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Media Highlights / A few siege fights
Suggestions / Fan's amazing counter siege idea
When a clan drops a siege on someone they should automaticly be vulnerable to counter sieges even if their clan primetime is set outside of their siege drop.
General Discussion / Post your banks!
I always liked seeing screens of other peoples characters in gw but since there is no fashionwars in darkfall i figured we could compare the beauty of our bank systems :P And this forum is kinda missing some light hearted threads about actualy ingame stuff!!

So here they are!
My main bank in marithain.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Two smaller banks in other corners of the world:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Yes i have a ton of cobras hehe
Suggestions / Airship routes
Would be awesome to have airship stations connecting chaos cities with timers on the map when it will arrive in a chaos city.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Healing Chant
So, comparing sasa's and my video from the last siege i noticed something. Healing chant only has a visible ground animation in shader 3... anyone playing in shader 1 has no way of noticing that i was actually casting that spell. And thats basicly everyone besides water mages who are froced to play in shader 3 due to self blind...
Suggestions / Wax Dragon Painting
It should be possible to place the beautiful wax dragon painting in a cottage. @Ub3rgames


When i got this message ''[23:43:46] Your house does not support this buildable extension.'' it was devasting for me. I cried!! FIX THIS!!!
Bugs & Feedbacks / Field aoe's and launch
Am i the only one that thinks the field aoe global cd is ridiculous short? It has like 8s duration with about 12s cd... every fight with more than 6 peole involved you can basicly spam in on cd without doing anything wrong... the short cd just promotes braindead spamming. If it had a longer cd at least you would think twice about using it... and it would require some teamplay to coordinate aoe's since people actualy have to manage their cooldown in that case.
Nvm that its the STRONGEST spell in medium/large scale fights on a 12s cd ha.... yeayea most aoe's do like 10dmg on average when people dont stay in them but 10dmg hitting 10 people, or 20? Every 12s? Get my point?

And launch? The MOST powerful mobility spell in the game on a 15s cooldown while stormblast has 60s cd.... think about it...

I know that combat changes should not be priority currently and there are sooo many more important things. But those 2 spells realy annoy me. Pls think about increasing(double it at least!) field aoe and launch cd @Ub3rgames !

Media Highlights / Rats Vs Horde at Quarendal

Lots of fun! Good fights!
Media Highlights / Rats Vs TTD at Oethrain

Love you TTD! Best neighbours <3 Had a lot of fun at our first siege since launch :P Good fights, cya next time!
Suggestions / Spawnrates
I would like to see medium (mostly yellows, oranges and light greens) level spawns in racial areas and around outposts etc to be made easier again (higher respawn time or lowe monster count) again.
Only spawns between race areas, in the middle map or on sub continents should have the maximum amount of monsters and spawnrates.