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Topics - Rhuk Greybeard

Suggestions / Forum
Majority polled wanted moderation - clearly Uber lacks the resource or desire to moderate the forum so shut it down.

Replace it with weekly dev-blog type update and be done with it.  If Uber doesn't want to engage in a two way conversation, then we don't need a forum.

Allow the outer NPC cities (non-starter) to be flippable to Chaos cities. 

Enemies can upgrade the nearest chaos bind stone and disable the towers at the outer NPC towns.

Temporary upgrading the nearest Chaos stone is done by delivering resources to upgrade the chaos bind stone and doing specific localized quests that become available at the bind stone.  The bind stone is up gradable thru a series of steps over time, finalizing in a temporary disabling of the guard towers of the NPC city for 1 week then resetting, allowing the same process to be run again.

Upgrading the chaos stone to disable the towers should have a set of levels

Lvl 1 - Building Foundations - Enemy pays resources (resources and gold sink) to start this phase (lasts 1 week - proposed)
Opens up local quests from the stone
Flags on map - different color
Starts the point counter at the stone, when points get to required level trigger upgrade for Lvl 2
Points can be gained from completing quests, providing resources (building mods) and killing local population (? racial kill counts with alt prevention 1 kill per toon per day)  At this point only the enemy factions can earn points.

Lvl 2 - Powering up - mid phase Tug of War enemy and locals can do quests from the stone and disable the stone thru asset damage
Opens more quests for both the enemy and local population - points can go up and down based on enemy vrs local actions
Points are available for both locals and enemy (tug of war mechanism)
Asset damage can be done to the Chaos stone to disable points (quests and donations) till repaired (both locals and enemy)
Once a certain level of points is reached the bind stone is locked and a countdown begins, after the count down ends the NPC city towers are disabled.

Lvl 3 Active - towers diasbled - lasts for 1 week
After stage 3s duration the mechanism resets allow the process to restart

Reward Idea - additional enemy quests (with valuable rewards) could be made available at the NPC city bind stone, providing additional value in flipping a NPC town
Suggestions / Make mount non-drop on death
Make a mount slot on the paper doll - any mount in the slot isn't dropped on death.

Turns the naked walk of shame into a ride of shame without adding teleport back into the game.
Add a racially aligned capture the flag system that is available constantly.   Start with a simple minimal implementation re-using graphic assets and mechanisms to implement

Spawn 3 flags randomly (Giant glowing eggs was first thought, but you can make them anything lore based)

Flags show on Map for all to see - creates focal point for PVP

Flags are very hvy forcing slow walk (beyond mount capacity), but carrying a flag makes someone UN-Grounded, so they can be pushed, pulled and punted.

Logging out or dying drops flag

Players are rewarded by returning the flag to any racial capital NPC
(use a repeatable quest mechanism for returning the item to make it easier to implement)

Returning a flag to the racial capital gives the whole race a XP buff (something like a racial power hour - could be limited to blues)

Upon returning the flag to the racial capital spawn another flag.

Re-use the trade run Backpacks (maybe change the color) for the carrier and possibly add a light or mark type spell effect (remove sound if possible) to the flag carrier to highlight them.

Extensible - later add, guild bonus for keeping a flag at a player holding, add flag to watchtower mechanic for local bonuses, return flag to alignment church for big alignment reduction etc
Suggestions / Bulwark Title
New Title Bulwark - Shield Warrior title allows the users blocking with sheild to be immune to disable

Suggestions / Tracker Title
New Tracker Title
Allow players to use a tracking skill - that provides simple time and direction information about other players passing thru the area

Tracking could say
"An Orc male passed north a few minutes ago"
"Several Dwarfs passed north east within the last hour"
"Too many people in this area to track anything"

As an option before viewing a player grave, rather then loot, allow players to burn another players gravestone.   Burning has the same alignment penalty as looting a player grave, but awards meditation points instantly to whomever burns the grave.

Selecting this would destroy all items on the players grave and give the burning player a bunch of mediation points based on the value on the loot burned.

Exact values would need to be determined - the idea is to provides a gear and loot sink, with a small mediation point reward.
Suggestions / ALT mobile local bank prevention
Just a suggestion - longer log out timer and drop loot when logging off outside of towns

Make logging out outside of towns have a 1hr stay in game timer.
Upon completion 1 hour, as the characters disappears from the world, have them drop all stack-able items including gold.

If you log out in town (NPC, Chaos city, player cities, by a chaos bind stones),  it works the same as today.

Bugs & Feedbacks / New Player Experiance Leveling SPAM

Need to adjust the spell leveling notifications - leveling Lesser Magic is too much SPAM

The notifications for opening new schools of magic need to be removed, e.g. getting Lesser magic to 50 - where it says greater magic is now available need to be removed, now that all schools start as available.

Suggestions / Trial accounts - harvesting accounts
Just a thought.

I suggest allowing trial accounts that are skill capped, no masteries allowed - Let people duel box harvest as much as they like. 

As i see it problem with Darkfall is population and content, not inflation - the game is stacked for PVP to provide the content, low population hinders that.  Allowing free trial accounts helps artificially boost population.

Remember the start of in-dev, all those semi afk harvesters providing targets for racial warfare, its lowbie entry level pvp, its an additional content that snowballs.  Hunting the harvesters is content, hunting down the PK that's killing harvesters is additional content.

You need sheep for the wolves and wolves for the hunters - making more sheep helps keep the food chain going.

Suggestions / Racial Transmographication
Add the ability to change race for a significant and exponentially increasing gold cost.

Simplify and remove newbie greifing loop holes, make NPC tower blast anyone committing a hostile act

Clan mates fighting in NPC towers - Blasted
Wardec guilds fighting in NPC towers - Blasted

If you up resistances, heal and survive the towers then good luck to ya, you planned it, you deserve it, likewise if you take them out without the towers killing you.

Otherwise take the fight outside.

Questions and Answers / Indev - crafting masteries
First - Thanks, having a blast InDev, your communications and level of professionalism is impressive.

Can you clarify does "Crafting Mastery's" include the Harvesting mastery's or is it limited to the 3 true crafting?

IE - Weapon smithing, Armor smithing, Bowyer (I don't think there are any others) only
Goblin Scouts outside Idawoll - Walking round whilst i am killing them, they dont draw weapons, they dont aggro, i can damage them and they die.

Not all of them at the spawn only a couple.
Suggestions / Eliminate all instant magic travel
In alignment with a more localized experience why not eliminate all the forms of instant magic travel?

  • Making portal/runes rare (more expensive) simply means that they broaden the gap between the vets and newer players
  • Limits on carrying weight just promotes storing more bags in more different banking instances