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Media Highlights / real fights
Suggestions / crafter npc
suka bljad
General Discussion / craft
add crafter npc pls,i cant craft my items for 3 months.
General Discussion / absurd tweaks
*Eye rot damage type changed to unholy.
cool story,but eye rot will make u bleeding damage
General Discussion / gm craft me items pls
hi,i cant craft my stuff for a month or so.Trade chat is empty and there is no public crafters in game.GG
Suggestions / inactive delevel
Let inactive players losing their skill levels over time.We must fix fake sieges,this crap log in for 15 min siege only and then log out for next 2 months.
Suggestions / delevel for inactive trash
Hi,half of players is shit and they just log in for 15 minute siege and then instantly log out for next month. Can they lose level of skills if they dont log in and dont play atleast once per 3 days pls?
They must not log in for 15 minutes and go for a siege. If they dont play,then they must dont play. Inactive - lose all levels over time. TY
Suggestions / how to make dnd hot
Make soft wipe,close agon continent(temporary maybe).And put everyone to niffelheim for example! This will be real battle and not dead world.And every holding will be usefull and valuable.Thx.
Suggestions / if you want racial wars
you must remove all clans.Only one way to make racial wars work!
Suggestions / bindstones teleport
make bindstones with teleports to another nearest bindstone.
I come to bindstone,and select where i want to teleport.
If i am human,i can teleport any bindstone in humanland.
Omg just bring back teleport chambers.
Bugs & Feedbacks / buuged
Cant use some spells from hotbars and directly from schools either.When spell is selected,it wont cast.Ive tried to delete configs,no result.Reinstall df no result.

Suggestions / bring ship fights
What if villages in water must be capped from ships?If you will need to destroy vilage stone with blackpowder instead of capping it,then we will see ship fights pvp.And make reward better for water vilages.
Nobody using ships now and players dont see full potential of game and they miss fun.
I dont talk about water towers.
Bugs & Feedbacks / bone sets
Bone sets is missing from the npc vendor.Since its impossible to buy it from market/players,you must add it to vendor also.Thx
Trade / wtt
wtt 10 corpsecalls for cobra staffs,mid map