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General Discussion / Heal self
Now this may be out of the blue...but a long long time ago, i can still remember, uber decided that witchcraft was too much of a burden to unlock by everybody simply because witches brew was a mandatory spell for statting purposes.
They made it title locked, and promised to buff heal self to compensate everybody for the lost statting potential.

Did they ever?
Id read the patch notes, but i figured it might be nice to potentially get a talk going about how players feel when it comes to restatting in general aswell.
Personally, as a heavy-ish physical, the only reason i can stat up is because i got like 360 mana to use up before im out of a fight.
Ive watched my recordings from the past weeks of the pvp i had at villages and sieges, and basicly as soon as i run out of mana i cant do shit in a fight anymore unless i get somebody to heal me back up while i spam health>mana on cooldown (and mana leech).

Potions are being used, though i wont promise its exactly on cooldown.
Im using 25 min food, because if you run out of food buff you have no right to say you are playing the game.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Teleporting troops.
So, just to freshen up history a bit first.
Way back when bindstones were actually full, you could kick a player from a bindstone and have him go to a different holding owned by the same clan. This meant that, with a bit of planning, you could use enough people to fill up hamlets, to let others go well beyond the closest holding.

While thats currently impossible because there is no bindstones you bind to anymore
You can still teleport around fairly easily by joining and leaving clans.

Being in a clan, in a clan holding (especially on the islands). Leaving the clan will result in the closest bank being the chaos city.
While also giving you 5 of the closest chaos stones ontop (not as usefull).
However, joining a clan will offer you new bindstones with banks, meaning you could circulate around very quickly (well...its a timer to leave a clan...very much without effort)

Im not sure how it will interact with local banking and most of your stuff now being in a bank you arent in the clan for anymore..
But i crossed an entire island because one of the characters i have access to got kicked from clan.
Thats supposed to be a 20~30 min ride, with the usual risks involved.
And even with local banking in place, there's a market place right there in the chaos city that allows me to at least buy what i need.

So i think it could be used for expeditions and sieges. Where clan leaders simply make a list of people who didnt move along with the group to the staging field. They kick members who then end up at the chaos city, who then rejoin the clan when they get online to join the effort.

Maybe its a bit too much, but i personally see it as a time saver for those who cannot join often enough.
And potentially, should empires actually arise, there are ways to shuttle people beyond the chaos cities aswell.
Its just a matter of what clan you are in, what they own and howmany holdings you can ping between.

Ofcourse no goods are transported, but troop commitment isnt nearly as fixated...provided you have the equipment to put all men to use.
Suggestions / Double binding buttons
So yesterday i logged in to prepare a little for the upcoming patch.
I decided to drop magic, at least for now, leaving me with a ton of empty hotkey slots and key bindings.
What i wanted to do was bind my greatsword to mouse button 4.
And then bind a hotbar slot to mouse button 4 aswell, since without a weapon on said slot the skill doesnt get triggerd.
(you can test with magic most easily).

Sadly, binding the hotbar slot to mouse button 4 removed the weapon bar binding.
Leaving me with an additional hotkey when there really isnt a need for it.

Im sure theres more situations like it, is there still a plan to allow double binding?
If so, when is it meant to be implemented?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Bugs & Feedbacks / Weapon breaking bug
When a staff breaks, you get the same bug as the mounted weapon switch bug.

You are unable to equip anything unless you drag it onto your paperdoll.
Once you unsheathe you are able to do everything like normal
Suggestions / Wards and debuffs in PvE
As title says, just for PvE.

Right now, its really hard to make use of wards or debuffs. Aside from bolting/arrows in group farming, its hardly worth using at all.
(does have to do with overall low resistances on monsters, meaning the full magnitude isnt being used. Causing a lower overall damage increase per shot)

Any team work in PvE has now been reduced to just heals, as the duration is so short you are forced to constantly cast them over and over.

I suggest to build in a stack mechanic in PvE, where hitting a monster will increase ward duration by 1 second (up to its normal cap of 28).
Meaning a single ward could end 28 seconds later, if no target has been struck. Or last you quite a while, since you constantly damage monsters.

Making wards worth using, but likely requiring a reward in between kills as the counter runs out.

Id suggest the same for debuffs, but stacking well beyond that time to allow higher end monsters such as fire dragons to go about their usual fighting patterns. Not forcing players to spend 5-10% of the fight applying debuffs.
As the debuff is on the monster, its not as important how long the duration is.
Which for the wards it obviously is, we dont want players having super long wards just because they PvE'd for a while.
Bugs & Feedbacks / 1h/shield lock on mount
While mounted, the weapon bar only allows you to switch weapon once.
After that it will swap the active hotbar, but not swap weapons.

This remains true even after dismounting, untill a weapon is wielded unsheathed.
At that point everything works as intended.

(manually dragging onto paperdoll works, using weapons in the hotbars does not)
Suggestions / Maintanance (the skill)
So i was going over all the NPC's to make sure i had bought all the skills that i could, and found maintanance skill.
This decreases the durability loss slightly, making equipment last a little bit longer.
The only way to level it is crafting.

Any combattant would love to get more out of his items.
Any combattant will, at some point, at least consider crafting enough items to max it out.
These items will be low grade, low durability stuff. Perhaps best deleted/sold to NPC.

Point is, since you'll likely be using power hour to do this. You'll have a fair bit of crafting skill aswell.
Im personally going to level it with tailoring, but it means that currently its just a material sink that allows players to craft (crappy, since no trueforge) equipment up to studded/bone (depending on how hard it is to level up).

Wouldnt it be better if the skill leveld up when you break an item?
It means crafters/harvesters will level it up slowly as their tools break, but its not as vital to them anyway.
While combattants level it up a bit quicker, while giving them no incentive to get into crafting.

Bonus points for giving starting crafters (with low trueforge) a special niche in the market.
Since new(er) players may want to have lower equipment that breaks faster to level up this skill for when they start using more expensive equipment.

I realise you may want to get your hands on low durability stuff just to break them on purpose. But all that does is a material sink aswell.

Bugs & Feedbacks / Spell reflect
Is impossible to level up  :(

Its counted as a selfbuff? Casting it gives no skill ups, ive tried while fighting monsters.
Getting hit while its on simply does the desired effect...yet provides no skill ups.
Suggestions / Capturing players
You ever really hated a player?
You ever felt like taking a hostage was a fun thing to do?
You ever wanted to imprison a pesky raider?

Then you must have considerd the possibility of capturing somebody and holding them against their will.

This used to be virtually impossible. Given that recall was a thing, that any death leads to an eventual time out...
But what if players are given a few tools to help...manage...uncooperative players to do their bidding?

First up, id like to suggest a forcefull revive skill, that no longer gives the yes/no option for the receiving player.
Its duration is 50% longer than normal revive, just to make sure normal pvp/pve doesnt get impacted by it.
This allows capturers to stop their prisoners from taking the "easy" way out.

Next is a new weapon, that builds up a debuff counter and after 30~40 hits incapacitates them.
It can deal basicly no damage, have virtually no range on make sure nobody tries to use it in legit pvp.

From this moment on, the player is in a downed position. Can be interacted with to hoist them onto a mount. (placed nearby)
They can ofcourse be dropped from the mount aswell.
But, there's a timer running for the prisoner to die from hunger.
So to keep a captive secured, you need to keep feeding him by interacting and forcing food into him. Or he'll starve and appear back at his bindstone.

I think a 20 minute timer before starving is fine, as you should be keeping a close eye on your prisoner at all times, round the clock.

Now i know that being held prisoner is no fun. So what are your options to get out of it right?
As captive, you cant do anything...But you can see around you, where you are, howmany are guarding you. You are basicly a downed player. But your allies can mount an attack to release you.
But aside from that, 5 players can start a channel (paying portal shards) to release you without having to fight.

To make sure solo players dont get the short end of the stick, lets say you can hold somebody captive for a max of 12 hours.
Enough to where you wouldnt want to let an ally rot in jail, but not so much that you can be held captive forever.

thoughts, idea's, critics?

p.s To make sure local banking isnt impacted, you obviously leave anything you had on you in a grave when you get rescued via portal...or the sweet sweet release of death.
General Discussion / Discussion: PvE combat in Patch 3.9
I played almost 4 hours yesterday, but all of it was PvE.

First off, erodachs no longer hit damage cap. Actually a fair bit under it, going from 65 a hit even with iron skin, to 47 a hit in just a robe.
So somehow the damage formula's impacted their damage dealt, because my equipment was the same and i didnt even have stoneskin running.
I assume this is for all monsters, but as im the one healing most of the time i dont get hit.

However, wards dont seem to impact the damage they dealt. As my melee bot was wearing a leather set with iron skin, getting hit for 45. That 2 damage is more likely attributed to RNG, than the 15~ added protections removing virtually nothing from damage dealt.
So...thats fucked, but if the goal was to make low tier mobs easier you probably succeeded in doing that aswell.

Next up is our damage dealt. Its broken, like 50+% more damage dealt even with the most basic leather set.
The attack speed gains seem to have gone beyond what was intended.
With daggers coming in at over 2 attacks per second, you melt any monster. Even erodachs, leenspar golems and darkdragons drop so much faster.
There's 15 extra melee haste from wards, because the 90 cap is now 105.
There's likely a rework in quickness calculations, which means me warding for quickness not only gives the 20 points missing to hit 120, but perhaps also takes the spot of base stats which are frontloaded.
So 40~ or so "frontloaded" quickness at the top end only give 5% atk speed (for example)
While the buffed 40 quickness at the top end (not 100-120) gives a flat 10-15% atk speed (example)
The same with strenght, i suspect
Ontop of that the 8-12 atk speed from leather equipment, which is further buffed with melee damage on every hit.

This resulted in 65~ damage hits from daggers, more than twice per second.
Not counting power attacks, which deal 40% more.
Not counting 5th hit attacks, which deal 40% more.
Not counting the random crits, which deal 40% more.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As for the robes...
The mana regen buff seems really underwhelming, even with a robe helmet on it was hardly noticable.
The cast speed increase is the same really, i know its slightly faster...but 13-18 cast speed compared to 48 cast speed enchants is a joke...(not counting the 90-105 cast speed from selfbuffing)
Ill look into the magnitude later, but given i was using pre-patch staves i think the magnitude i got from there was half of whats intended now....

I understand PvP is a whole different story...
Bugs & Feedbacks / Max mana display bug
This is obviously an old one, but it used to be possible to fix this simply by buffing your wis/int/max mana...

I have several melee/archery upgrades, which take away 15% of my max mana.
which means my 400 is reduced to 340, but upon login it displays it like that.
So even though im full mana, its not displayed as such.

Ill see if equiping an enchant involving max mana updates it, but the old way of fixing it is removed with the selfbuff rework.

Apperantly the intelligence enchant doesnt raise the stat above 100, so it doesnt update max mana.
I dont think there's a wisdom enchant, ill see if i can get max mana (i presume this would fix it)

**update 2
After equipping a bloodcrafted helmet its now displaying properly
Suggestions / Select all stackables
So, as everybody has probably noticed during farming....
All those weapons and other random stuff monsters drop arent really worth picking up.
(there are obvious exceptions)

Can we get a shift+select drag option or something to select all stackables in a grave, so you dont have to dig around in there to make sure you didnt miss something.
Especially when spawn scaling, the ammount of clutter in a grave gets quite intense.

It could be just for PvE, if there's any concerns for combat looting and what not.
But its honestly annoying to have to Ctrl click out several items every grave, or click all things i do want to loot individually.

There's very few stackables you wouldnt want to loot. Especially once population picks up enough that you could sell excess reagents with ease. (minor/moderate potions being the only i can think of)
Bugs & Feedbacks / Silent swimming
Holding crouch/jump and strafing left or right in the water makes no sound.
While its obviously much faster to swim normally, moving in the water is really loud.
Takes some getting used to...

Having lived in janhalek for a bit now, it is SO obvious when somebody is coming in.
Being able to enter silently has allowed me to bank just before dieing to groups.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Ray cooldown
In DFO, certain monsters had power attack available to them (devil, erodach to name a few).
They would spam these, sometimes. Players learned to deal with it, as "content".

Right now, monsters that have a ray spell (like trolls), spam these abilities aswell.
This makes them much much harder to deal with.

Id prefer if both got fixed, but at the very least rays shouldnt be spammable by monsters.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Connection lost
My client has been disconnecting from the game server a couple times now.
When i try to log back in it says my character is still logged in, so im pretty sure its not the server dieing...
Or i instantly get "connection lost to server" when trying to log in.

It usually works again after a few minutes...
I also lose my graphic settings for full screen and resolution
And often everything i have on me as the mobs kill me