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Suggestions / Wax Dragon Painting
It should be possible to place the beautiful wax dragon painting in a cottage. @Ub3rgames


When i got this message ''[23:43:46] Your house does not support this buildable extension.'' it was devasting for me. I cried!! FIX THIS!!!
Bugs & Feedbacks / Field aoe's and launch
Am i the only one that thinks the field aoe global cd is ridiculous short? It has like 8s duration with about 12s cd... every fight with more than 6 peole involved you can basicly spam in on cd without doing anything wrong... the short cd just promotes braindead spamming. If it had a longer cd at least you would think twice about using it... and it would require some teamplay to coordinate aoe's since people actualy have to manage their cooldown in that case.
Nvm that its the STRONGEST spell in medium/large scale fights on a 12s cd ha.... yeayea most aoe's do like 10dmg on average when people dont stay in them but 10dmg hitting 10 people, or 20? Every 12s? Get my point?

And launch? The MOST powerful mobility spell in the game on a 15s cooldown while stormblast has 60s cd.... think about it...

I know that combat changes should not be priority currently and there are sooo many more important things. But those 2 spells realy annoy me. Pls think about increasing(double it at least!) field aoe and launch cd @Ub3rgames !

Media Highlights / Rats Vs Horde at Quarendal

Lots of fun! Good fights!
Media Highlights / Rats Vs TTD at Oethrain

Love you TTD! Best neighbours <3 Had a lot of fun at our first siege since launch :P Good fights, cya next time!
Suggestions / Spawnrates
I would like to see medium (mostly yellows, oranges and light greens) level spawns in racial areas and around outposts etc to be made easier again (higher respawn time or lowe monster count) again.
Only spawns between race areas, in the middle map or on sub continents should have the maximum amount of monsters and spawnrates. 
Suggestions / Spawn scaling indicators
For a higher level of immersion pls remove the yellow level up animation and the level from the monsternames.

It would be harder to tell if someone entered your spawn and would make pvp encounters at spawns more interesting that way.  And it would be harder to tell how many people are farming at a spawn... right now you just check one monster and see instantly how many people are involved... thats just lame honestly.
Suggestions / Water magic titel spells
Combine both debuffs into a single spell. Keep duration and magnitude as it is.

Use ice storm as the second title spell. Increase its secondary effect to make it worth casting even with a fast staff.
@Ub3rgames did you forget to change them? Cause the cost difference between the different races is huge... and they are waaaaay cheaper than their weaker r60 version. That cant be intended.
Change the damn timers to 14-20h already. Once they leave eu primetime you only see those timers moving at maintenance or patchtdays. Its frustrating.
Media Highlights / Vcp Fights
Just some clips of a few fights we had recently:

Sorry about the short vid but the amount of fights we had recently is just waaaaay too much to upload... and i am kinda busy reaching mastery in both water and now even air magic!! titel level 9 already, HELL YEA!!

 GF's everyone, thanks for all the fun fights. We are having a blast in dnd so far. Hope it will continue like that :D
Converting timber to wood and iron ore to iron ingots should be possible for everyone. Right now its horrible... no one wants to spent hours and hours to convert that stuff for dozens of people. I dont even wanna imagine how it would be for a small clan or solo players.

If you could actually do that yourself without an alt or bothering your crafter who rather would do something useful that would be great.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Watermagic Selfblind
As a dedicated watermage and one trying to reach watermagics peak i feel truly offended by the constant selfblind effect of the casting animation. I cant even go out at night anymore without having to fear to lose track of my target every few spells. Its truly annoying and is a serious problem for my fellow adepts.

Just lock around @Ub3rgames ! 9 out of 10 mages specialises in fire magic! Rarely does anyone have the patience to deal with the selfblinding even if blue is by FAR the superior magic colour. Fix it please!

-Rain, Head of Watermagic Department of yet to be build Mage Guild in Marithain
Suggestions / Toggle Sprint Indicator
Please add a buff or a indicator in the interface that shows you if your character is sprinting or not. Or just seperate mount and character sprinting toggle keybind.

Its sooooo hard to see the difference in first person... and now with everyone using normal mounts and having to toggle sprint on and off all the time its so easy to get fucked up cause of that...