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Media Highlights / Bloodscar siege first fight
Just a preview until the pro's post.

Was fun, gf's,
Suggestions / Frontloaded harvesting.
Frontloaded harvesting: (Casual, newbie and economy friendly improvement)

- First 100/200 resources gathered are dropped 4/2 times as fast.
- CD 20 hours, some kind of passive solution, have a debuff named Exhausted/Fatigue when you reached the 200 for that day.
- Resource types shared, total matters from timber, ore, herbs and fish.
- Does not affect player resource nodes.

Let's say you would get 100 timber from 3 trees, you would get these 4 times as fast (with harvesting animation speed 4X), then next 100 after the first 100 only at 2X speed, after 200 total resources same speed as now.

This works best with launch pop, and it would help filling the markets with raw resources and later on possibly with crafted

- Casual friendly, less time spent on some boring/afk daily, yet usefull activity
- More resources in the economy from casuals, newbies, basically everyone.
- Miniscule positive effects on altfallers
Suggestions / Rework fishing/cooking
Types of fishes should be regional.
- Fish swordfish only in deep sea, must be on top of a ship or fishing platform on a sea village, (you could fish from the back of a mount while in-dev, that must be fixed for this)
- Move other fishes to regional areas, around islands, mid land rivers, sea shores, etc.

- Have each fish give a specific self buff of stat: str, dex, quickness, int, mana, health, stamina (you should be able to cook other food, not requiring fish to get these effects, like meat jerky for str, etc)
- Have diff cooking recipes at higher rank cooking and more mats for higher magnitude.
- Duration > 10 minutes, noone likes the 2m foods, it's a just an annoyance to use.

Current cooking and food effects are boring. Very much so.
Suggestions / Add survivalist title.
This is for newbies, even after high pop. If someone joins the game, they should be recommended to take this title, to experience more aspects of the game and to be able to solo play if they want to at low efficiency. How can you decide if you like crafting at all, if you can't try it 'freely'?


Gains the benefits of the listed titles at a 1/3 efficiency, 33 effective title level at 100 survivalist title:
- Cooking (can cook food up to 25 title req at 75 title level)
- Harvesting (can refine common materials, but not rares)
- Alchemy (low rank pots, staves)
- Bow crafting (For arrows mostly, r0-r10@75)
- Weapon crafting (r0-r10@75)
- Shield crafting(r0-r10@75)
- Light armor crafting(r0-r10@75)
- Armorer (33% effect or Armorer title)

Cannot be taken with Armorer, or combo must be used. Can be taken with any other crafting or combat title.

Rank0-10 weapons, minor pots, refining mats, r0-r10 armors, low level food have one use: to show the game around for newbies. They do not affect economy at all, and it was and is extremely stupid that specialized crafting at r0-r10 item level is a thing.
Time to get over it.

Media Highlights / VCP - Snowfort
Parts of some casual fights at Niffleheim. Pro's please keep away. Ty.
Everyone agrees by now, more gold sinks are needed, but not on the low end front. New people, may they exist, need to start out.

Add gold to crafting, higher amount to higher tier stuff.

Until studded/plate/extravagant/bone set, no cost or not mentionable. Only listing leather for simplicity.
Studded: 2k ( * 10/14 bc of missing pieces) + mats ofc
Thick Leather: 5k craft cost + mats ofc
Snowhide set: 25k craft cost + mats ofc
Exarch set: 100k craft cost + mats ofc

People would loot studded parts as well. With the durability loss on gank, a very good gold sink that UW had.

Let's see how many people roam around in Snowhide/Hellraiser. Those should be left for sieges, not VCP's. Studded has no value now, ppl don't even loot it, or am I wrong?

Similar craft cost for weapons, somewhere:

Smaller gold for low tier.
Knightbalde 2k + mats.
Justicebringer 5k + mats.
Hellraiser 25k + mats.

Leave it rest for a while, and adjust gold drop from mobs.

Having to craft 500 weapons that are essentially useless, like r20, or r30 just to advance, is bullshit. Make that 100.

To get from 50 to 75 in non mastery crafting skill, having to craft 50-100 weapons that noone will ever use is enough.

Noone suggested while in indev this bullshit you made with crafting.

Do you guys still consider this content? Will it be sped up ? Any other solution to watching paint dry game experience?

(*this -> cooking, refining, you name it, very very slow, last time I checked it was because this supposed to content, or way of life, or some other retard shit.)

Suggestions / Skill/title buff - Gold sink
Hey, I had an idea while taking a dump:

Be able to buy with gold a buff that boost ur skills/titles up to max/75% whatever, but only last until ganked and a max duraiton. Helps evening the battlefield for sieges and maybe even villages if 75% option is way cheaper, keeps up some possible gold sink, having fully leveled character is still worth more due to efficiency and once defeated in a siege, no need to waste time on getting to NPC to boost.

The boost would degrade slowly under 5-6 hours to no effect. Or have differnt option on duration, but none would persists over gank.

People could even buy it for farming efficiency. Some people would also buy this boost to try out new titles, playstyles. Definitely a good gold sink and an option to have a brief view into what awaits the player commiting to a title.

Having maxed out characters, there would be no gains, it wouldn't work for them, but would be more of an incentive to level up to max, so this boost is not req, desired.

If you have concerns about abuse, just have a CD on it.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Iron ore droprate on mobs.
Undead Dwarf minres can drop Iron Ore. Chances are 45% for 1-2. This is a joke. A bad one.

If people decide to play the game actively, they shall be able to. Why is it good to only be able to farm iron afk way? Why does the game promote afk activities more than active playing?

Please fix the droprates to have an enjoyable active game.
Suggestions / Marketplace fix
@Ub3rgames a solution to marketplaces where you can have your cake and eat it. ( so your fixed idea of players needing to be able to play the market and have a reason to transport goods is still available, but we also get a convenient and full marketplace )

Simple: Goods place on marketplaces will be available after some time on other marketplaces to purchase.

ANY variation will help.
- Pay shipping fee
- Pay and wait for shipping + fee
- Longer wait, like half day to spread over racial area, a day to spread to allied racials.
- Also spreads to enemy racials or chaos cities after a few day/week?

- Goods need to be available for longer time on the market, be able to put up goods for 1day, 1week, 1 month with more initial fee
- If put up for 1 day for low cost, that good shall not be available on other markets.
- More gold sinks, that would eventually make people to try to sell stuff, crafting should req much more gold on weapons imo.
- Fix gold drops from villages and other reported sources of 'exploitable' income.

Thread locked so the brainless 'go back to RoA if you don't like local banking' and 'I have to post an anime pic that takes half your screen' crowd can't troll it.

Suggestions / Magic dust as reagent
Get rid of the 6 reagents for spells already. Why do we have to bother with shitty inventory management? Last time this issue came up, you promised us to get new functions to create gearbags and such, but as we experienced, they were empty promises. Why do we need 6 different reagents to cast spells, accidentally missing one type out to get fucked randomly. Even if the new functionalities for ready bags would be done, why the needs for such a complexity?

- New alchemy profession to make Magic dust out of reagents.
- Use up 10 of each regs to make 60 magic dust. (To keep value of reagent farming variation)
- Alternatively use up 100 of one type of reagent to make 60 magic dust. (To have other not cost effective possibilies)
- Change spell cost from the required regs to use 1 magic dust instead, for each reagents used.

@Ub3rgames please disable or fix studded crafting.

1 piece:
Studded - 0G, 1 Iron, 2 Leather
Bone - 40G, 2L, 6 Kobold Bone
Plate - 40G, 14 Iron, 4 leather.

(TWF, 80 Kobold bones  for 1 set, who will craft these? Feels like wait 1 more week and farm Giant bone sets instead)

General Discussion / Transfers and Macro conclusions
I do not believe it's players fault. It's a game where everyone wants to get ahead by any means and some people would actually do it brainded mode even, not necessarily by macroing.

Also let's not forget, that we gave appropiate feedback on INT leveling too fast every corner, so it's on DEVS as much as on players who gained too much.

The conclusions from my side are, that Ub3rgames reacted quite fast to the problem and solved it in reasonable time. I find all these issues a good warranty that they will do similar adjustment from now on at important matters. Unofficial discord works like a charm I guess.

*(Unlike on in-dev where it took ages for them to react to some important stuff)

On side note:

Several of us warned about spawn scaling destroying economy as well. It will destroy economical ballance if reactivated, I hope devs can see this now, but currently not really worth farming in group for material gain either.
A middle ground has to be found.
The free transfers was a good change, instead of reverting, you could just remove INT gain from casting lesser magic or transfer/heal self spells.

Because it's better than fighting macroers.

Suggestions / Racial language

To differentiate Races more, you should introduce racial languages. WoW did this early on, and it was their best idea imo, because people from other alliance can't trashtalk each other.

If an ARAC clan wants to bypass this language barrier, they could complete a quest to learn other race languages, but only have it available if they are red or something. (If you do quest you go red and if you become blue, you need to do quest again to be able to speak and understand enemy races language)