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You idiots finally moderate the forums after being warned that there is no html-BBC code security enabled (or if it is you guys forgot a very important part *hint*) and what do you guys do?

Nothing. Just move the spam accounts to off-topic, those extra key strokes to ban the IP or enable any type of default security to stop phishing is just way,way,way to hard.

You clowns @Ub3rgames deserve to have your shit sold on a street corner somewhere.
General Discussion / RoA's population "Aaaand its gone"

Even F2P couldn't keep that pile of shit afloat. Posting here for all the clowns who post shit here then I see complain in RoA's chat about a "15 man zerg" controlling the entire servers VCP's all day long lol. Could only play 20 mins before I blacked out from the pain.
General Discussion / BUY THIS GAME
I just did. Juggling everybody's house is hard during this holiday season.

/I'm sorry
// FYI guess the purchase system still works.
///Am I doing this right?
General Discussion / 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
Nice jerb' F+
General Discussion / Who dies first? (Poll)
A little light humor for the holidays.

/ I would normally post this in off-topic but since there's only like 10 of us here there's, really no point anymore. Pretty sure internet rules state if the admins are gone post whatever the f*** you like.
And manage their game significantly better.

I felt this deserved its own discussion thread because I don't think people realize the difference until you actually lay it out. It was really apparent once I played around with Rise of Agons (again) during their free-to-play. Which is still currently going on. And for the record I don't like anything about rise of agon's game changes, and will not be playing it.

If you remove the game design from both companies, including how they go about getting input for their game design and even include the giant fuck up big picture games had releasing the game source code, they are still a significantly better game company.

BPG (RoA)- Q and A's, free periods a play, attempted (still) to encourage guys to stream their game, moderate the official forums so does not resemble 4chan, have player community reps, attempt to advertise, attempt to ensure they have a cash model that allows them to continue operating (they have great items at unfortunately high prices in their cash shop). Added an easily to read page on their official forums with all their changes for new and returning players. Kept the official web page up to date with the current information. Continue to be interactive with their not official game Discord. I'm sure I'm missing some things...


Ub3rgames hasn't done a single thing besides code and patch. In-game information doesn't even match the changes and information given in the patches. The official web page isn't even remotely acurate on some of the most basic items -like they're no longer charging a subscription ( so people don't buy a 3-month sub thinking they need to).

I found the differences to be very interesting.

Edit- if the clowns at Uber games had done even a fraction of what big pictures games did since most of it just required time and probably very little, if any cost besides coding the cash shop because even I can code a webpage, the server population would be bigger today than it was at launch.

Questions and Answers / Mage play questions-
Buddy is taking over my account and plans on playing a mage. A few questions, I've got no clue about mages-

Does the level of ray matter?
INT is 77 should he med this to 100?
Do the mage sub skills , mana-reagent con , veteran matter much? Which should you do first?
Heavy staff for everything? Or fast staff for bolts?
Anything I miss?

Thanks in advance
You @Ub3rgames  had zero people during early morning 9-10 am EU times that gave a fuck about capping mulitple VCP's at 144%/123%/52%/51% for hours. One of them (hymeland) was at 123% and a 5 min ride from center and not a single person on the server wanted it.

Azm capped them after they had been open for at least an hour+ because I was online doing work, I rode down to elf lands afk, rode back to wolf lands afk, rode over to hymeland and sat at the hymland VCP afk trying to give away a r70 bag. Even after they sat empty for an extended period of time and Azm started to cap them on Yssam, they went so slow between VCP's that I finished my work, capped Hymeland an hour later and STILL almost caught them riding over from Hymeland to Caxul afk riding. Never saw anybody except a single AFK horde drone.

3 years of work and you have single digit(s)/ less then 10 population during EU mornings and you're an EU company for fuck sakes. Nice fucking job, F+
Off-Topic Discussions / Don't buy Red Dead Redemption 2
The controls are fucking broken. Think GTA 1 from original PlayStation 1.

Yes the story and everything else about it is a 10 out of 10 so far, but the game is borderline unfucking playable with the controls- just trying to navigate through the towns on your horse you'll run into people and be flagged for bounties because the controls are so fucking bad as a example. No AAA game charging 60 plus dollars should be this bad and any reviewer who didn't mention that is completely full of shit and paid by Rockstar.

I don't normally post 'dont buy this game' stuff , but is shockingly bad and was never mentioned in any of the reviews I saw
^ title.

The progression is really clear when you try to meditate a non instant ray it's using the nerfed progression progress from instant rays
Allow players to switch out progression in a magic school at a reduction of the skilled levels per school/spell.

Could even limit it to a set amount like bolt-r50-r90-field and make the skill lose significant but still tolerable so people can save some progress after getting to a hundred in a certain school with all the sub skills raised and finding it just not matching their play style.

Would help with player retention.
@Ub3rgames even if the update is "we've suspended all development while we continue to work out problems on the business management side".

Take the fucking time to write a three-sentence " we're working on it" " we're not working on it we're in a holding pattern" " we have some serious issues with the latest changes we can't get fixed and it's delayed due to low Manpower" " blah blah blah" a two minute update followed by "we will not be following up with answering questions".

Who the fuck cares what the community says afterwards.  It's the internet. Anybody working in multimedia will tell you the second you start reading the comments you're DOA. You've got to keep pushing forward.

By going past the 'general window of time' that people who defended you expected to eventually hear something you're just reinforcing the perception that the game is in the process of shutting down.

~ and Mark I know that we've spoken in game but I don't want to hear "Bob's wife's cousins neighbor spoke to you and said such and such about the update" we all know that's ridiculous so just knock it off, man up and give us an idea of what's going on.

Bugs & Feedbacks / Losing mount steering control
I keep getting this bug between the moonclaw NPC city and Vellenwth player holding area. It acts like Ive lost connection to the server and I cant dismount or control the mounts direction. I get the "cant dismount while moving" message. The same error message when you have a mount stuck in another objects hit box. Both with the BT and racial bear mounts.
Applies to all era's and phases of Darkfall (EU1 DF1 InDev ND)

1. Gather every pvp try-hard you know under one clan tag, AND only the pvp guys you know.

2. Mark your calendar 30 days from the current date so you know when to start looking for the next try-hard clan and not surprised.

/for the lols. Please people, how many try-hards have to click "clan leave" before somebody stops the madness
Disappears from even showing on the screen, being able to be activated. Somewhere between 5-7 mounts when attaching them.