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General Discussion / Re: Dear Diary
Does there happen to be any racial warfare in the game yet?

General Discussion / Re: Dear Diary
if he finally gave up I will consider coming back
Anyone else getting long term payments?
its my money, should be able to use it when I need it
so I take it the current developers have a fat account with JG wentowrth
General Discussion / Re: We need a full wipe
You full wipe you lose, straight up
Set Time Offset
Everyone around here should bow down to this man, he deserves respect.
have to wait 30 seconds to say something?

wtf is up with the time limit on posting tf, fuck out of here
General Discussion / Re: We need a full wipe
... of the General Discussion area of the forums
Scrub those shit stains off the bowl.

Apart from that we just need warfronts and things will be fine and the people will surge.

What we want is a lot more, what we need is just that territory control.
I hope that's what you are doing at the moment.

Never is a full wipe needed, only desired.