in at any hour and make progress for my alliance or see in the map where to fight the enemy as they try to push their borders/towers.
General Discussion / 10 hours 12 minutes 31 seconds
Since Ivar's last rant. F-

General Discussion / A big THANKS to Ub3rgames
THANK YOU ub3r for never charging subscription. It's like you knew the game's fate with it in your hands.

That was very honorable of you.

I know there are people like myself who can't refund the year we paid up front, but it's obvious you did what you can to not take advantage of people who weren't idiots.

The idiot who bought a year sub during indev
General Discussion / We made it through death week, maybe
How's everyone's activity after death week? Severe toll on GM. Several players off playing RoA now mixed in with other games, getting caught up on them.

Overall everyone says the same thing, that they want to play DND but don't want to waste time with a dying game or can't get motivated to play timerfall anymore.

So it's a big maybe for a recovery after death week.

GL to clan leaders and remaining actives to keep what's left motivated in order to not lose what you have left and have worked for.

Ub3r, seriously... I feel bipolar with your behavior. I want to say fuck you and walk away but I know deep down i refuse to give up on the vision and keep playing but still.. fuck you guys right now.
Suggestions / Bluetail sprint if full health and beyond
Allow bluetails to sprint if full health.

I understand resources are EXTREMELY limited. So use existing models and add features.

Beyond that, add unique traits to each other type of mount and allow any race to craft them.

Some crappy ideas:
Horses are faster on roads
Bears carry more and bleed attack
Drakes get gravity effected spit attack
Pigs can gank (eat corpse) and regain significant health from it
Eridans leap ability (double jump to activate) and maybe some sort of climb
Garmirs can ram while sprinting and knockback
What do you prefer for a siege?
General Discussion / Altfall DFO vs DND
Please answer accordingly.
Answer once between options 1-4, answer once more between options 5-6 if you own an alt.

**It's 2 votes if you own an alt**

 If you had an alt in dfo, please respond with why.

If you didn't play DFO, please don't answer.
General Discussion / A Thank You to the zergs
Mid map EU/NA prime VCPs this weekend were memorable.

If clans continue to bring who they can to VCPs, other clans will meet the challenge.

No clan should ever say "oh hey... We have too many for villages". Please bring all you can. Be open about your numbers.

At the same time, don't get pissed if other clans group up and out number you. It's what makes darkfall amazing. It creates conflict and reasons for war. Breaks and establishes relations.

So please, keep bringing the numbers. Others will bring theirs or find a way.

The more often i hear complaints of zergs, the more alive the game feels. And let's not even try to define zerg... For some it's 3x the force and others it's 3 more enemies than their party. Just keep the swarms coming.
Stop punishing people for trying new things.

Remove penalties from switching titles and don't make titles degrade for combat titles.
Reward the players who try everything.  They're still required to level all the stats and skills.
Allow people to play different styles without having to buy alts.

Who fucking cares if Joe shmo is mage today and melee tomorrow. With the current system you're more likely to to face Joe Shmo the mage with Alt Shmo the melee sitting inside the keep.

Worst case of abuse is people smelt iron, cut wood, and make meat jerky between builds. All of which shouldn't require a title anyways.

I like combat titles. I like roles and diversifying. I like abilities being locked out.
Altfall is stupid. It's pay2win bullshit. This isn't a visionary system. It's borderline cash grab. The scale system, the node system, the craft system, the title switch penalties.
Horde, please teach you NA players. You didn't allow them to duel with us and this is what they are after 5 months of playing. Figure out the two Graves....
General Discussion / keep the trolling to a minimum
Good job trolling us ub3r. Time to repay the favor. Hopefully there is enough community left to make some good ones. I'm no good at making funny memes so I'll reuse my favorite so far.

General Discussion / Farming drop rates before 2.2
Before this patch comes, maybe we can get some estimate times on solo vs group farming drop rates.

I have no idea the time to farm "baseline" gear such as racial staffs, extrav, bone, studded, plate.

Giant bone set takes 45 minutes per set solo. It gets worse in a group per person. Such that if level 2, maybe we farm 1 set per 40 minutes but that's 80 minutes per set per person.
Scaling progressive gets worse per person from there.

I think thick set is 30 minutes per set solo. Again, worse per person as it scales.

Dragon bone solo is like 6 hours per set. Scaling does not increase dragon bone drop quantity. Group farming is 100% pointless here.

Yellow or less mobs at level 6+ feel pretty good in a group. Fairly constant but i never really measured per person output of the drops.

Overall, for an MMO, almost everything is now efficient per person solo.

I'd like to be encouraged to group up, discouraged to bring alts, and more profitable the more people active farming.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Perception of activity
Below I'm going to list GM average players per day and what i think other clans have active per day (not counting a siege day). With our only interaction every being villages or the very very random encounter, I'm wondering how far off my perception of clan activity is per day (not concurrent). [Numbers in brackets are reported numbers]

Garbage men: [18]
Omega: 3
Rats: [11]
Horde: 7
TTD: [20]
French connection: 3
Mirendil: 2
Wardens: 0
OTG: [2]
AZM: [4]
Simiran: [5]
Enclave: 7
Cursed crew: 4
Liquidators: [4]
Doh: 0
Dragon empire: 0
Dungeon masters: 1
Peace n love: 1
Skd: [2]
Horde hunters: 1
Scrubs: [4]
Jungle Kingdom: 2
Troubador: [1]
Mooninites: [1]
EATC: [2]
Sinner and Saints: [1]
Yew militia: [2]

Other random players: 10

Reported + if no reported: 117 (I'll try to keep this up to date as reported numbers come in)

Anyone care to share their actual numbers to see how far off I am?
This isn't too spy on activity. Don't be shy. Already gave GM daily activity (not that they can all log in at once).

Please hold off on the game's dead replies until this gets some answers.

Bugs & Feedbacks / Fix the flags... They block cannons
Multiple sieges have had okay cannon placements turned to shit because of the flags. See video. Marc, fix. @Ub3rgames
General Discussion / -5 days to go
Almost made it...
"We'll power through and aim for the patch to be before the end of the month.". 20 days ago

Also, they'll address this in a few days -16 days ago.,10626.msg168034.html#msg168034