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Media Highlights / Assorted leftclick

Nothing too exciting but #gamesnotdead
Suggestions / Remove grounded state in Chaos Cities
Why cant I knock people away from the bank in Chaos Cities or Wilderness Banks?

Why are you employing an anti-grief mechanic in a 'CHAOS' city.
Media Highlights / Yssam after-village adventure

Went to village, got pushed out within 30 seconds and tried to run off.

2v1 ish -> weird chase -> stickybacked by raptor -> weird chase

Eventually overextended hard on the wrong side of the river and got caught out after the clip by Simiran gang. GF's and thanks russkies for having us. Yssam villages are liiiively.

Also got smoked by fire dragon 4 times.
Trade / WTB Crafter Orklands/Yssam
Require services of crafter. PM me
Trade / WTB Snitches
In a clan with people you don't like and want to ruin their power hour?

Spot people farming but don't have anyone to help fight?

PM MNO ONM the juice and receive 50% of the spoils. 100% filthy snitch confidentiality assured. Snitches close to alfar lands get extra.

Media Highlights / Some of Furghum Siege

Good fights, had a lot of fun. Probably the last half of every fight apart from the first two with the launch.

Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Where are you?
Where are you living? Where are you going to pvp? Where are you roaming?

Come on fuckers, I'm tired of roaming the entirety of elf lands, finding nothing but undergeared Lux, rolling over to Ork lands, finding nothing but guys with 3 mounts.

What are the hotspots right now? Yssam? What holdings are you living out of that you wish were raided more?
Media Highlights / Sneaky potatoes

Dux you're my favourite Gentleman.
General Discussion / Mount Protection
Remove this mount protection shit please. It only makes sense in NPC towns for noobs at the bank.

All it currently does is compounds the advantage of a bigger group in PvP. It's a niggle that is more annoying every time I'm in a situation where I want to jump on someones mount but can't.

You used to have to be somewhat careful about dismounting to catch people or get involved in a fight because they could turn and try to take it.

The benefits don't outweigh the negatives. There's no downside to a group chasing me, and unmounting all around me, I have no more options than I did before, but they do.
Clan Recruitment / EU Alfars Need Clan
UK + Finnish, dirty finn played DFO and some RoA, I played mostly UW and RoA - can't remember what clan I was in for RoA, whatever Pimptights clan was called.

Ideally looking for an active EU tz PvP-focused clan, minimal dramas/flexing.

Too lazy to read through 2 pages of recruitment threads, PM me