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Trade / WTB LV deed
Before the server shuts down
Suggestions / Global item/weight cap on banks
Do you clowns want your markets to actually work?
Do you want the game to actually be worth it to a casual?
Do you want some scrub to play a two to three hour tutorial that has him farm you 60 kobold bone to put on the local markets after a freer trial before he quits?
Do you want to get rid of these useless fucking Scrubs that just spend their hours everyday making their banks across Agon fat as fuck only to see them running around in r40 gear?

We need to cap individual character banks globally at 125 items and 2k kg and clan banks at 1k items and 20k kg.

We also need all items to be deleted off anyone who logs out with more that 300kg on them after 2 hours
Who cares, look at what you guys have at face value. If development is going too slow, take a break and continue debating shit you'd like to see and how you'd like to see it implemented. I'm still waiting for a fanboy to explain to me how they think "race wars"  and "racial warfronts" will function.
Off-Topic Discussions / Scam-Shitizen
So I'm laying in bed googling upcoming MMOs like I do every now and then and then I remember discussing how I feel Star Citizen is just one giant pyramid scheme and I decide to do a little digging.

I found these two Reddit pages that only solidified my hunch and even though I enjoyed the shit out of the New Dawn inDev, it's safe to say I'll never be spending any money or even time on "pan handler" games.

This first link is some Star Citizen PR guy breaking down their stupid HerbaLife style referral kits and how not everyone is going to be awarded ALL the referral points they deserved and the first comment below is of some poor sap addressing he's been getting screwed since 2014.

The next link is a guy with the same hunch I have except once I found what he wrote and realized he's dedicated a lot of time to this Ponzi "scam" disclosure, I figured I'd differ a bit of my questions to what this guy has to say.

It will never be what the fanboys of this game think it will be. Once the money dries out, they'll spew out some quick gargle so they can say they met their requirements and then move onto the next scam, investment opportunity, country with immunity etc.
Suggestions / Territorial Banking
So during inDev even with a low pop we obviously still did fine because we had global banking and runestones but in the current ruleset with local banking I feel for the current playerbase and was trying to think of a way to help give meaning to being blue and holdings.

What if there was global banking but it only included holdings your clan owned and if you're blue it would also include all the banks within your racial alliance.

There would be watchtowers needed to be built at every tile between the banks to keep the "network" connected. This means that race wars would include the defense and rebuilding of these towers to keep the racial lands fully connected which also means the humans/dwarves/elves would have a hell of a time trying to keep all their lands connected along with orks/wolves.

A separate set of watchtowers built by clans would connect their nearby holdings effectively making all their banks regional and if they build enough watch towers connecting their territory to their racial lands (ie ruby SKD to Alfar lands or maidens to dwarf lands) they turn all the banks in their territory and racial lands into a big regional bank.

If a watchtower is destroyed severing that connection, a primary bank will always be used with a GUI showing which banks are connected on the map.

I'm interested in seeing what the future race wars would be like but I think a compromise between local and global banking needs to be found while giving a big reward to those who control important real estate and those who stay blue.

There's obviously the ability to farm near one bank and cross a great span of connected banks to withdraw from but usually you'd find yourself going through your controlled lands unhindered anyways.

Would like to get thought on some of the traders and some of the supporters of local banking and their potential issues with this idea
Trade / WTT veilron for niethal and WTB enchant mats
Looking to trade some of our Veilron for Niethal 1.5:1
Also looking to buy the following mats if anyone is selling:
q3 horn
q3 or q2 claw
q3 cinder
q3 bile
q3 spark stone
q3 venom sac
q3 bone
q3 greenleaf
q3 life force
Willing to pay slightly higher than the elf/human/dwarf prices for these mats
Saw some clips of yesterday's fighting but holy shit it was 3 hours of straight bang. Thanks to
Girl Scout
My SKD crew and anyone else I left out.

Gfs and I'm happy to be playing with all of you.

Would love to see more clips if anyone has footage
Make the trade routes operate in two way directions.
Allow players to go to the trade huts and put in buy orders not just at any marketplace but also at the trade huts.

Yssam to ruby visa/versa
Niffle to human lands visa/versa

If I put a request for 10 fiend claw at the ruby trade hut for 1k per claw and my 10k gold gets attached to it and it shows up as an order at the Yssam hut that needs to be filled. Someone there fills the order

Then someone who wants to do a trade route (because they get actually good rewards) goes about doing their normal function like it operates right now with the gold wager gets a backpack. They have no idea what's in the backpack and only one order is attached to each backpack.

If the player makes it across, they get paid and the fiend claw makes it to the hut with a message to both players that 10k gold (minus 10%) has been deposited into the order filler's bank account.

If the player does not make it, a message stating the order did not make it and the 10k is split between both players into their bank accounts and the items being delivered disappear from the world and just that order can simply be requested again remotely.

With the nerf to rares from villages, the rewards for doing trade routes should be simple items like rare ore, thick leather, elemental cloth and the like with an occasional chance to get a rare material used in crafting a racial weapon.

Having 4 timers each separated by 6 hours equally all revolving on a 25 hour fixed cycle the way villages work will give players incentive and equal chance to work their schedules around the timers and even make natural trade routes form between the ruby to human lands, from there to Yssam and Yssam to Niffle and Niffle back to ruby with the furthest points being connected by the static timers.

Just an idea to try to take already in place mechanics and make them useful to jumpstart this shit show of an economy with local banking
Never sold anything in the market but I was just told by someone who sells things on the market that you have to go back and collect your gold?!?!

If you guys really envisioned people liquidating their banks in one area at the local market in order to relocate and repurchase items in a completely different area, why in the world would you force that person to go all the way back to the area they just left to collect their gold?

It's no wonder why people get stale with this game; they're always bound to at least one other place unless they use an alt to put the items for sale and use the major rank to send the gold back to the main requiring the alt to eventually have to travel to meet back up with the main.

If you wanted to promote the use of marketplaces, a simple implementation of "direct deposit" would go such a long way because a player wouldn't have to work up an entirely new stack of global gold while they wait for their items to sell. They could just go to their new area and feel like they're progressing in their new home as they farm nearby mobs and mats while watching their global gold rise due to items being sold in their old area.
I've had the privilege of listening to both Mycke and KevinLee in coms and both make for some good theorycrafting conversations, have insight from different angles on certain aspects of the game and are generally well mannered guys in coms.

Others within my circle of friends who also have had the same privilege as I had their interest peaked when I asked them to imagine getting these two individuals in the same channel debating many of the different areas of the game.

I'm looking to compensate both these guys if their time is too valuable to share with me but I've taken the liberty to draw up a rough draft of the topics I would like discussed with me being the moderator.

- Titles
- Launch of the game
- Local Banking
- Removal of fast travel
- Pvp builds
- Population decline
-potentially more to come if the above topics don't already consume an hour.

Please don't come in here trolling my request but instead add in things you would like them to debate.

Although this debate is for entertainment purposes, I really feel both of these minds would be able to shed light on these topics and maybe even help the game in some ways.

Both of these guys share a lot of knowledge on a daily basis through discord, the forums and sometimes in game when they're online and I thought it'd be cool to bring these guys together as sort of a clash of minds similar to a discord rap battle but more organized. 
I'll say a year from now maybe two
I feel like if these guys would've just artificially stocked at least every chaos city market with r40 gear and mounts at ridiculously high prices, they would've retained far more players.

Just think, an r40 greatsword for 1k, an armor set for like 20k and a mount for 5k might have been steep around the times titles were up that high but at least it would've enticed people to travel the world and check out new regions since they could just keep all their gold global since they knew at worst, they'd be able to gear up even if it was at a steep price.

See right now, I live on Ruby and my clan has a surplus of gear and what not. Even if we had zero gold and were in desperate need for it like let's say our villages are being taken. We can just sit inside our holding knowing that it's only a matter of time before invaders realize they're not being self sufficient and are forced to retreat back to where they came from.

We have no business taking our gear surplus to the nearest chaos station marketplace because that would only prolong and invaders stay and potentially intive even more to come.

However, if there were to always be gear available at a market price (that could even raise with inflation) it would actually be less of a hassle when you die in an area you don't control and even make for a decent gold sink.

Since markets would have gear available at certain prices, it would propel everyone to keep their gold global and believe it or not, would actually motivate certain crafters to stock certain chaos city markets because they have a standard to go by and gold ALWAYS has purchasing power since those standards are contingent on how much gold is in the economy.

Too many seem to be getting bored with the game due to tedium in travel and being restricted to their local bank due to lack of gear being available in every other area. I just thought this could be a way to help things
We have so many clan members sitting on many reagents in one bank but in order to trade or sell them even to another clan mate, you both have to be present at the bank at the same time. Please allow us to put them up for sale so we can evolve our own rates of exchange or as a bandaid, allow us to sell them for 5g each to the general store so we can buy the other regs we need
Suggestions / Traveling and lost my last mount to mobs
I picked up the taming title on my full pvp build because I want to avoid rage logging after losing my mount to mobs while I travel. In the past, I would just make a new mount with my taming whistle and extra steed grass. Can the taming title give us the option to craft mounts without the need to be at a work shop? I played a "mounted warrior" and with how poor the health of mounts are, I used to craft an extra mount during breaks during combat to continue the whole mounted thing. With the taming title, I'd like to continue that
Off-Topic Discussions / Legends of Aria
Has anyone checked the progress of this game out? It's pretty much geared towards old UO vets but I noticed they (currently) have no individual fast travel and you choose bindstones to respawn at. I'm not sure about how the banking system will pan out but the gameplay seems very reminiscent of UO.

Taking a step back though, I think if a UO clone is taking out fast travel by the lead developers who made UO, it seems like they realize fast travel does more harm than good.

I do think the fps MMO is more of the way to go and even though tab targeting and spell interruptions and timings are more my thing, I like how darkfall actually feels like an open world with strategy to logistics.

Knowing myself, I'll probably still try it out at some point but I wanted some old UO players' takes on what they think about the game so far.