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Melee-archer guys need to stop wearing FP pieces. It's not doing jack shit for your pvp build and just gimping yourself. That's old meta

You're right they should use Giant bone and a staff.
General Discussion / Re: Confirm alive or not?
For me it seems it slowly picks up again and some old faces are returning.
General Discussion / Re: Sithra
I feel like sithras damage should treat your magic school it belongs to as the weapon skill and treat the intensify as the mastery while having damage be boosted by suit magic magnitude/title and swing speed boosted by casting speed.

Sithras should be a way to do a little more damage with melee as a mage


Every Curtain Clown unsheating a sithra should spark into flames, with no counter, and only accept permadeath and reroll to save the account from a permaban.
Quality vid, quality player and you know its comming.....MAGEFALL.

You know we're going places when you can outbolt a 2h sword in a melee exchange.
Trade / Re: WTS Dragon Armor
Im set, I looted Lulu at the siege.
Suggestions / Re: rework seize
Very good examples. All of these spells are not instant cast. As I said, if seize is to remain damage and utility than add casting time to it. Spell that could have  been like seize (damage + instant cast ray + utility) has casting time (pungent mist).

As you see my point stands (even more now with help of your examples), BTW, I'm no curtain clown, I use seize myself.

Yea and very selective on what is scoring points in your 3 in 1 argument. Surely no CD and range is insignificant (!). Like your 3 in one example, instant cast, damage and utility.

I think range is more imprtant than you make it out to be.
Suggestions / Re: rework seize
What about WOF @wildNothing ? Damage and utility is on almost every spell, remove one or the other? shall i make the list. R50 floating, knock-up + damage without even shared cooldown. Curtain Clowns
General Discussion / Re: The calm before the storm
...well if you love the game I guess its time to wake up...
Next patch will be good even though it is only to make the WOF bigger
General Discussion / WOF
..said the dog
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Buff Cobra durability
Liked by 3 Curtain Clowns
General Discussion / Re: 4 week
AVs little retarded brother "making" a game
General Discussion / Re: Dear AV
Dear AVs little retarded brother, please shut this MAGEFALL down
Holy fuck they have been patching every two weeks like clock work and some of you act like they havent been seen in months, the autism is real.

A Curtain Clown has been getting his needs covered.
Suggestions / Re: Kobold bone drop rate
Heh, if it was like that, would it mean it would buff Impale and Meteor? :P

No as that is spells. Did you hope to double dip?