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General Discussion / Testing
Testing if I can make a thread, I just saw that I can't like posts because of: Bad Behavior :)

Edit: Was about time.
Media Highlights / MAGFALL at Xirdac
I have to rethink this leather build, back to the drawing board. How could I have a melee/archery build with 2 mage titles in it, hmm...

Just the daily magefall dose, the night makes it more apparent:

New magefall meta detected, WoF + Toxic, works lik a charm

Suggestions / Siege mechanic change.
1. Lower the initial 1 hour phase to 30 minutes. Many times, this time is spent by the attacker guarding their siegestone, while the defender just plays on wasting their times. 30 minutes is more than enough for the defender to make a free push on the siege stones.

2. Add a 30 minutes timer on placing the siege stones when initiating the siege, meaning, that the attacker has to wait 30 minutes before they can place the siege stone, and has 30 minutes to do so. This will add some extra action at siege placement, giving attackers a chance to catch people placing the stone. Siege stone placement should be a 1 minute channeled spell, rather than instant, or if that is too hard to solve, add a 10 minute vulnerability to the stone after placement.

Total amount of action remains the same, but better distributed with more tactics involved.


Don't forget to add second siegestone to hamlets or upgrade the one to a large siegestone, it still can be naked spiked.

Edit: probably suggested thousand times already.
Media Highlights / Imnak siege
Media Highlights / DPS race for Bloodscar
Filty Enclave tries to highjack our siege, meanwhile the wolves are scared away by harvester alts in Marithain. (I got no footage of that, maybe others share )
Suggestions / Weapon cost change
1. Each R60's should cost 1 of seletnine/veilron and 1 of neithal/leenspar, because of holding mines. (Including R60 bow which is very bad mat costs of 3 selentine vs the 1theyril 3 selentine R70, or only 1 veilron R50)

2. Only R70's should cost Theyril, it's too hard to get by, and random items gets unused because it is required in their recipe.

3. You can keep Shredders cost Theyril, they are most usefull shields, in fact melee protection shields should be 1 tier higher than elemental protection shield.

Full plate torso and head sould cost neithal instead of selentine, so both holding mines share some burden in basic metal gear costs.

Media Highlights / Some random footages
Media Highlights / How to combat loot like a pro

Guess games dead and server is already laggy and shit.
Media Highlights / Bloodscar siege first fight
Just a preview until the pro's post.

Was fun, gf's,
Suggestions / Frontloaded harvesting.
Frontloaded harvesting: (Casual, newbie and economy friendly improvement)

- First 100/200 resources gathered are dropped 4/2 times as fast.
- CD 20 hours, some kind of passive solution, have a debuff named Exhausted/Fatigue when you reached the 200 for that day.
- Resource types shared, total matters from timber, ore, herbs and fish.
- Does not affect player resource nodes.

Let's say you would get 100 timber from 3 trees, you would get these 4 times as fast (with harvesting animation speed 4X), then next 100 after the first 100 only at 2X speed, after 200 total resources same speed as now.

This works best with launch pop, and it would help filling the markets with raw resources and later on possibly with crafted

- Casual friendly, less time spent on some boring/afk daily, yet usefull activity
- More resources in the economy from casuals, newbies, basically everyone.
- Miniscule positive effects on altfallers
Suggestions / Rework fishing/cooking
Types of fishes should be regional.
- Fish swordfish only in deep sea, must be on top of a ship or fishing platform on a sea village, (you could fish from the back of a mount while in-dev, that must be fixed for this)
- Move other fishes to regional areas, around islands, mid land rivers, sea shores, etc.

- Have each fish give a specific self buff of stat: str, dex, quickness, int, mana, health, stamina (you should be able to cook other food, not requiring fish to get these effects, like meat jerky for str, etc)
- Have diff cooking recipes at higher rank cooking and more mats for higher magnitude.
- Duration > 10 minutes, noone likes the 2m foods, it's a just an annoyance to use.

Current cooking and food effects are boring. Very much so.
Suggestions / Add survivalist title.
This is for newbies, even after high pop. If someone joins the game, they should be recommended to take this title, to experience more aspects of the game and to be able to solo play if they want to at low efficiency. How can you decide if you like crafting at all, if you can't try it 'freely'?


Gains the benefits of the listed titles at a 1/3 efficiency, 33 effective title level at 100 survivalist title:
- Cooking (can cook food up to 25 title req at 75 title level)
- Harvesting (can refine common materials, but not rares)
- Alchemy (low rank pots, staves)
- Bow crafting (For arrows mostly, r0-r10@75)
- Weapon crafting (r0-r10@75)
- Shield crafting(r0-r10@75)
- Light armor crafting(r0-r10@75)
- Armorer (33% effect or Armorer title)

Cannot be taken with Armorer, or combo must be used. Can be taken with any other crafting or combat title.

Rank0-10 weapons, minor pots, refining mats, r0-r10 armors, low level food have one use: to show the game around for newbies. They do not affect economy at all, and it was and is extremely stupid that specialized crafting at r0-r10 item level is a thing.
Time to get over it.