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Suggestions / Uber suff with timer
Long ago I wanted to write but I doubted that I would be heard. But still I will write because I think this is the best system of things in the realities of Darkfall and the sandbox games.
It was not me who invented it, it was realized long ago in games that were the ancestors of all MMORPGs - MUD (Multi User Dungeon). They still remain unsurpassed in gameplay, the great Ultima is only a pitiful resemblance to what was done THEN.
The idea is very simple, both in understanding and implementation, and does not require much effort from the developers.

I'll get to the point.
To make the game uber suff with a timer for about a week. Make one uber weapon, bow, a sword, an ax etc, various armor and other accessories that will be significantly better than the existing r80 gear. And make 4-5 sets easier. And put it all in different unique mobs - Daemon, Red Dragon, Kraken, Gargantua, Minotaur King etc ... And those things are simpler in weaker mobs.

For example, with Red Dragon with a high probability of 80%, such a thing should fall out, uber things in a unique mob can be a different number, for example uber bows, and some pieces and accessories. After the thing gets to the player, the timer of this thing begins to end, and after some time the player's thing disappears and appears again in the mob. I want to draw your attention to the fact that a thing should fall out with a very high chance, which would make it possible to control the possibility of keeping this thing by the clan. In MUDs, the drop chance was almost 100%, but because some mobs in DF have a long cooldown, this moment needs to be considered. It's all.

Agree that it's not a difficult thing, but how many opportunities are there in the game play?

-Hotspot pvp places.

-Centralized campaigns for reshuffling things. (caravans :))

-Best is best! It will make sense to dress your experienced clan members. Dramas, tears, snot!

-Hi-End content

-Useful Clan events, which the game lacks so much.

Just think about what opportunities are opening up! And it's not difficult!

It was, and it worked very very very well. And this should return at least 1 mother to his game!

Sorry for my English.