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General Discussion / Communication
I'm honestly considering going to Rise of Agon at this point, purely for the fact that their dev team actually interacts with the playerbase.  They are constantly discussing things with members in the Discord, they respond to forums, and they are still patching.

@Ub3rgames you are going to start losing your members extremely soon if you don't get your shit together. I don't know if this is EU mentality or what, but how you guys handle your customer interaction is EXACTLY like Aventurine, and it's sickening.

Step it up nerds.
Media Highlights / Sunstone Island siege
Sorry my PC doesn't like Darkfall. Sorry I record with an open mic. Sorry I have awful editing skills. Sorry I suck at PvP.  Last but not least.. I'm not actually sorry, suck it.
Just another Pee vee pee video in this dead game.  MAGEFALL
General Discussion / Dear AV

Please promise us there will not be a wipe and that resources have not been diverted to a new game.  Also, could we have an update? You said you would update us a week ago but then it's been radio silence and you do not respond or post on the forums at all.

Avrio my friends.
General Discussion / Split timerfall world in half.
Ub3r, please make the VCP timers more static and cut the world either vertically or horizontally and make half the world NA time zone based, and half the world EU time zone based.

This would be an awesome change that could make it more visible where the world will be active and at what time.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / hot kiss / maidens
Calling out "hot kiss" for being a pussy.  Like I do with anyone who wants to talk shit then not back it up, any time you want to 1v1 for 100k let me know. And stay classy Maidens, for coming to help this little punk ass in a fair 1v1.
Trade / Selling Aldenfau Villa
Comes with Safe, Vendor, Nifflehiem Tapestry and Bear head mount.

PM me offers on forums or in game. Lulu Nightstalker or Dontshoot Imfriendly
Bugs & Feedbacks / Surging firebolt 5% increase?
So I was under the impression going from 99.9 to 100 was supposed to give a 5% increase in damage.  I recently hit 100 in firebolt and the damage difference was only .3

Here's a link to the damage.  Thanks ub3r for making me go to an image hosting site instead of being able to upload directly to the forum. ><
General Discussion / Skinning (again)
Well, you didn't listen. I don't understand how such an easy fix isn't going to make it into a patch this late into the game.  I haven't logged in now in  2 days, and I will not log in again until I know both my characters are completely out of meditation.  At that point I'm only logging in to gain enough meditation to log out again.  This will be how I play from this point on until you fix one of the most broken aspects of the game.

You are killing your own game and making people quit.  The server population is controlled entirely by you.  If you continue to refuse to fix what people think are fundamental changes needed to the game, then people will continue to walk away.
So I read through all of the responses that Ub3r made to certain criticisms and their views and I just had to chime in. 

To start-- They thought enchanting was going to be a great source for localization and trade and mats were going to exchange hands and trade would flourish.  We've been complaining that the skinning rate is absolute horseshit for weeks now.  How can you possibly expect trade to happen when I can farm Hooded Ones for 2 hours and walk away with 5 onyclusion corpseflesh, farm the double gardaroc spawn in middle map for a week straight, killing at least 15 and walk away with 5 rakta blood?  The same thing goes for thick leather, to a lesser extent.  I farmed up a melee / archer alt from 1 archery to 50 sharpshooter and I've accumulated a total of 280 thick leather from 466 Ogre Boss kills (with Skinning title slowly leveling, its 45 now).  Fix skinning fails and you MIGHT see people not cling so tightly.

Secondly, you don't understand why people aren't rich, aren't farming gold spawns, aren't exchanging gold and trading high end materials and gear.  This point is tied DIRECTLY to point #1!!  So far I've amassed a decent amount of pure gold by myself.  Between two accounts I have around 500k.  However, you will NEVER, I repeat NEVER see me buy a Giant Bone set for 50k.  You will NEVER see me buy a corpsecaller for 25k.  You will NEVER see me pay 10k for a rakta blood.  The prices are unrealistically high because the MATS you want us to trade are IMPOSSIBLE to get as solo players and small clans. 

You keep changing your stance back and forth on the economy as well.  First you said large clans would not contribute to the economy as they would have their own.  Then you turn around and say "Well, we thought the large clans with alt armies would start pushing mats and gold into the economy with all their excess instead of hoarding it", and now you are reverting back to your original stance.  If you do not think large clans are going to assist in the economy(hint: They wont), then start focusing on the single / duo player experience. 

Another point I wanted to touch on -- VCP rewards.  Yes people were screaming NERF because the clans with alt armies were abusing uncontested VCPS bringing in hundreds of thousands of gold by stacking alt armies on them.  Of COURSE we want that nerfed.  However, you completely missed the point and instead of targeting just the alt armies, you NUKED VCPs to oblivion.  The gold over time shouldn't have changed. The only nerf that really should have been made is any winning clan that claims a VCP is capped at 10 players getting rewards.  This completely nullifies the need for alt armies and then you might see people be fairly interested in hitting VCPs again!

This isn't rocket science folks.  You say you've played the game and tested it yourself with your own eyes, but your responses on the forums say otherwise.
Clan Recruitment / Looking for a battle buddy
Not quite a clan recruitment (Though you are more than welcome to join my clan if you'd like). I'm looking for a like-minded individual that plays around the same time frame as me.  I'm a very hardcore PvE farmer and when I am focused on farming something specific that's the main focus until it's finished.  I also enjoy small / midscale PvP and own a Villa in Aldenfau(I normally get zerged outta it so I don't get to partake much)

I work 3rd shift EST 11pm-7am.  I am normally able to play after 7am for 4-5 hours, or after 3pm for 5-6 hours.  I am a father of 3 so every other weekend I'm spending time with them, but on the weekends I don't have them I'm pretty much online 24/7 ready to bang/grind.

I'm more than willing to work around a battle buddies schedule.  If you aren't a high leveled character but you don't mind putting in the hours to grind up a character, I have no problem babysitting you until your character develops. I'm looking mostly for a strong mentality, not a strong character.

PM me in game Lulu Nightstalker or on the forums.

Questions and Answers / name/race changes?
When will these be available? Is this coming before the ARAC patch?
Questions and Answers / Transmutes
I recall back in the original game, transmutes weren't worth it as they severely cut into a weapon or staffs base damage and didn't do enough extra damage to make up for it.

Has this been fixed in New Dawn? For example, if I were to transmute a Darkscepter into a Tyrantsmight, would it do more damage than a regular Darkscepter as a fire mage?
Suggestions / bounty boards
I think a great implementation would be "Bounty Boards".  My idea would be an NPC board where you could pay a certain amount of gold to track a negatively aligned player for a period of time until you find and gank him. If successful you could get a reward on top of his loot.  This person would not be aware he has an active bounty to protect from just logging off to avoid the player.

I think it would be great to have an option to decide how much you pay and that determines the distance of the selected bounty.  Something along the lines of 50k for 1km+ away, 25k for 3km+ away, and 10k for 5km+ away.
General Discussion / Mages in water
Since New Dawn insists on making this game about class warfare, I'm curious when they are going to unlock bolts being able to used under water?

Currently it's incredibly imbalanced for a mage to be underwater(and everywhere else, but I digress) given the fact that they wear armor that gives no speed to archery and very little protections.  Also, a mage typically has not leveled up Archery at all, so if one even happens to have a bow on them at all, they will be much less efficient.  A mages only option currently is Mana Missile.  Why?

It's not a HUGE deal at the moment because sea towers aren't enabled, but once we get more and more naval combat, mages are going to be severely gimped in the coming water battles.

What gives? @Ub3rgames