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Off-Topic Discussions / Mortal Online 2

who would have guessed this game survived DF and even announced a MO2 nine years after its previous release.
Off-Topic Discussions / Ring of Elysium

Ref-Code (you get something, i get something): SDE5Z9THM1M

Its alot of fun and feels more fluid then other Battle Royal shooter i tried. Best of all it has a first person only mode and its totaly free. It has a premium pass that grants you exp boost and skins for various items while you play so no P2W.

You can play it with up to 3 friends.
Trade / WTS Q5 Bile/Blood @Ehetil Yssam
Selling Bile and Blood for 7,5k/10k. Get the materials for your Infernal/R70 GS
Trade / WTB Mandrake Garden and Scroll of Light
As Title says.
Trade / WTB Scroll of Light
As title says.

as the Title says, iam interested in a Deed or some placed home on Ruby. Preferable in the northern Part of Ruby. I will pay in Gold.

Bugs & Feedbacks / Typing Error in Spells Menu
Pls fix and type Cantrips Spells instead of spells. It drives me nuts.

General Discussion / Darkfall: New Dawn Trailer

the current launch trailer is made to attract past Darkfall players. First few seconds is text only, describing the past.

With the upcoming cantrips and regenerations schools a new players has all the utility he needs to start his adventure without the need to skill up things he doesnt like to. This is the chance to promote the game to players new to the darkfall series.

Is there a trailer planned to show all the cool stuff about darkfall without the links towards its previous games ?

Questions and Answers / Skinning Titles
What are the benefits of this Title in numbers?
General Discussion / Buying the game.

just a short Feedback from my side.

Its hard to find the Store. Just put a button in the mainpage.

When purchasing the game, you need to add alot of personal information, thats kinda a turn off from buying the game.