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Racial warfronts, buy/trade orders and something like a large cargo ship from EvE but moving on land. And we are back in business.
(bindstone quests are really not that important if buy/trade orders are done good)
Am I the only one still expecting a patch?
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Because you are making stuff up. You don't even have the timeline right. You don't know any of the conversations I've had before taking any action that I've ever taken.
lol, I said that you being butthurt and attacking Horde started the conflict between Garbage Men and Horde. You say - "you don't know any of the conversations I've had before"! Meaning you had reasons to be butthurt? You just confirmed the story again. You are indeed a master selfowner.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
You see me talking about doing asset damage after that to them? No? Well there is your answer. I was not butthurt. I'm sure you can find many worse things I said about Horde. And still no asset damage followed.

And now I'm there so I will again try to change something. Apparently they attract a lot of new players. Maybe it's the name? Do you think if their name was Garbage Men they would have had that many players? Don't think so.

BTW, aren't you ashamed of yourself? You have just acted as if I'm making shit up, then you got owned in the very next post with your own quote that proved that I'm telling the truth. You say no sorry, nothing. You just try to change the topic or focus to someone else. How lame can you be?
When was the last time you were WOWED by a game?
Darkfall New Dawn - yesterday actually - during 3h long siege packed with action.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
you are a retard if you think the garbagemen horde relationship is so simple. You were there when we reached out to the horde for alliance.

I don't think your insults can win with facts. Just because you are now changing your tune does not mean that the message you posted will disappear.

Horde and garbagemen have newer been able to communicate because of unknown reasons

I showed you the reasons, how it all started. Pallist got butthurt because of lack of attention so he decided to asset damage Horde. These were the beginnings of Garbage Men.

So Garbage Men is not only a shitty name, it has embarrassing history on top of it. I'm telling you, Mandrake dealers was much better of a name. But if you guys are not embarrassed keep going as Garbage Men of course,
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
More documented history by the guy who documented and made a video giving the impression horde won the siege and captured a boat...

Nice and credible..... /s

Your own words confirm what I wrote. Looks like here you remember quite good why did you start to throw rocks at Horde Capital with tears in your eyes.

I never forget asset with enclave. I decided back then, when Garbage men was just 2 people, I was tired of horde spamming race alliance constantly to recruit 24/7 activity when my experience with them was NA players are pretty much abandoned. Nothing butt hurt about it. Just saw a bad new player experience for NA in horde and they refused to stop. I've always said EU horde is fine.

Shit was months ago.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Horde and garbagemen have newer been able to communicate because of unknown reasons
Don't worry, I will reveal this unknown reasons to you:

Pallist was a member of Horde. He didn't like something so he left. He left so butthurt that he started asset destruction of Horde capital. He created Garbage Men and continued his crusade against Horde shittalking them with every opportunity while at the same time pretending, just like you, that he does not know how it started. Pretending till he got confronted on forums where he confirmed the story I just told you.

You are welcome. Not surprised really that you act like you do not know how it started. It must be kind of embarrassing for you guys to admit that it started with Garbage Men founder throwing rocks at Horde Capital with tears in his eyes.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
A guy who went by "Flush theToilet" has an opinion on clan names... lol

And did your say taking out a ship that was spawned in a pond beside your city wasn't an easy task? All that capping empty villages around the map made you soft
I felt sorry for some of you so I asked. No need to be so defensive. It would be enough to type that you guys like your clan name. Thus far none of you did. Keep justifying it. Maybe someone will believe that you guys find that name cool.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Right, and based on what your saying, ppl should change their name if other ppl dislike it. I guess everyone called Bob should change their name to Joe if it was up to me... -_-
I guess we can both agree that there is a difference between being named Bob and Garbage Man. So your example is dumb. But If you guys like this shitty name that's fine. I just asked.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Um, newer? When is horde gonna change name?
Why would Horde change name? It's a badass name. Garbage men clearly isn't. Mandrake dealers were much better.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
seeing how they collected the hordes gear , its rather fitting .
Do they change the name when they fight someone else? No? But then that would mean that you just say things that make little sense? Another bitter one.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
kk. I guess you are just you and completly oblivious  to what message you send.
What message? I documented that Horde was able to wipe Garbage Men ally out during a siege and even take a boat of you. Not an easy task for us. Is this what really bothers you? Well, that's what happened. Deal with it. Crying on forums won't change a thing.

By the way, how long will you guys go under that terrible name - garbage men?
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Dirty, it has nothing to do with him being better than you, he recorded and showed the important fights, both in the start where we was dominating, but also when we overstayed and you killed us. You posted one fight which was in your favor and ends it with you despawning the boat... Which newer happened. Sure it lasted 3 hours, so you obviously edit a lot out, especially when we we're waiting for eachother to make a move, but editing every fight out that you Loose is fake.

And yea, we need more Black ppl ;)
For HIS video it does not matter if YOU guys are doing good or not, as long as HE is doing good. He decided not to include parts in which he was not as effective as in parts he showed. And that's fine. Most of the time people exclude fights/parts where they do nothing or do not as good as they would like to. So as I said, he simply is much better and had more to show out of these 3h than me.

When it comes to the boat we had it completely under control, you guys were wiped. We decided to stop despawning it, turn it around and use it against siege stones. Changes nothing in terms of what I show in the video. We took it from you. Not a common thing for us, so I decided to show it in a video. You should be happy we decided to use it against you instead of despawning it and handing it to some alt acting as a bank. Yet you rather cry about me not showing the fight where we lose the boat. As I said, sorry snowlake, world does not revolve around you, make your own video about getting the boat back if you want to see it.
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
I still had fun but seeing your extremely biased vid made me laugh. I had to comment as it was clear that you still have a grudge.
You do understand that Radec also showed only selected parts? Or are you so dumb that you think that he showed every encounter/exchange? It was a 3h long siege and fighting took much longer than 15 minutes which Radec showed. The difference between me and Radec is that he's a good player and I'm bad, that's why he can select 15 minutes of footage to show you out of 3h and I can show only 3 minutes of me killing anyone at all. Yeah, it is so simple. If I had been doing as good in encounters that we lost as Radec in the one you guys lost I would have included them for sure.

We had an entertaining evening in a game we like, yet you guys keep crying.