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Trade / WTT fully decked ehetil Lvilla
- Vendor
- Safe
- Guestroom furniture
- Silverbirch
- Smithy

+ Some random decorations.

Looking for mainland property. Preferably around mid map, PST on forums or in-game.
Log in come to mar shral and get a fight
Please stop with the UW bs. It´s a terrible idea to bring UW back.
Media Highlights / Re: I think I'm Lost - Rubaiyat
Blocked video
This week is to prepare yourself for next week and the week after pvp at villages or sieges 😉
Sundays 100%
Trade / Re: WTS Cottage Aldenfau (Auctioning)
General Discussion / Re: Loads of bang around mid map.
Why not being able to bind at 2 spots and a bindstone recall with a 30 min / 1 hour recall. Dont see how that will break the vision.
General Discussion / Re: Loads of bang around mid map.
Worst part about DND is the need to kill yourself to port anywhere. Which is just dumb.
Media Highlights / Re: orks5
There's people on cairn?
Trade / Re: WTS Cottage Aldenfau (Auctioning)
Ill just pay 50 euro's for the next one
Trade / Re: WTS Cottage Aldenfau (Auctioning)
Media Highlights / Re: Transfer Gate PvP 1
haha nice man
how come people here still post here and having some kind hope for this game?

We do not have any hope for this game, but we still have fun and thats what matters. Like if I went to ROA, with its golden future, I wouldnt have fun. So i dont, cause it's shit. Its that simple. Get it?

Finally, Good job. I 100% agree with you. There's 0 hope for this game. But the times I log in I get fun fights and have fun for a little while. Done with the fun? log out and wait till the next opportunity. It's that simple, game won't change anyway.
General Discussion / Re: Loads of bang around mid map.
Get fixed timers on villages and either implement arcane rings or remove player city guard towers. It will be fine for a while then.