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General Discussion / I want Bags ... any kind of Bags....
Help !!!!

There are no bags in any Marketplace within a Racial area...
Are there no Tailors ...... ?

My bank is in total disarray....

Trade / Shield Crafters Unite .........

Not sure why Shield crafting was not bundled with Armorsmithing,
but that is a topic for another discussion...

I doubt that any player without an ALT will take up Shield Crafting as a title.

I will be an un-clanned crafter/trader living out of Humanlands looking to buy Shields and such after launch..
Trade alliances with Clans local to Humanlands would be preferred..

I will be looking to buy;
  • Leather Armor
  • Bows
  • Shields
  • ..etc

I will be paying in gold or barter with high end food or Building Mods.

I will be trading at an NPC city..

If there are bulk items purchased from me,
I will help transport back to your holding after the purchase, either by horseback or raft.

Clans living in the proximity of the following Holdings would be ideal;

  • Somerstone
  • Bladethorpe
  • Hammerdale
  • Sandstone
  • Spear Waters
  • Alberworth
  • Brockmoore
  • Longmarch
  • Mar Shral

Bugs & Feedbacks / Scumling Worker - The Anti Christ ?
I was fighting my way in the sewers of Sanguine....

When I happened upon the Anti-Christ of Scumlings...

I fought hard, had this scumling pinned ....  
But he kept coming ...
kept coming ....

He would not DIE ....   DIE ....   die ......
I am creating this Poll in the Trade sub-forum, as this topic is relevant to Trade.

Clans willingness to purchase Building Mods or other items in bulk, that have significant weight,
hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from their holding.

With the coming of Local Banking, buying items at the Marketplace that then needs to be transported to
a Clan's Holding, is going to be a challenge.

Particularly those items with significant weight.
For example;

  • Bulk Timber
  • Bulk Stone
  • Bulk Iron Ore
  • Building Mods

With the current "Land Transport" tools available to us, how many Building Mods
can either a Racial Mount or even Battlehorn carry ?

Would it make any difference to a Clan looking to purchase Building Mods if they were in
an NPC City Marketplace close to a waterway or ocean ?
(Certainly less ground travel)

The 1st 3-4, even 6 months after launch, there will be a high demand for  all of the above listed items
with really no in-game tools yet, to facilitate transport effort on ground.

Once aboard a ship or raft, not really a problem I don't think.

For those that do vote, please provide thoughts and feedback.


So a few questions concerning access to ones Global Gold account.

I have gold stored in 3 seperate banks.

NPC City 1 - 10k gold
NPC City 2 - 5k gold
NPC City 3 - 20k gold

For a total wealth of 35k

I am at the Marketplace in NPC City 4, and wish to buy a mount for 500g
I am at the Marketplace in NPC City 4, and wish to buy 27k gold worth of items.

The way the Market works now, I need "gold" in my backpack to either make a purchase,
or a sell.

Will I go to NPC City 4 bank to view my total gold from other banks to make a withdraw ?

Can I withdraw more than I need, to have a reserve in NPC City 4 bank ?

Will there be a defined delineation between global gold (a total from banks),
and physical gold located in a bank where I actually have gold stored.

Was curious about the whole gold account management perspective.

Another question concerning Global Gold Access.

Will it "only" be available for purchases or selling to the marketplace,
or if I have an opportunity to buy items from a player via opening a Trade window ?

The ability to use any local bank to manage (withdraw) from my Global account.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Floating Barrels - NPC city Maghnir
Not a big deal, just an FYI to the dev team.

Floating barrels inside of building.
Maghnir - Building next to the Laboratory workbench.
0' 40" W / 13' 13" S   

Clan Recruitment / Join The Vagrants

We are a tight knit group of vagrants, freeloaders, beggars, moochers and
maladjusted transients.

We will initially be living in the streets of NPC cities, sleeping behind crates,
vegetable carts and any open structures that we can gain entry to.

We will spend our time in the city begging for food, armor, weapons and whatever
else the kind and gracious players will freely give to us.

When free armor is given to us, we must ask politely for armor with full durability,
so that we may in turn sell it on the marketplace.

Anything less than full durability we will be forced to sell in Public Chat,
but still at a 100% profit.

So the old adage , "Beggars can't be choosers" needs to apply.

Once we have overstayed our welcome in that city we will trudge along to the
next city within that racial land.

We will usually walk when traveling, never traveling by mount.
As mount riding is for the upper elitist class,
that the members of our clan aspire to be one day.

We should not concern ourselves much with bandits and such,
as word will quickly spread  that "The Vagrants" never really have anything of value to loot.

If we are ever chased by racial enemies, then yes,
we will sprint like the wind to the nearest city.

We can make use of the weapons that are given to us, but as for armor and
everyday wear, we will rely solely on mob dropped armor and sundries.

We are "The Vagrants", and must maintain appearances.

We will travel from city to city begging and mooching our way to immense wealth.

Once our ranks are within sufficient numbers, (between 3 and 5 members),
we will plead for an alliance with a large clan.
Ideally one whose roster is close to 50 or more.

This will be like fish in a barrel.

That clan will graciously invite us to live in their city where we can continue to beg
for free food and gear.

There will be exciting times ahead for sure.

We must be prepared to be ousted from that alliance in short order, so time will be of the essence.
After which, there will be many, many other clans that we can set our sights on.

We will go on many PvE runs, not only to acquire items that we can sell, but also to keep ourselves clothed in armor.

1. Must not be a complete nitwit
2. Must wear mob dropped gear.
        (Exceptions will be to those that honor the Sabbath,
        whereas one will be expected to wear fine pants and shirt or a simple robe)

        (Also Leather Boots, Leggings or Studded Leggings are an exception)

Any recruit that is skilled in either sword or magic is most welcomed to join our ranks.
And know this, that if our group is ever engaged in a fight, the rest of us will have your back and cheer you on.

The Vagrant's clan members primary weapons will be Daggers & Bow,
as we abhor the art of magic unless it is a necessity to heal or improve our stamina.

More information and overall clan strategy will be discussed after recruitment
applications have been processed.
I added some food to the Marketplace, and was curious to list ALL food being sold.

My "Sell Order" was not listed .

There are 3 Tab Options:

Would it be helpful to include a players SELL order in the BUY listing ?

If this needs to be moved to "Suggestions"...   that's fine.
Trade / God Bless these Entrepreneurs
I have recently perused what the Marketplace has to offer in the human capitol city of Sanguine.
I suppose one should not be surprised by what may be considered outlandish prices ...

God Bless 'em if they get a buyer.

The Mount Figurine at 420g is most definetly reasonable.

Ore, Leather & Cloth....   I would buy.

Why are Eggs considered to be such a HOT commodity ... ?

There are other high end foods to cook that does not require eggs.

Just my .02 cents
I thought that a player turns Rogue when stealing a mount ?

Apparently this is not the case.
Were there not plans to implement this, or did the devs change their minds  ?
General Discussion / Spawn Scaling ....
So I took part in the Sunday GM event, which overall I thought was good.

The PvE portion involved a Grey Ork mob , and with Spawn Scaling at 21/31 at times,
the Mob was almost invincible

But it had me thinking.

I was with two other players the other day in the Otredale Dungeon (Undead Dwarves)......
All three of us would be considered as mid-tier players wearing mid-tier armor (Banded/Scale/Studded)
and mid-tier weapons , R40's.

And we could not damage them for shit.....
With an R40 bow, I put out at least 35 dmg per hit....
I shot one mob char 3 time consecutively... Bam, Bam, Bam.....   Absolutely no Health Damage according to their Health Bar.

My suggestion.....

If you are mid tier, with the corresponding Armor & Weaps , DO NOT engage in Spawn Scaling with
a mid-tier mob with more than 2 players.

For me ......
I will continue Solo Farming, or maybe with one other ....

Spawn Scaling above 2 players is not worth it .... at this level.

Not sure what exactly is used in the overall equation;
  • Character Progression
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Number of Players

This is my story.... and I'm sticken to it.

Questions and Answers / VCP's ? Patch 3.13
Quick question on VCP's.

When capping a VCP, you gain both Clan & Personal med points.

Can an un-clanned player cap a VCP for the purpose of gaining Personal med points ?
So I know that Ub3rgames had added 1 pnt of arcane damage to the Telekinesis spell,
to counter any griefing attempts primarily in NPC cities.

I am curious if it would be possible for someone to purposely run into a Telekinesis spell,
in order to take damage, and the caster would subsequently turn grey, and of course,
be attacked by the zap towers.

Back in DF1, I used Telekinesis in NPC cities to get up on rooftops, rest (go AFK and take a break)
The column of Telekinesis lasts for quite a few seconds.

But with the new changes to this spell, I'm guessing that someone could purposely run into it.

Is that a fair assessment of that possibly happening ?\


Also, why is my Subject Title default to Uppercase , when I used proper case ?
Nevermind, it seems that this is only happening during the compose "preview" mode.
Bugs & Feedbacks / FPS issues......... Provide Details
Not sure if it was the Server or my system.

My there was a bit of FPS micro stuttering tonight.
Not like it was back a few months ago.

But I did notice some graphics animation stuttering ..

Just an FWI ...

General Discussion / Wilderness Nodes - Yields
So I thought I'd share some yields that I got from wilderness nodes.
A great addition in my opinion.

Location was 2.6km away from nearest bank.