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We dont need a dumbed down version of MAGEFALL.

Some UI optimization to handle items for sure, but not anything that bypass keeping track of cooldowns or streamline combos.
OOK OOK and DAD DIKS removed.
General Discussion / Re: who is dnd players
DestroStyle threads deliver
Suggestions / Re: BROKEN KNOCKUPS
OP is Destro from Girl Scout Cookies
..many other clans should be taken of the ARAC list.

Great, this thread is for input and updates on that, so if you dont mind list those clans that need to be taken off.
Not sure why @Nataz is inconsistent here.

Quote from a month back in this thread
"As of now I havent considered a low percentage of crafting alts from other races as a criteria for ARAC, but maybe I should since most of the time its to circumvent the racial limitations or to access a cheaper version of whatever item. ARAC on this list is also based out of affilitation.
For the Red status its easier, if one member is red the whole clan is."

Im not aware of any reds in Rats, nor do I know about any mingeling with lesser races or red alfars. Mycke please provide me som details of Rats crime and I'll act accordingly.

PS: This is now a useless thread.
Suggestions / Re: rework seize
If you know how to move seize isnt a free hit skill and if you have any awareness you should know when its used or not or when it will be off CD again.
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
100% disagree
A duel is never ever gonna be won by utility itselve. The outcome of a duel is always determined by the players themselves, there are advantages and disadvantages which influence the outcome but thats it.

Its not what Im saying, what Im saying is that in open field a melee/archer is a sitting duck for the mages utility.
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
Seems like you need to play gay to win a fight, rather than have better aim and skill than the other player.

LOL, sorry mate, but you seems to ignore the fact that it aint down to aim and skill, but utility in this matter.
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
Why not call it 2 v 2 mage tournament?
As of now its the best solution to avoid people moving bank content by exploiting.
Suggestions / Re: So about begone....
I see your point, but dear God, dont make them Duracell Bunnies bounch of the ground with no damage.
Agreed, you cant be a Curtain Clown without a Curtain, then you're just a naked clown.

Now Mr. Rigan, lets talk racial staves....
This list is inaccurate. There clans such as ours which are blue alfars listed as reds due to temporary alts. The list will change a lot when the racial alignment alliances/clans patch comes in.

Nomads made the list when fighting alongside Epoch. Since its been a while and an official statement from Nomads might rectify it...