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Off-Topic Discussions / Dark and Light
You guys remember that game? Apparently our asian brothers were working on it all those years and it's supposed to be re-released this fall, check it out:
General Discussion / Darkfall Graphics Mod
So I made a reshade preset for Darkfall. I've been running Darkfall with this preset for like a month now and I like it, so I wanted to share.
What it does? It's a set of image post-processing filters, my preset sharpens the screen, balances colors, brightness and adds an ambient light effect.


You need Reshade 1.1, grab it from here:

You need to install Reshade, create a profile for darkfall (it needs to point to darkfall.exe), then download these files: and extract to \ReShade\PersonalFiles\Presets\darkfall\

Pipeline in your mediator should look like this at this point:

Press "Permanent push to aplication" and you're done.

Important: Make sure to set ingame gamma to 1.0 as the config takes care of brightness.

I tested it with shader PS3_0 and shadows on low, E5450, GTX 560 Ti

ALTERNATE INSTALL:,2652.msg48672.html#msg48672
thx to lambdaExpression


Suggestions / DFUW Map
Guys, DFUW Map was much better, all the crafting stations, bank etc marked, also revealing it over time was kinda cool, also marking questgivers on top of it would be a good idea.
It seems mount figurines are being lost on disconnect. I already lost one to server crash and another to electricity outage.
I'm talking figurines from backpack, not spawned mounts.
I would investigate further but only got one mount left :)
Bugs & Feedbacks / Low FPS after patch.
Logged in this morning, getting 8 fps, seems like video card is not kicking in at all (I know because cooling is silent).
Suggestions / Official Reshade/SweetFX perhaps?
I'm not having this issue, because I'm using a gaming monitor with nice presets but, everything in this game is so dark at first, especially at night, you can't see anything. Adjusting gamma helps a little but makes everything look ugly as well, UI included.

A good solution would be to include Reshade/SweetFX with the game with some well tuned preset I suggest :)
Suggestions / Trading and alignment
Here is the current design outline of the engagement system:

  • If you heal or buff someone engaged, you become engaged in all fights this player was engaged in. Including racial wars.

I suggest changing to:

  • If you heal, buff or trade with someone engaged, you become engaged in all fights this player was engaged in. Including racial wars.

This is to partially counter handling "stolen" goods to blue clannie/friend.
Questions and Answers / Strafing speed / circle strafing
Just a simple question to Ub3rgames.

Are you guys considering allowing players to strafe with sprint on?
In original Darkfall strafing was cancelling the sprint, is it still going to work like that, or are you considering changig that, to allow circle strafing manuvers in line with any other FPS game on this planet :)