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Trade / WTB Housing Deeds
WTB Housing Deeds

/tell TimothyJB NewDawn

Or PM me here on the forums.
Suggestions / Raft Inventories
If I remember correctly, rafts and launches are the only water transport without any form of strongbox possibility, consider a small in-built inventory like we have with the current mount system.

With one of the major selling points of local banking being to encourage people to meet and fight in the world more while transporting resources, I would love to not have to fight encumbered (or be as slow as riding my mount in the water) to move a reasonable amount of loot between islands and continents.

I was thinking something along the lines of a 1000kg limit, to align with mounts, and allow the bigger more expensive boats to be more valuable for mass transport. This number could of course be changed later down the line when we have more tools (and titles?) for bulk transport, e.g. caravans.

I know @Ub3rgames do not want to touch much about water until they can do a bigger expansion together later down the line, but this is something that could be very useful early on, while also not changing naval combat balance.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Bank Tooltip Default Binds
Looking at the bank says "Press 'F' to access bank or 'G' for more options", which are the default binds, even if I've already changed them. Should change depending on what you have it set to, and works properly like this for other situations, for example when looking at my mount.
Suggestions / Split Stoneskin Buff
@Ub3rgames Any plans to break out stoneskin into 3 independent protection buffs (piercing/slashing/bludgeoning)?

Besides it being a lot more intuitive to act the same was as the magical protection buffs, I think this would make a lot more sense for making buffs more reactive in fights like was the initial goal, particularly since physical damage has been added to earth magic school - most of the time you only need 1 or 2 of these protection types anyway depending on who and where you're fighting.

A nice side effect might be a little more diversity in enchant types, rather than everyone doing the same piercing/slashing enchants in high-end gear bags.


Q3 Ghostly Darktaint
Q3 Dwarf Heart

Q4 Claw
Q4 Tooth
Q4 Bone
Q4 Shadowcrest
Q4 Heart

Theyril ore/ingots

Thick leather (like everyone else it seems)

Neithal / Leenspar keys (can trade up a stack of veilron keys)

Can trade with gold, most rares, other crafting mats / enchant mats. PM me on the forums or in game to let me know what you're looking to get for any of the above.

In game: TimothyJB NewDawn
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / GF at Tughri
GF Rastalfarians (the 2 out of his supposedly 20 actives that showed up), Immortals, Steel Bones, Harbingers De Fromage. The rag tag defenders of Mycke's bullshit and drama put together a good effort.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Kharhendak Repeat
Defended, good fights, battlehorn blocks and large battlespikes OP, uber please nerf.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Uqtu Defended
GF to the Russians again.
I'm having problems trying to setup my key bindings in a way that I'm used to with other games I play and is comfortable.

Binding Alt to crouch doesn't work - my guess is the game only wants to interpret Alt as a modifier for other inputs not as it's own key, but I don't need it as a modifier at all.

Binding mousewheel scrolls (in either direction) to jump doesnt work - assuming because it wants to interpret the mousewheel as an axis not a single button input for a single command.

My assumption is this isn't a new dawn specific problem (didn't extensively play original dfo) but would appreciate if someone knows how to achieve this. I've tried manually editing input file unsuccessfully, perhaps something can be done with custom /bind option (not something I've looked closely at how to use yet) so that I don't have to resort to using AHK for basic inputs.

Trade / WTB Selentine Ore/Ingots in Humanlands
Let me know the quantity and price - PM on the forum or ingame if I'm online (TimothyJB NewDawn)