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Media Highlights / Re: orks8
He doesn't have to, you did that yourself with the first fight at Aldenfau when Hot Kiss begone'd you. Pretty right after you ran around the house, even tho he was running the opposite direction and you still had 80% hp?
And I was in comms when they fought you 3v6 at VOTK and Blackwood. Don't pretend and just admit it lol
To use aldenfau fight from the video as an example of me abandoning teammates is simply dumb. I pushed to help him despite him being low and both simiran guys full, while I was in a position that guarantied save escape if I wanted to do this. Did I play the best way possible - probably not. But definitely I have not abandoned my teammate there.

In "3v6 at Votk" you guys ran away actually, so I'm not sure what are you talking about. Looks like you are talking out of your ass though, simply making things up (video below vs your "words"). A funny thing is that Transfer was the first to run away in that fight and leave his guys behind. But that's fine, there was a reason for that and I would not claim that he "abandons his teammates". Despite them still fighting in the village and him riding away on his mount. But you guys are experts in the field of abandoning teammates, what do you think?

So just stop. I don't want to do this to you, you are a fine bunch of guys that actively play (Simiran) and I enjoy it. You are better than we are, so it's always a challenge, even if we outnumber you. So let's stop obsessing about me and let's enjoy the game.

BTW, do you play on hot kiss @arctoz ? As you are usually "in comms" when he's involved in a fight, he suddenly started to play better and gear better and it would explain you making things up here just to fuck with me.
Media Highlights / Re: orks8
It was more along the lines of you shouldn't be so quick to abandon your team.
Instead of spitting venom on forums just post the fights and show what you claim to be me abandoning my team. Your negativity/obsession with me is not worth the time and I'm sad to see you like this - have a good night.
Media Highlights / Re: orks8
You should upload when you lose to us 3v6 twice as well, and you abandon your team where there is still 3 of you up.
Meh, stop being negative. As it looks like you are frustrated or something. I guess you will upload the fights you won. And it were indeed some great fights for you guys.
Media Highlights / orks8
2vs2 rats
2vs2 simiran twice
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: 27 villages
You can find us in Andruk.
Instant travel is not cancer, it just has to be done right. I would love for there to be some sort of travel hub to create pvp. The way I would have it is have a total of 8 portals, 4 middle map (pref close to each other), 1 at center cairn, yssam, niff and ruby. The cairn, yssam, niff and ruby ones would teleport you to the same location at middle map, in the center of the 4 middle map portals, and the middle map portals would sent u to cairn, yssam, niff and ruby.

I also don't mind instant travel to houses, it gives a very good reason to own them.
Your portal network would allow the strongest group to police the whole server. Portal network was already implemented in darkfall UW. And the strongest elite pvp clan was present at every siege, every point of interest, owned best holdings on each continent. They were the only ones having fun - destroying sieges for others, taking everything of value. In your scenario this elite pvp clan would also control the network itself (hub in the center).

DND without instant travel introduces more diversity when it comes to encounters (different enemies in different parts of the world). And if you find yourself not being able to compete in an area you can always move. It's a better design as it gives breathing space for not so elite clans or clans that do not focus on pvp only. It's mmorpg setting (DND) versus shooter/arena setting (RoA, dfUW, df1). What we need is means of faster travel (not instant travel) like faster boats for example (costly, so it won't be used by everyone every time). And it would be perfect.
no matter the location and player's will to change it.

He could, shocker, get allies.
Getting allies would change nothing. From now on every encounter would be this alliance winning. So other side would be constantly losing. As instant travel produces stale encounters at points of interest (same fights).

Judging by how stupid your first sentence was I will pass on the wall of text. As usual if you have nothing to say you produce tens of meaningless lines instead of thinking over them and formulating a point.
Does not matter if there are better players than him, or more players than his group can overcome while he would like numbers to be even or in his favor. Or if fights are too easy (not challenging/interesting at all).

The problem is that with instant travel once the situation is established with a group being dominant (for whatever reason) or a group unable to win a fight at a point of interest (for whatever reason) the situation will play itself same again over and over no matter the location and player's will to change it. As encounters are similar at every point of interest - everyone is teleporting where the action is

Looks like he's angry that he can't get 'even' fights in his eyes, which in reality are not even and the other players need to call in backup or die. He's basically angry there is a population.
I'd say he's angry that there is a group that kills him and his buddies (zerging him probably, but this is not important). And with instant travel same group is able to be everywhere where the action is. This is the exact scenario instant travel always leads to - dominant group porting all over the place, always present where the action is, killing the fun for everyone else. This scenario played itself numerous times now with different iterations of darkfall.
One guy said it, it must be true.
For him, yes. And it's not a guy. It's someone you would rather place on the heavy pvp focused side - and a good player if we are at it. For me it was interesting, as usually pvp centric players tend to ask for instant travel like it's a cure to Darkfall's troubles.
Media Highlights / Re: orks7
if thats true you should post some videos where you lose too, surely you dont win every fight?
I lose most of my fights. I am not enjoying creating videos about fights I lost though.
All BPG has to do is tweak it, and ROA wins over DND simply because the devs patch and communicate, and there is a population at all
Your post makes zero sense. What does it matter if they tweak it or not? This thread is not about - omg look at RoA they done something wrong - it's about instant travel and how it is bad for Darkfall. Quite a lot of people asked for instant travel - so I thought an example of how it ends would make them think about it again.

Once again, @Ub3rgames - god bless your vision. Now give us a patch - you have a good product with a solid foundation.

I've been saying it for a long time. I'm glad that people start to realize what a cancer instant travel is and has always been to Darkfall. @Ub3rgames good job at removing it from our Darkfall.

They can ban my forum account for all I care, not like I'm using it to effectively communicate with Ub3r anyways.
Forum account? If they ban your account aren't you banned in game too?
Not sure why some of you would risk straight up ban (TOS). Game is too good to risk that.