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General Discussion / Farewell and until next time
Just wanted to say goodbye to everyone here. I've had a great time in New Dawn playing with, against, or just talking to everyone after it died months ago.

I play mmos as much for the game as the community interaction and darkfall continues to be my best memories.

Thank you for all the good conversations here and all the laughs. Thank you to all the trolls who had me laughing every almost every day. Thank you to the Ivars and i wish you all the best.

In game, thanks for all the alliances and enemies. A big thanks to everyone who fought for what they believed in, RP or not, and truly enjoyed the game.

I hope to run into everyone in other games down the road.

I'll check back a couple times to catch up on this post, wether people reply or no one's left. After that, I'll be gone from here. You can find me on steam, Pallist with the kitten icon (RIP Pestilence the cat).


General Discussion / Re: Real news. Not a troll
Ivar, it's great to see that you completely embraced the moron persona. Had a great time watching you go off your rocker and end up in this condition. Ty

People are looking for too many details on who/what/how/why.

The pictures I shared are real. The information is real. The access to emails and password is real.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: I cant download the game
hallo guys
i just bought the game and then i download it is says
Patching failed (#1) patching will restart in a few minutes
what shall i do ??

I hope this isn't real that someone bought the game.

It's long dead and the store being up still seems criminal. The company was liquidised.

Get a refund through credit card or PayPal, quickly.

Rise of Agon is an alternative version of darkfall that is free to play. Try that.
General Discussion / Re: Real news. Not a troll
OP, if you are implying that the hosting company is making this threat then it is illegal for them to sell this data under ANY circumstances, even if Ub3rgames owes them money. If any hosting company took this action, not only could they be prosecuted, but they would very quickly go out of business. In addition, if this hosting company is located in Europe, even just by suggesting this they could be in breach of EU GDPR law.

I think he was suggesting it was an ex-developer of the game.

It's the host.

We're all aware the legality.

But it happens and people get away with it.
The information is a week old. I have no way of knowing if it actually happened or not and the person that has the info would never admit to it.
I do know they know the channels to sell it. But good luck even catching him if he did. Hard to track down a usb flash stick that could be mailed off somewhere.

So again, to state my reason for posting this, I was made aware of a possibility the database containing sensitive information could be sold by a disgruntled contract worker/provider. I dug up enough proof to fully believe it's real, which i have shared some of.
If it happens or doesn't happen, we will never know. We don't know how many backups or when the backups were made containing any passwords.

Really, the best thing you can do is make sure anything using the same email or usernames on other sites never shared the password or secret question answers. So time to updated everything (which we should all do anyways.. this is a bit of a wake up to myself too).

You can't arrest a guy for stating he's considering selling it. And if he already did, it's hard to even track.
General Discussion / Re: Real news. Not a troll
I sat on this info for a nearly week now, unsure how to handle it as I don't like to leak info that makes it my way.
I chose to not include the names related to it. I understand the disbelief.
This is info that built up for a couple months. Until the possibility of the data being sold out of frustration, I just ignored the issue since it wasn't my business.
Maybe it's a bluff about selling it, but the data is real. Either way, everyone is warned.
General Discussion / Real news. Not a troll
Some information made it to me about the possibility of the database being sold off in revenge for the owner never getting paid by @Ub3rgames

It contains all your information.

I don't know the best way to protect yourself. I went into my account and removed all my info and changed my password.

Pictures to prove my source was real.

What kind of pills are you offering? This is a medical forum, not gaming.
General Discussion / Re: Finally The Truth!!!
Hope it's real ofcourse, but chances are that this is just another coping orgy thread to comfort each other with better thoughts of what is to come.

I know you know it isn't real. But I'll write this because sorrow did point out this forum is mostly inside jokes at the moment.

Anyone reading this who isn't a regular here, this post isn't real.

The "I talked to Marc" line is just a joke/trolling.
I like dunnin's spin "my friend talked to Marc" lol

But I did talk to Marc. He said things are looking good for q4 2019.
General Discussion / Re: Finally The Truth!!!
This post got me so excited I just bought all the pills!
General Discussion / Re: Finally The Truth!!!
This post got me so excited I just bought another alt!

Gj Marc! We'll keep the forums alive until rererelease.
General Discussion / Re: Time for the truth
Basically, and its pretty messed up. One of the devs, I wont mention their name, got caught up in the early stages of the yellow vest riots, and unfortunately was killed, nothing too crazy, but basically got knocked over, hit their head and it that was that.

As a frequent yellow vest protester myself, and having followed the movement very closely and all the related major injuries/deaths,

I can say, you sir, are full of shit.

And an utterly sad individual to even troll or attempt use those public events to write this bullshit about people, and a game no one cares so much about now anyway.

Rethink your life, you complete waste of space.


Everyone knows it isn't true. Don't get upset.
General Discussion / I talked to Marc
He said he's been having private conversations with everyone on all different subjects.

What's the news everyone?
General Discussion / Re: Time for the truth
Look, we all wanted new dawn to succeed. We still want it, like this pipe dream of ours. And the game's dead forum guys don't want it to die because they'll have one less forum to troll.

Darkfall didn't die because it was a bad game. Darkfall died because it never got to be a good game. That's the key difference about why we still wish something would happen here.
General Discussion / Re: Time for the truth
I talked to Marc.

Yes, I'm trolling.

Marc isn't talking to anyone. And if he was, the guy lead us on with promises of patches (early October patch, early next week), disappeared without word, continues to keep servers up and you can still buy a new account to this day.
Anyone who says "talked to Marc" or that pretends to be in the know is trolling you.