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I am a huge fan of this feature, because i am an UO player, but i see the reward a bit meh. It can BE GREAT a new Wave of titles with their OWn slots. One, two or tree unique slots with new Titles Only obtaineable by a reward  killing those champions, that will improve not only game experience and theorycrafting, also PvE and PvP cause people will want those titles and will Raid those champions making game really funny.
I dont know if Devs are laughting from us or WTF is happening but i am waiting that fucking changes since day one and i think i read they will still not implement it in next patch? is a joke?
I have polearm since day one of release only cause they said they will tweak it, 3 months+ later no tweaks done and announced, tired of this see you in next patch if they finally do it.
I choose Polearms because since start was announced that will be a tweak to improve polearms, two months later is not  implemented yet and they dont say nothing about it in the future @Ub3rgames i think, me and lot other users that pick maces and polearms want an explanation about this.
Title system was ok 2 months at start to improve economy etc... But now if u make new players to wait 2 months to get full benefits of titles is like go in front of a wall... No one crafter of pvpr/PvEr will start new dawn only for this... my self have 3 friends that refuse to enter only to huge amount of time that titles spwnd to lvl up... Pls reconsider this... and make titles cap in about 2 weeks... i think is more than punished if some one want to change builds... but 2 months is kamikaze to yourself ubergames. What will happend when u release tweaks and balance issues? like magic patch? and people get nerfed ? u will lose lot of players only because u force them to wait another 2 months to change builds...
I am from Spain and i am LF more people from my country to play together, so if any of you are from spain and want to play with more spanish people we have a Clan . PM ME
Si sois españoles MP  os doy discord para hablar :P
Buscamos players españoles que les apetezca jugar a darkfall con mas gente que hable su idioma, de momento somos unos 12 y aumentando. Somos alfar, pero si estas interesado y eres de otra raza no hay problema ya que con el parche del cambio de raciales daran un cambio de raza, momento en el cual puedes formar parte de nuestra comunidad. Para mas información mandadme MP y os pasare discord o resolvere vuestras dudas.
Release is geting so close, lot of us take holidays on work, also tell friends to start playing 26 of jan with us... but Ubergames intead of hype people because release is really near, they prefer to not tell a word about nothing, they also can ´t tell us a date to test titles and local bank, if they really release the server 26 of jan will be empty cause they are doing 0 promo, this seems totally abandoned by devs ( we know that not) but people that dont know nothing about devs feel like this.