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General Discussion / Forums are dead
General Discussion / DnD has future
At least Ub3r keeps going, so I guess we've got that thing going for us, which is nice.

Have a productive summer Ub3rgames & most importantly make sure to get enough rest.
TL;DR - current PvE scaling is pretty much shit. It only works well for highest tier mobs (e.g. Dragons)

A quick 3-step how to on fixing it:

0. Scrap the current system.
1. Make spawn always start lvl 1.
2. Make spawn increase by one level every time a mob spawn is cleared X % faster than their respawn time (e.g. if a mob takes 100s to respawn and you clear the spawn within 80% of the respawn time, that is anything faster than 80s).

- Scaling up a mob becomes dynamic. The difficulty level really adapts to the strength of the group. The amount of possible loot and scaling is no longer tied to actual numbers, but rather the strenght of the group.
- PvE becomes a lot more casual friendly as it does not punish new / inexperienced players who group up to kill harder mobs due to the way scaling works. For example with the current scaling system if 7 newbie casuals want to group to try to kill Theiryl golems or dark dragons in their shitty noob gear, they basically stand no chance and will be anihilated. The new system would allow them to slowly level up the mobs and if they are successfull maybe get the spawn to level 2-3. They would still get a lot less loot compared to current scaling, but at least they can experience the content in-game.
- There would still be reason in getting better gear, team or "tactics" as this could allow both groups and solo players to level up mob spawns to higher levels.
- It would be a lot easier for players to learn about implication on gear progression (e.g. "I could level kobolds to lvl 5 in melee while using a r10 weapon but once I bought a r50 I could push the spawn to lvl 14")
- Solo players can now be properly rewarded as they can scale the spawns up aswell. And it does not require you having any alts.
- You won't break the PvE as much with the balance changes you do as the spawns would be adapting difficulty wise (this is quite negligible)

You're welcome.
Off-Topic Discussions / What happened to likes?
Did I get like-banned on forums? Can't seem to find a way to like any posts.
Off-Topic Discussions / The important questions
General Discussion / @Ub3r How to spin it

This is how you can spin the failed release:

- Make an announcement that this was only official launch of public testing server. There will never be another wipe on it. Say that this is what you meant from the start.
- Announce the launch date of the release server, which is now moved due to the extra new features that you need to implement before the release of it. If anyone questions, just say sorry, you got dates mixed up due to being so much ahead of the current roadmap.

See you at launch!
Suggestions / Allow multiple characters
Only one meditation queue active per character at a time.
General Discussion / How to save DnD
1. Keep the game free for the next year, stock up the dev team on ramen noodles and keep developing
2. Hope there's enough people that will come back to check on things for testing.
3. See you in 2019, when the game has basic features implemented
4. You can work on adding content in 2019
5. Start advertising to general public in 2020

GL & thanks for all the fish

Off-Topic Discussions / Darkfall 3.0 - THE FUTURE
It's 2022, all the gaming news websites reporting on the release of Darkfall 3.0 by AdVenturine, a startup based in Cayman Islands.

13 million players were active during the long 23months of extended beta period, during which AdVenturine managed to get enough financing to finish and polish all features on their roadmap.

Next-generation gaming engine coupled with robust and scalable server architecture allows Darkfall players to play on a single realm in non-instanced game-world (realm). The performance during beta stress test events surpassed everyones expectations as one of the biggest fights involved over 63000 players fighting simultaneously in the same region without major hickups on the server. With some minor bugs, most of the players still reported good performance during the most of the battle that lasted over 18hours.

The game is set to launch globally on 2nd of April, 2022 with early-bird pre-order launch on 1st of April. With over 3 million pre-orders, the launch is set to be booming.

Bitcoin has been adopted as the game world currency during the last 6 months of beta and has resulted ib exponential share growth for AdVenturine which trippled their development team and started working on 2 major expansions during end of beta.

The game will launch on all major browsers and mobile platforms (Symbian, iOS and Android). Darkfall - the next generation browser sandbox is catered to new generation of mobile gamers. Palm sweating PvP, microtransactions and lots of manual grind - the three pillars that will keep the players hooked to this next-generation game.

So, yeah, like Martin Luther King said: I have a dream.

General Discussion / Post-launch recap?
Hi, long time no see. Anyone ready for post-launch recap discussion? Haven't been following much since some months ago and since it's almost a month after launch, I thought to ask everyone:

  • How did the launch go?
  • How is the game state in general, does it feel like having future? Are devs working at fast enough pace to both improve the game and fix the issues?
  • Is population sufficient enough for local banking, is it fun already or would you still prefer having more people?
  • How do titles feel and how did they affect the game / meta?
  • Is there some spicy stuff going in political meta or is it as bad as clan discussion / trade forums protray? Perhaps it's a bit early?

Feel free to add anything else that you feel is important to mention.

Oh, and vote in the pool, your vote will surely matter more than in the last election!

Peace out & troll away.
Old link to New Dawn in a nutshell renders as an error page
Suggestions / Add inventory to rafts
Given that now even mounts have inventories, I think you should also enabled them on simple rafts.

Path of Exile is releasing a massive new expansion "Fall or Oriath" (3.0) next friday. The game is getting 6 new acts (so the game will have 10 acts total instead of repeating same 4 acts in 3 difficulties) + new Harbingers league + new skill gems, balance changes and other goodies. This game has been steadily growing through the years and this is going to be biggest content expansion to date. For any ARPG fans, I suggest to check it, especially since it's free to play. The game has it's own layers of complexity with quite indepth character build and skill customization + you learn to tame the RNG gods while constantly grinding through thousands of mobs.

Also, the game is now in beta on Xbox One if you're into trying this on console, although the release on Xbox will be sometime later.

For anyone new, checking the game, I highly recommend to check Engineering Eternity's YouTube channel: