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Suggestions / Dungeons (Leash and agg range for mobs)
After the AI changes where mobs will chase you for long distances some mobs agg range is broken and will show up in rooms that they aren't supposed to. This makes some dungeons a bit worse then they should be.

Hardruk in general is one of those. Shadow spirits will spawn in rooms above it instead of staying in their general area. Sarnakhs from other parts will show up in dungeon room and chase all the way to shadow spirit/skeleton area.

Please take a look at some dungeons to make the overall pve experience better there. I know that you do not want leash ranges taken advantage of where mobs can't fight back, but for some mobs it has been taken to the point of ridiculousness.

Not all dungeons need tuning, but this one does. If there are other dungeons like this, please tack onto this message.

Suggestions / The Purpose of Gold
After thinking about it for a while, I realized I don't really need any gold. I don't use it on anything. Mats are all that matter and prices on those are going up slowly. Easy enough to just give and get things inside clan without outsie interaction. Think that has to do with one main point.

Right now there is a lot of gold in the economy to some through villages, but there are not an equal amount of needed gold outlets in the game.

Gold Outlets
  • Reagants (Have over 10,000 of each don't think most people buy outside of maybe ash/mandrake)
  • Arrows
  • War decks (big one, but doesn't apply really to average person. Cost is huge though. )
  • Crafting will come soon, but not everyone has a crafter alt

In Df1, you used to grind for mats/gold to macro up and skill up. That is not the correct approach here, but there needs to be a use for gold outside arrows (main one in my clan). I'm unsure what these could be, but I'm sure they need to exist.
Suggestions / Learn from Eve Online
Many of the concepts had for this game are very similar to some from eve online. Continue to find your take on them to make the game seem more like a living world. Below are just some examples, many are listed in other suggestion topics.

Trade Improvements:

  • Buy Orders (let us specify how far we will travel aka only this city , regionally, please no world map)

    Search Marketplaces (Regional instead of just your city. Still need to travel to the city to pick it up. Maybe pay extra to have it delivered ot your bank as an extra gold sink)

    Collect your money from sold items immediately (We have a global gold account. There should be an option to put our money from sold items there)

    Saved Searches for marketplaces - I need robes, a staff, and daggers. Let me save that instead of going through the settings at each place.

    Transport Contracts - Need something transported from a different bank? Set up a transport contract. The person who takes the contract puts down a gold deposit (usually worth more than or equal to the item). Then it is transported to the desired location. Once it arrives they get the reward listed in the contract. Gives jobs to people. Makes roads/paths between areas a pvp hot spot and moves the economy. 

Easier to See

  • See what's in all your banks remotely. Very difficult to remember where you have things. Let us look at all our stuff in all bank locations. 5

    Scrollable quest window

    Tracking of what clans you have been for what period of time (sure drama/conflict will happen soonish). It's kind of a record of your play.

    Warfronts - What has been described sounds good. Very similar to the sovereignty system

    Capital Cities - Alliances can declare one city their capital city. In that city they get a small bonus, can only be changed once a week.

Questions and Answers / Grouping and Alignment
I've read that you get flagged for being in an ARAC clan/alliance.
1. Do you turn red for grouping outside of your race?
2 .Do you get any alignment penalties for healing races you are at war with?
3. Do you get alignment penalties or flagged for trading with different races?
Recently installed. I played one session only. On my second attempt, when I hit play it comes up with a black screen then it kicks me back to the login screen and I need to put in my password again.

Things I've tried. Deleting my character folder in Appdata.

How else can I resolve this?