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Its a simple question it over? Or do you think Ub3r are secretly working away at a Jesus patch?
Off-Topic Discussions / Ivar TheBrainless
Can you tell us how alive the game is please.

I need a laugh.
Suggestions / Village Timing Balance
I'm not really interested in the current argument of "villages are too good, some people are getting fat and locking them down none stop", so this is not about rewards etc.

What I do find unfair, as I imagine anyone with a job does. Is the fact that most of the time we cant even attend the villages because they're consistently at prohibitive times. Yes, the odd one is at prime time, but that's really not good enough.

Add a soft "time period" during which villages can go live. Have two periods, one for NA and one for EU if you want to be even fairer and have different villages in each area connected to each so there is variety.

This means, if a village goes live outside the hours of say (GMT) 6pm-12pm (for EU), then it is randomly allotted a time slot between those hours. This would make villages more competitive on every level. Not only will villages be more accessible to a larger portion of the playerbase but due to the larger number of primetime villages, it will be harder for larger clans to zerg them all, thus allowing some more fun small scale PVP and smaller clans to get access to these fairly important assets.

EDIT : Or some ability to contest them during certain prime hours.
Suggestions / Remove Alts/Multiple Accounts
Other than the fact that alt accounts can be used as cheap/easy re-roll/name change spies they have a terrible effect on the economy.

I did post most of this as a reply to another thread, but the more I think about it, the more important I think that it is.

I genuinely think that part of the problem with the economy here is that the devs have allowed alts to exist.

Every major clan will have a handful of no lifers with 1/2 alts to sit in the middle of nowhere doing nothing but gathering and banking on eachother for safety (one logs in and out to pick up and hold loot until its time to transfer to clan bank/main bank). These alts will also have pure crafter/gatherer titles.

Because of this you see the following.

1. low risk gathering - Would be fine, if these goods ever hit the market, but because they have alts that can utilise them, they never see the market and the market gets flooded with R0 crap for skillgains.

2. insular, intergroup markets/non-markets - The economy is never stimulated because they just give their goods to their alt to craft with to feed their main. Want mounts? My alt will make it for me from the steedgrass my other alt afk gathered. Want weaps/armour? My alt will make it for me from the afk gathered stockpiles my other alt gathered.

3. Limited market for high end items - the people most wanting high end items, dont need to buy them, their alts or their clans crafter alts just make them for them for regs cost.

4. Over inflated market prices - The few items that hit the market are extortionate, because the only way to profit out of these insular markets is to inflate the price of high end mats that can only be farmed. These inflate and price smaller crafters out.

5. Limited market use - People dont use the market as often because they have alt crafters to do everything for them, why sell your stockpiles when you know you can utilise the mats rather than require the gold to later buy the complete item?

Alts are actually a MASSIVE problem.

If people were truly forced to pick between crafting and combat you would have people taking up a SINGLE crafting based talent to supplement their income, going full warrior or full crafter. This would actually create a dynamic where you are reliant on a functioning economy.

The existance of crafting alts is basically "free" materials due to the low pop and low low chance of getting killed when handing over mats to your second "banking" alt. So you have the best/most dedicated players, who should be driving the economy with purchasing goods to support their PVP/farming, actually becoming a negative impact on the economy by not only purchasing very little but flooding the lower end with crap making it impossible for others who just craft to really make a go of it.

EDIT - its worth noting that the utilisation of alts in this way, for personal use, removes the element of Time/skill value. Its essentialyl free labor which forces genuine crafters to match these prices to be remotely competitive which it turns out, is not possible. IF you were forced to look for someone who can craft what you want, they woudl say "yes i will craft that, its mats + 100g" because their time now has value, their skill has value. Alts ruin this and pretty much destroy the economy.

Apply this theory to a real world economy, you can go to work and do your actual job (the equivalent of actively playing the game) but also you have 2 more of you that require magically no investment (alts) doing the cleaning, cooking, gardening (equivalent of gathering and crafting). Everyone does this, now cleaners have no value, gardeners have no value, chefs have no value. This could be applied to any "menial" task, labourers, builders, taxi drivers, now all of these things have no value. Specialist goods have no value because you can leave your RL alt practicing art, sculpting etc until they make what you want pushing the price of professional art down.

Basically its a significant problem, it wont fix everything, but its certainly a significant problem because it completely diminishes the time investment's value into these skills for pure crafters/gatherers. Yes alts have always been part of previous versions of DFO, but previous versions of DFO have always failed and we need to embrace even inconvenient changes for a more vibrant economy.