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I needz it
General Discussion / The only question worth asking
Horde or Alliance?
General Discussion / Im sick of getting 1shot
In Breath of the Wild. All these damn mobs rape me. I've spent more time looking at the loading screen then anything else. Modern games with controllers have to many buttons. Why do i need 2 different L's and R's?
General Discussion / Big tittied bitches
Look you can go to and get all the big tittied milf cock clowns you need. Best 100% special for you and me. Go thrre now for hawt monkey love.
General Discussion / Porn spam
All this porn spam is worse then the do not buy threads for this trash game. These bots are making trolling nearly impossible. @Ub3rgames @Ub3r-Communication MAKE TROLLING GREAT AGAIN!
Off-Topic Discussions / A better game to buy
Someone plz give me a better game to buy
General Discussion / Still playing
Who is still playing, Is there actually anything going on in game? Sieges/VCPs etc. Not trolling, honestly curious.
General Discussion / And you thought Ub3r was bad

Going on 19 years late guys....
General Discussion / who else misses Seronys?
that guy was great. I loved the roflmao emoji he spammed on every thread.

What happened to all the dedicated Negative Nancys? You know its getting rough when the trolls vanish.
Suggestions / Remove suggestion section
The game is perfect as is. The dev(s?) has proven he feels this way by not updating it in the past 4 months and by only feeling the need to communicate when forced to by debt collectors.  

Suggestion section on the forums just leads noobs to believe the game isn't in its final flawless form so should be removed to forestall confusion.
General Discussion / Kitten Mittons
You'll be Smitten.
Devs are busy designing new products like these.
Does intensify lesser magic effect regen or cantrap school? Will my current skill in it remain when you change it to raw magic?
Patching in the middle of the afternoon leading into Euro primetime seems pretty dumb. Why not just have the patch ready to implement first thing in the morning tomorrow? That way you have all day to work on the shit that is gonna break afterwards. Doing it so late is just going to lead to frustration from players and overworked Devs that want to go to sleep.

Keeping in mind this effects me personally and my clan 0% becuase we are all at work.Still seems like Ub3r could plan these things out better.

Have fun with 6+ hours of downtime during primetime Euros. Server should be just abt ready to go when the NAs are ready to play.

I know fox news is garbage but this article is interesting. Would you want to live forever in a situation described like the one in the article?

If you would have asked me 15 years ago I would immediately have said yes. Nowadays I don't know, the questions about what we would be leaving behind   if we made death obsolete. Plus having to live an eternity with the pain of the losses that I've already experienced almost sounds like a horror movie.

What are some thoughts on this?
Suggestions / Fix dwarf land trees
The trees in dwarflands are broken. Some you can run through their branches with no problem. Others have you climbing up the sides of them like mountains. The worst part is they look exactly the same so theres no way of knowing which type your coming up to until its to late.

This has been in game since DFO launch and was even still a problem in UW. Can you just remove the bugged trees?