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Suggestions / Mob Stickyback?
Why does every single mob in the entire game has the same if not more speed than every player whilst sprinting.

Once you get into melee range with a certain mob your choices are to either begone away or mount up and then run away then despawn your mount and get back into the fight, unless my opponent has legs as thick as a house like the Beastman Devastators or the Menhir Sentinels then I can't see why every single mob from Goblins to Elementals can outrun me? It's more of a trigger when you're trying to outrun a mob in melee and it can hit you in the back about 7 or 8 times in a row before their AI decides to abandon you?
Bugs & Feedbacks / Gathering Grind?
What's with the grind with this? I've been hitting nodes for the last week and have just hit 75 mining and got mining mastery, the levelling makes absolutely no sense though, I've gone from 1-40 mastery from 75.00 to 75.20 mining but just getting to 75 mining took forever, it would take at least 80-90 node hits for .1 skill point which at 10 seconds per meant at least 2 hours 13 minutes (of constant hitting) for 1 skill point at 70+

Some guy named Van Darkholme somehow has like 90 mining over 1 week ago and I can't even fathom how that's possible considering I've been hitting nodes for ages and have barely obtained it, god forbid anyone looking at getting Fishing Mastery.
Just a quick query as there's no accurate loot tables and the loot that currently drops from monsters is very askew.

I'm looking at maximising my air magic and of course the school itself is centred around Mandrake which used to be very cheap (4g herb from vendor) and was sold in bulk for roughly 2g a pop but now it seems to of become one of the hardest reagents to get with the more expensive reagents (Bone/Ashes/Sulfur) being more common and easier to obtain than any other. The issue with this is that Fire Magic is the meta school and Necromancy has quickly taken over Arcane as the second best because all the utility spells in Arcane (Wall of Force, Spell Reflect, Hasten Spells) have been made into title and GM related and besides those three spells, Sacred Missile / Lend Mana / Virtuous Wrath don't bring enough use to make levelling into Arcane as worthwhile. I can't be expected to bulk travel to every marketplace in the game that I'm blue-aligned to just to *hope* that mandrake is being sold for a reasonable price.

I would suggest for one, that having all of the blue markets & chaos markets being viewable at once (e.g. Mahirim and Ork / Human, Dwarf & Mirdain / Alfar) to become a thing and would allow purchase from any zone, this purchase would be made instantly using either local or global gold; however the buyer would have to travel to that selected zone to collect the loot, this would encourage more people to hang out in chaos cities a bit more as their markets would be accessible to ALL classes, on the other hand it can also influence PvP and gankers as people will be waiting for people to collect their loot and will likely kill them after collection, maybe clans can dominate chaos cities and act as enforcers perhaps?

As for the actual mobs, there seems to be a huge dividend between drops where a Celestial that dies in about 12-13 cursed bolts can drop 80-150 reagents, but some mobs that take hundreds drop similar or hardly anything worthwhile? This has been showcased in many previous threads but does anyone have accurate loot tables for certain reagents so I can bulk farm it myself?

TL;DR - Getting a specific reagent is a pain, I want Mandrake, what drops Mandrake the most, Air Elementals? Nahdruks? Akathars? Windlords? Also fix marketing with click n collect system
See title and come see me in Espenhal for meaty mahirim mandrake trades! 

IGN: Arkillion Deus
Bugs & Feedbacks / [Feedback] Questing
Just some positive feedback that I've got with relation to the quest system. I found the introduction of quests when you're starting out again very useful. As a solo player I never really bothered with the quests but with the new alignment system and the fact that everyone is staying blue to encourage quest rewards is a positive insight especially when you have incentive to get around Agon.

I am unsure if these were in the original Darkfall to the same calibre as they are now as the title quests were too monotonous to get started but the bonuses are well worth it. I think the punishment for going red even once is really harsh on some players because it not only resets the reward counter but takes 25 days to get back to normal which seems a bit excessive.

I've managed to get over 300 sparkstone, hundreds of multiple ql2 and ql3 materials which are all very useful including rare ingots, iron ingots, leather, steedgrass, mounts, blackbolts, r40 weapons of all ranges (bows, daggers, swords, greatclubs) I've also managed to get an insane amount of gold from them and meditation points (190k at the moment).

What I fail to understand though is why the repeatable quests are so useless in comparison to the lore / story quests? I can complete a quest and get 87 Oaklord Greenleaf which under normal circumstances is going to take days of farming them and provided that I successfully skin the mob & if it even skins the correct material but if I do a quest to kill as many Giant Skeletons in an hour I'll kill 10 more than the limit (e.g. 20 not 10) and get myself some apples as a bonus, is that a joke?

I think the repeatable quests need to have an incentive as opposed to a "?" which is just code for "fuck all" maybe have an optional enchanting ingredient which varies based on the area that the quest givers are, and should have the option of ending the quest early. E.g. Giant Skeleton quest should give Giant Bone and tells you the amounts per bonus kill, possibly being multiplicative to add incentive?

I'm sure there's an algorithm for this that we can utilise.

I've managed to get days and days of farming materials within hours of doing quests, I think some of them can be a bit ridiculous with the reward scaling like how I've got to kill Menhir Custodians for a few Hag Hearts but I can kill Lizardmen and Sarlids for Neithal Ingots? And some of them seem to have ridiculous lengths, had to swim and ride a mount for 30 minutes to a Ghost spawn where I had to skin one over 9 times before I got the 2 Ghostly Darktaint needed, and you can't buy or take this material from ANY other mob besides the ones in that specified area.

I've done almost all the human questlines but once they've ran out I'll be forced to do the repeatables but honestly they are almost useless to do? Can we refurbish them a bit more?

I'd also like to advise that repeating the same newbie quests for the 3 starter towns is a bit monotonous, it can be worth it as you end up with a mount at the end of it and a bunch of useful items but having to do about 20-25 quests for each starter town can be a droll experience, it'd be nice to setup some decent stipends for repeatables, or having the ability to do other quests for other starter towns like Mirdains or Elves, this would gimp Alfars quite a bit though.