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General Discussion / Re: Did Ubergames give up on DND?
Game is as dead as Ivar once his wife finds out he's been off his soy from binging on whatever new game dev cock he's gargling nowadays
Post more shit Ivar, I want to hear how big of a loser I am and how heavy your nuts are
Not true. You guys missed out on indev which was far better than any other version
Yeah guys I post here daily like Ivar yet I haven't been logged in game since April. The best part about it is Ivar already knows the last time I logged into game was on Sep. 27th when he was at a "bar" with "friends" with his face buried in the new dawn discord while one of the best NFL performances was happening on the tv screens right in front of him.

Stay ez Ivar and keep the posts rolling, shit is treasure for me
I love how the only person Ivar can convince of anything but a retired ub3r nut swinger is himself. I'm loving this shit
This guy is on a different level. It's fucking awesome to see this dude go from dick swinger to full retard hater in a matter of months. Love it
You change the fonts to your posts and use memes in them.

Nuff said
Fucking monkey on the keyboard going to town again. Ah, I'm gonna miss these days when they're finally over
General Discussion / Re: Let's just pretend...
ivar u need professional help
Ivar has to be off his rocker. This shit is fucking awesome right now
General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
Let's just read the text you blew up and ignore the fact this thread is a derivative of the one mantra made you replied in.

Stay ez trash can. At least now that you've admitted you "unblocked" me you don't have to look like as big of an idiot when you reply to my posts now.
General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
It's like an Autist's support group in here.
Shit stain peanut gallery ftw

By the way guys, I got ten bonus food stamps for writing this post. Now I'm flush for the rest of the week on food, thanks

This took 3 mins to find. Notice the time stamp by the way. Again, my first post in this thread still stands. Food stamps galore

I'm not here to defend ub3r. And I'm not content. You guys simply make no sense.

Fucking this ^

Clearly Ub3rgames has made a decision on communication and patching frequency. Either deal with it (*I don't think anybody, myself included likes it) but it is what it is or.....or fucking move on and come back when you're happy with where ND is. It's not like you didn't get your money's worth and they robbed you. This thing could end tomorrow and nobody could complain about what they paid versus what they got out of it.

Wringing out your panties on the forums everyday doesn't accomplish anything. And you know who I'm talking to

I guess April comes after August when you're a fucking slack tard when @AbusiveLover
General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
Ivar, bring back the Putin meme you used to use when you were pretending you didn't read my "blocked" posts. It's ok for you to just say you unblocked me, we both already established you can never not read my posts let alone respond.

You're my monkey on a keyboard with a lot of sorry excuses
Trash RoA and Big Picture Games throught the forums, while pointing out Ub3rgames is still some how doing worse...................makes me a RoA "fanboy" IDONTEVEN.JPG

A couple real fucking geniuses you two are.


Maybe now you might understand why this forum has been a shitshow since week 1 of launch.

You obviously don't follow these forums closely enough or you'd know this dude was literally typing this same gargle about both games but the titles were just switched over. You even hinting at siding with him might earn you a front row seat on the short bus next to him
General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
Keep reading my "blocked" posts maggot. I don't care enough to get a waaaaaaaaaay more recent post of you nut jobbing Ub3r past the month of April.  Change your Kotex and go back to blowing RoA on their forums