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Its actually a MAGEFALL problem, the 5th title in a physical build is more or less meaningless.
Just dont open up for 7 crafting titles :D
Everyone should have 6th title slot ONLY for INDUSTRY. Then the game get littlebit less shallow and something to do on the side. With one slot you're still dependent on others to fill other crafting needs.
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
1. Sub
2. Paid Race change (€5)
3. Paid name change (€10 or equal to sub+)
point 3.

I'd be willing to go as far as if you group with Red player you go red. With an Agree or Disagree Window so plp dont get baited into going red. Would kick you out of group if you disagree and go red if you agree.
+1. But you should go rogue, not red.

you should take alignment hit
Suggestions / Disable House Tax
Why should we pay when You dont :D
I think there is a breakdown in your clans communication

He's not aware there is an alliance now, give the man a rest, most TTD dosnt realise that Dunnin is a total eunuch
Clan Recruitment / Re: Ymirs Fist Recruiting!
Recruitment for Ymirs is closed.

Dont think so, I saw Pallist humping Dirty Paws.
Clan Recruitment / Re: Garbage Men (NA/EU wolf/ork)
Was a good clan with good progress, clean rules and a clean racial roster, then the male Orks started to mate with the female Mahirims and the result was Ymirs Fist (a puppy clan not able to stand on their own two feet). Biggest cover up in newer Agonian history and enough to wake up the perverts in Erinthel
Media Highlights / Re: Quarendel Siege 1st video
there were at least 5 garbage men helping with siege with Ymir's yesterday at Aradoth.  Also a few tausian d's.  So yeah...your part of that nutcup. 

One Rat was there as well, u u undercover, covfefe
Media Highlights / Re: Quarendel Siege 1st video
The mention was just an irony towards the Horde for various reasons.

In other words looking for the excuse to put his nuts in GM cups (GM also include their puppy clan of Ymir).

We know all about the Quarandel as launching pad for a siege on Aradoth. Isturak next :D
Breaking News: @wildNothing doing another 180'
I can confirm that Thorgrim will be stepping down as Supreme Leader of Fat Midgets.

This is all that I can say at the present.

I can confirm that Raap wont let this opportunity slip. That is all that I can say at the present :D
This is probably pitched as a last minute gangbang and all the "elite" players popping out from the woodwork when they can do war with their pixels as safe as possible and a failsafe victory in the horizon.

Prepare your vaginas to be swarmed or release that alfar rage.