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Media Highlights / Transfer Gate PvP 2
Watch in 1440+

If you kill new players throw them a res =0

Looking for 1v1s or 2v2s, full loot or just for fun. Bo1 - Bo5, loot or no loot is fine just looking for something to do. (Would prefer full loot though).

Message me here or in game: Transfer Gate. If I am not online on Transfer Gate it try messaging me on my alts because I am prob mediating. Alts names are RiseOf TheAlts and Mememe Mememe.
Every1 stop hiding in corners of the map and come to mid map. This game is meant for pvp not hiding away farming mobs.
General Discussion / Loads of bang around mid map.
Loads of bang around mid map. If you thinking of playing again come mid map there is loads of pvp at the villages around there.
Trade / WTB List

Stat pots
q3/q4 Darktaint, Bile, Cinder, Venom Sac, Horn, Claw, Quint, Greenleaf
Sele ore/ingots , Leenspar ore/ingots
Fiend claw, rakta blood

IGN Transfer Gate
What are all the negatives of being red?
How long does it take to go from -100 to 0 and how much does it cost?
WTT Rare ores, thick leather, snow hide on niff, for items in Human / Orc lands. Willing to take a loss on the deal for example I trade you 100 sele ore on niff for 90 sele ore in human lands. These are just example numbers we can discuss a ratio. This is basically you taking a risk for profit, I will trade you with 1 char on niff and one char in Human / Orc lands at the same time.

IGN: Transfer Gate

It has been a while since I have been to niff so these numbers might be a little inaccurate but should be close.

180 sele ore
180 vel ore
130 neithal ore
130 leenspar ore
90 theyril ore
300 thick leather
250 snow hide
80 steedgrass
+ some other items.
I feel like the response we get when asking for these types of changes are that they are not needed, which is kind of the point really, they are not needed, they would however be very nice to have. Here are the changes I would like to see, feel free to add your own to the thread.

An option to enable / disable the queue system, I am sure many people don't even notice the queue system or have it cause them any problems, but it is something that was added in DND and I really don't like it, I end up doing things that I do not want to do because of it. I really don't understand why this system is forced on us.

A first available option, I get that it is not needed, but it would be nice to have. Uses for hits would be all food / mounts on one key. A spell and melee / bow skill could be on the same key without having to press it twice, and then the multiple spells.

One button to pull out a sword an shield and parry at the same time.

Mount leans to be added the same way as usable skills are now.

Have it so zoom and parry are on separate binds.

I will add more to the list if I think of any of if any are suggested.

All rare Ores,
Thick Leather


cinder, darktaint, bile, horn, quartz, venom sac, claw, sparkstone, greenleaf, tooth, eye

IGN: MeMeMe MeMeMe
Please stop considering combat titles as optional extras, they are not. If we just consider damage and nothing else, that is a huge difference. You can get 3-13% increased damage, this is a big increase and can easily decide the outcome of a fight. For example, Great sword title 6% damage, Warrior 3% damage, then the melee damage title 4% damage. Lets go with 9% because that is quite common. (Great sword + warrior and Magic school + scholar).

Lets say without titles you are hitting for 40 damage and the player you are against has 400 life. You will have to hit him a minimum of 10 times. This is without considering regen and healing, and lets face it you are going to miss shots which gives them time to regen and heal. So lets say on average you have to hit the guy at least 20 times.

I know I am making a lot of assumptions but you will probably have to hit a component player at least 20 times b4 he dies. Now with if you were hitting for 40 without titles, you would be hitting for 43.6 damage. Now individual hits might not seem like a lot but at a min you have to hit 10 times, that is an extra 36 damage. Now consider the fact that the is regen + healing, you will probably have to hit at least 20 times in an average fight, that is 72 damage. Now think about long extended fights, that damage will add up to a large amount. 30 hits = 108 life, 40 hits = 144 life, I mean you see where I am going with this.

Now think about this, how many fights have been won / lost with the other player having 36-108 life left, or even 10 life left, this 9% extra damage that people seem think is optional could easily be the deciding factor in a fight.

Now lets consider the other things, you are hitting harder which means you are draining more stats, which means that they will run out of stamina / mana faster, depending on what you are using, which means they will have to stat more often than you, which means they will spend less time shooting you.

Now lets look at the other aspect of the titles, you can also get stam / mana efficiency, which means that all of your attacks and spells will cost less to use, someone with titles can use more of them without running out of stats. Which means they will have to stat less, more time shooting at you.

There is also speed titles which means you will be hitting faster than someone without titles, more hits = more damage.

I mean come on, how can any1 including the devs think that titles are optional, any1 with any basic understanding of the game should be able to see that titles can easily decide the out come of a fight. In a pvp game, which you can be killed at any time and have all of your items taking from you, how can you consider something that can determine the outcome of a fight, be considered optional?

Sorry for the big wall of text.

On a side note titles are extremely boring, it would be nice if they added some actual flavor to your char, in the form of unique bonuses, rather than just flat number bonuses.
IGN: MeMeMe MeMeMe


Thick Leather,
Selentine ore/ingots,
Leenspar ore/ingots,
Theyril ore/ingots,
Large Villa deed.


cinder, darktaint, bile, horn, quartz, venom sac, claw, sparkstone, greenleaf, tooth, eye.


Bone, Resin, Nacre, Sulfur for ash, mandrake or arrows.
Trade / WTB / WTS list

Arrows 4g ea if delivered.
Thick leather.
Q1 eye.
Neithal ore.
Leenspar ore.


Q3 Bone
Q2 quint


WTT 3.8k bone, 4300 resin, 5.2k sulfur, 6.1k nacre at 4:3 for arrows if delivered.

Living on niff, IGN MeMeMe MeMeMe
General Discussion / Local Banking has killed trading.
For starters no one wants to travel long distances because it takes to long.

No one wants to travel for small trades because it just isn't worth it.

No one wants to travel for big trades because the risk of getting ganked.