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Bugs & Feedbacks / Meditation points gone
I just returned after indev and made a new character, I decided it was the wrong race and delete it and made a new. I played a total of 10 mins.

This char now has zero meditation points... I thought they were account specific, they are tied to the first character you make after indev? or is this a bug?
I tried to move a bag with additional bags inside (and stuff, like all crafting mats lol) from bank into my backpack and it just vanished. I logged out and then in again and the bag was in my backpack. Not a big deal but I guess something to add to the list of things to fix.
Not sure if this has been reported before, but if you wish to check logs, my in game name is: Raw Meat

UPDATED for Ub3r to be more precise.
Yay or nay? Maybe a little engine update perhaps  8)