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General Discussion / Why I'm throwing in the towel.
This is my list of what's wrong with the game to the point where I no longer find it enjoyable.

1.   No reason to siege
In fact, not only is there no reason to siege, but it actually becomes a burden on your clan to do so.  Not only are holdings entirely useless in this game, but you are punished for conquering other clans in a game that was created around conquest.  Every conversation my clan has is "We should siege X, but we don't want to because we don't want the holding and don't want the added meditation drain".  My solution to this is fairly straightforward. A) Remove the meditation drain on holdings. B) Increase movement speed on connected Cities/Hamlets to promote territory control. C) Tax players that farm on player controlled territories, and have that tax be sent to a cache that can be looted twice a day and create more PVP hotspots.

2.   No reason to PvE
PvE is one of the most tedious things in the game, and it's relatively pointless especially if you are a mage. There is no sense in going out in an armor set greater than extravagant robes because the time invested vs stat bonus ratio is too high.  I have spent literal days farming Dragon Bone armor sets that give the same bonuses as Adept Robes and very minor increase in protections vs Giant Bone armor.  The only way to really efficiently farm these Dragon Bone sets is shown in my video I posted a week ago using 4 alts and camping each spawn individually as they come up.  Even doing this, it takes 2 hours to farm a set of Dragon Bone armor. This is unacceptable to me.  Bring back rewarding PVE with groups and scaling, and incentivize active gameplay instead of having players just have alts be hit or hit a mob once to activate a spawn.  This should not be difficult.

3.   No sand in the sandbox
We keep hearing that there will be updates to the game but so far we are 7 months into the game with absolutely no content being added to it.  At some point you have to ask yourself why even bother logging in to do the same tedious tasks to fight the same small groups over and over again. 

This is where I'm at in the game. It's no longer fun to log in and spend hours to farm for crap gear that doesn't really change the outcome of a fight hardly at all.  Hopefully these issues and many others get fixed(looking at you mount bug) and I'll be interested in coming back to give this another shot.  I've held on a few months longer than I said I would and even invested in a few extra accounts to try to support the team and alleviate some problems with PvE, but it's not enough anymore.


Trade / Aldenfau Villa for sale
Looking to sell the best villa in the game! Comes with a safe, vendor, and a couple cosmetics like a mounted bear head and lady gray painting.

Located on a nice overhang with a beautiful view of Aldenfau lake and wildlife such as Matayins, Irtychs, and the occasional Alfar.

Great centralized location, especially if you frequent Niff or Yssam and are looking for a quick port back to mid map. 

Looking to get 400k. Let me know in PM or on here if you are interested!
Media Highlights / Garbage Men: Dag defense
Media Highlights / Garbage Men fun

Nothing special. Really fun 3 way fight vs Enclave & Sedition. Gfs.
Suggestions / Decorations
Add more decorations like tombstones and sarcophagi in the game.  It would really drive home how dead the game is.
General Discussion / Communication
I'm honestly considering going to Rise of Agon at this point, purely for the fact that their dev team actually interacts with the playerbase.  They are constantly discussing things with members in the Discord, they respond to forums, and they are still patching.

@Ub3rgames you are going to start losing your members extremely soon if you don't get your shit together. I don't know if this is EU mentality or what, but how you guys handle your customer interaction is EXACTLY like Aventurine, and it's sickening.

Step it up nerds.
Media Highlights / Sunstone Island siege
Sorry my PC doesn't like Darkfall. Sorry I record with an open mic. Sorry I have awful editing skills. Sorry I suck at PvP.  Last but not least.. I'm not actually sorry, suck it.
Just another Pee vee pee video in this dead game.  MAGEFALL
General Discussion / Dear AV

Please promise us there will not be a wipe and that resources have not been diverted to a new game.  Also, could we have an update? You said you would update us a week ago but then it's been radio silence and you do not respond or post on the forums at all.

Avrio my friends.
General Discussion / Split timerfall world in half.
Ub3r, please make the VCP timers more static and cut the world either vertically or horizontally and make half the world NA time zone based, and half the world EU time zone based.

This would be an awesome change that could make it more visible where the world will be active and at what time.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / hot kiss / maidens
Calling out "hot kiss" for being a pussy.  Like I do with anyone who wants to talk shit then not back it up, any time you want to 1v1 for 100k let me know. And stay classy Maidens, for coming to help this little punk ass in a fair 1v1.
Trade / Selling Aldenfau Villa
Comes with Safe, Vendor, Nifflehiem Tapestry and Bear head mount.

PM me offers on forums or in game. Lulu Nightstalker or Dontshoot Imfriendly
Bugs & Feedbacks / Surging firebolt 5% increase?
So I was under the impression going from 99.9 to 100 was supposed to give a 5% increase in damage.  I recently hit 100 in firebolt and the damage difference was only .3

Here's a link to the damage.  Thanks ub3r for making me go to an image hosting site instead of being able to upload directly to the forum. ><