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Topics - Mordisk

Off-Topic Discussions / Path of diablo
Diablo 2 multiplayer mod called path of diablo.

Anyone playing?  Post account names and we can play together!  I'll give rushes too!
I know it might be lackluster, but any builds or playstyles around either of these 2 titles?

I have 55 raw intensify and 35 infliction intensify, looking to see if anyone's dabbled with a somewhat successful raw or infliction build for 1v1 or group playstyles?

-edit- oops forgot to change subforum
Guides and Player Help / Adept SC spell
Couldn't locate this spell change in patch notes 1.2- current, maybe I missed it but I remember reading that it makes you vulnerable to incoming damage and reduces outgoing damage but increases healing output greatly with more SC buffs like a spell haste.

Can anyone help me with what currently Adept does, and perhaps a link to the patchnote/post concerning adept as well?

@Ub3rgames maybe with the completion of healing chant and earthquake mobility changes also comes updated spell, skill, and stat popup tooltip/'s and description/'s to fix typos and reflect new changes and not misleading with the old.  Please?
Off-Topic Discussions / Sleep
I just slept for 22 hours.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Bug: portal shard
portal shard is now renamed to mana shard. (Unknown when/which patch this happened.)

Bug report as follows;

clan vault statistics still reads/displays it as a portal shard.

ex: contribute/withdraw a mana shard physically.   clan vault says i contributed/withdrawn a portal shard.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Self buffs
I noticed my self buffs disappeared from my spellbook after the announcement to an intelligence cap regarding transfers.  Anyone else notice this?

They're still on my hotbar, but won't select to cast: elementals/infliction/mental/magic shields, adept, and gills.  Only 1 was bound to a hotkey to go to hotbar.

Saw someone else in game with the problem and checked to see if I had it too.

Ismo: Ass Is The Most Complicated Word In The English Language

Finnish comedian Ismo thought "ass" just meant "butt." But that's just the tip of assberg. (source:

on a side note, the guy sounds like StrongBad from homestarrunner.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Feedback: Backpack UI Font Size
example: 209.8 kg / 300.0 kg

at 1920 x 1080 resolution, the numbers are painful for my eyes.  i have to squint and get up close to monitor just to decipher the numbers. 

edit: applies to all ui font size, not just backpack.(ex bag weight)
edit: didn't test other resolutions.
edit: title window ui is fine.
Bugs & Feedbacks / website link errors
from the main page:

clicking on a "DISCOVER DARKFALL NEW DAWN" link: ex:

clicking any link on the bottom of the above page goes to:


not sure if its true for other pages by clicking on other "DISCOVER DARKFALL NEW DAWN" links first.

(or is it just me?)
General Discussion / Vacation for launch
I rarely use time off from work to pick up/play a game.  Darkfall was always that game, and maybe 2 other games ever. 


I will be using paid vacation time from work to hopefully enjoy launch.  I hope it's smooth without rollbacks.  Going all-in at launch just cause i can.

Anyone else no-life or doing same as me?  Sound off! :)

All or nothing.  After this, there probably won't be another DF.  This is the final stop. 
Bugs & Feedbacks / Shulgan drake mount
While riding, the hitbox on this mount interferes with crosshair looking around aspect.  All you ever see is your name and the mounts name.  The front of the mount seems to be a bigger hitbox than the back.  Havent tested but im pretty sure its hard to hit the mounted player too.

Probably been reported ingame, posting on forum anyway.
Suggestions / Mount lean attack
Turn mount lean attacks (lean left, lean right) into a skill so it would be possible to bind it to a key with autocast optional.

This would eliminate the potential need of using a script to automate the lean+click that many players use with mousescroll_up/mousescroll_down.
Bugs & Feedbacks / ray animation
when this bug occurs, it looks like all rays are directly at you even though the person casting the ray is not aiming at you.

hard to explain, but simply:  rays have the visual effect that they are coming at you when not actually aimed at you.

ex: the red beam animation from heal other.  you arent the target of heal other, but the animation appears visually at you.

anyone else experience this?
Media Highlights / Blast juggle
After being logged in for about a minute and unknowingly fell victum to the juggle, this cool guy linked me his video and gave me permission to post it since he did not want to visit these forums.
from patch 3.6:
- You can now bind multiple skills to the same key and access them by pressing the key several times in a row.
- PSA: You NEED to delete your gui_persistence_manager.xml BEFORE loging in. This file is located in your %appdata%/darkfallnewdawn/character/ folder.

i do not have a gui_persistence_manager.xml file at the "character" folder itself, but there are numbered folders within "character" folder that do contain a file similar to gui_persistence_manager.xml, it is instead named gui_manager_persistence.xml.

are these the files i should delete?  or am i all set to go?

few other pieces of information to know;  i have just logged in now with the free trial #2, but i havent been logged in until the current patch was 3.4(spawn scaling).  so maybe with the latest patch, it autodeleted this file? 

looking for clarification and what to do should anything be necessary.