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Bugs & Feedbacks / Sandstone Granite Golem Champion
Impossible to solo them they just heal themself too often.
Suggestions / New players / Clans about books.
Give med pts to clans when their players uses books.

New players would benefits from Clans that gives book so they can grind less and feel more usefull in fights while clans benefits also in doing it.
Suggestions / Spawn reset / Champion
Don't reset the champion count when leaving spawn so we can do other spawn insead of waiting doing nothing.
Questions and Answers / Need help understand this
I have 71 Str, using 1h Club R60 .68 at 44 Mastery with Melee Physical Tilte : Brawler, Warrior all maxed
My gear is Full Infernal + 2 FP + Shredder Shield for a 27.09 Slashing Resist.

My opponent is Maxed Str and Mastery with a GreatAxe R50 .84 + Keen 0.08.
Thick Chest, Helmet, pants and armguard + FP for a 11.63 Bludgeon Resist and 7.3 Melee Damage
His Melee Physical Title are Vet, GA and Bruiser all maxed.

He's hitting me for 20.57
I'm hitting him for 18.94

I know that without his Thick Armor he's doing 16.18 damage per hit so I'm trying to understand if Damage bonus from leather is OP or is it because I'm still too low on STR and Mastery to compete or high enchant keen or that I really need that 6% damage from weapon title too? Because so far I find that gearing Infernal with 1h weapon/shield suck alot and wondering if there is not only one way to play and that it is Light Armor for the better dps in melee and range while having less encumbrance to cast spell or go mage.
Questions and Answers / Weapon Seize
Are they all the same reach?
Trade / Player One Market @ Blackwood
---WTT--- Spoiler (click to show/hide)
---WTB--- Spoiler (click to show/hide)
---WTS--- Spoiler (click to show/hide)

PM or Same IGN
Trade / WTT For Leenspar & Theyril

Neithal Ingot
Veilron Ingot
Small Map
Medium Map


Orkish Large Shield (R50) & Dawnward (R50) 500g each. I'll put a couple at my house@Blackwood

Same IGN

I'm babysitting so I'll do my best to answer as fast as I can.
As the Title says, give us bonus on meditation and skill gain linked to our Title. 1% bonus for each Title point so we can be faster ready in the style we wanna be. Less tedious too.
Suggestions / Meditation
Let skills meditate without point. Point could be used to meditate faster instead.
Suggestions / Herbalism
It takes Baneberry / Hellbore / Archangelica / Snakeweed to craft minor and moderate potions but none for the major? Pls fix that because those mats will be or are already useless.
Trade / Player one's store @Blackwood
Big store opening @ Blackwood's Village, just east to the middle. Feel free to come by whenever you need something. My vendor will be always there to assist you for your every needs. Thank you

Scale/Plate/Full Plate
R60 Weapons GC GA GS PA ''for now''

More to comes

Rare Ore

***IGN : Player One