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Topics - Maejohl

In my ongoing series of threads that allow conversations to continue in the hope that the wounds of others can be cleansed and made whole, I give the right of reply to Nataz and co, if they want it.

If they don't: all's well that ends well.

And to help all parties:

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Bugs & Feedbacks / No option to spawn in clan holdings
This is a useful feature that many don't know about:

I'm running it as admin, have restarted it a few times and restarted the pc. No change.

If I leave it long enough I eventually get the message "Patching failed: '(#14)', Patching will restart in a few minutes."


There's another thread in the general discussion about this but I've put it here too as neither is getting any traction.
Clan Recruitment / The Tausian Dominion
The Dominion lays claim to these landsThe Tausian Dominion
Formed from the lands and kingdoms held by its allied Human, Dwarf and Mirdain clans, the Tausian Dominion's influence spreads far and its borders encompass a significant part of the lands of the Mirdain.

Racial allies wishing to join the Dominion should contact Bewahrer der Welten [if they are German speakers] or Lux Arcana.

Diplomatic Status
Our relations with the independent Mirdain cities and those Mirdain holdings of Tughri, Darkmoore and Inarith held by honourable members of our racial alliance are positive. Envoys from those locations are welcome and, in some circumstances, embassies may - once our agreement has been sought and obtained - be established in our capital. In time, the Dominion will also consider applications from those clans seeking Protectorate status within our borders.

Our relations with other honourable members of our racial alliance are also positive.

The Tausian Dominion is well supplied by craftsmen and resourcemen. We welcome honourable traders from all races, so long as they send advance notice of their presence in our lands. Any trader wishing to engage in direct trade with the Dominion should contact any member with the rank of General or higher.

The markets of the independent city of Krisathel are where the Dominion's goods and resources are sold. Traders from other clans and lands would be well-advised to attend that city's marketplace.

Tausian Dominion Capital and Borders
Our capital city of Erinthel forms the bulwark of our lands' defences against the raids that dribble out of the wilderness lands to the south. Because of this, all outsiders (including honourable members of our racial alliance) are not welcome within the city.

The Dominion's racial enemies will be killed on sight, unless envoys have previously been sent and safe passage agreed.