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General Discussion / fix pls
Hey @Ub3rgames could you please fix the splash knockups because mage fights or all fights in general are braindead from the mage side because HEY I CAN JUST SPLASH R50S and its not fun. And make stormblast good again... Right now it doesnt even take me higher then the bindstone.

Off-Topic Discussions / G.O.A.T
night night  ;)



3-0 king wae vs rawr gasm
2-0 Emperor "best mage on server lul" jack

Added the same clip twice, so skip the last fight.
Media Highlights / king wae pvp 2

1vs alt tabbed player

Good fights!
Media Highlights / pvp hehe

some lag in the last fight of the video :/ Dunno what happend but you didnt miss much!
Clan Recruitment / Hasaki is recruiting!
                          Have you ever wished for a THICC ass and never had one? Fear no more, Hasaki is here.


Who we are:
We are a small group of individuals who take pride in having a strong bond of friendship, a high level of player-skill and mature (?) atmosphere in which we communicate in.

What we are looking for:

A pure team player, one that will never run from an outnumbered fight, who is always looking to improve.

You must be able to put up with Bonii's bullshit.

You must be 18+

How to apply: 

                      Contact King Wae or Hay lando ingame.

Bugs & Feedbacks / Siege performance
I have never experienced such a bad server performance in my entire life like the Crystal coast siege.

Is it always like this? straight dogshit
Suggestions / DFUW disable mechanic
Was fun when you could outplay an opponent by predicting his disable blow. I would love if they added it to dnd!

Yay or nay?
General Discussion / Worth playing?
yay or nay?
Media Highlights / You be the judge 2.0

I got more unedited footage if needed :)
Trade / WTS Large guest Room Furniture
msg me ingame or post here.
Media Highlights / You be the judge.

Cali winterfeel and vpopy vrot back at it again