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Shit players talking random shit hey.
General Discussion / Re: Yssam Bindstone Quests
You guys should be careful with the trolling, imagine some poor noob sees this and thinks I will buy DnD they are working on it.
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
How is any1 still playing?
General Discussion / Re: Seriously....
Americans need to stop being so fat.

Americans need to stop existing, they elected trump.
General Discussion / Re: Final Nostalgia Trip
There might be a 0.5% chance that they have worked on a monster patch for the last 6 months that they will launch with a bang once they've rebought their company and assets. Hope is the last to die.

It does seem like they were working on something, but its likely an unfinished mess / they stopped it when all the money troubles started.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
Garbage Men are funny though, they are barely better than new players, yet they seem to look down on actual new players, because they manage to beat them.

Standard occurrence in Darkfall, and a comic insight into humans' tribal psychology.

Clans form by "pro" players branching out, wanting more freedom to act in their desired way, which was previously denied by a leadership figure who might've been less skilled than the "pros". After forming their new clans, the "pros" recruit a few of the previous clan's members who are aligned with the pros' feelings, and seek out more members in the form of fresh meat to mold to their psychology and way of playing, aka noobs. The noobs are attracted by a sense of power, either it be in the form of player skill, or political dominance in the game world or forums.

In the harsh gameworld of Agon, they want to feel protected, and a sense of belonging to a tribe; ultimately believeing that just by serving a skillful player, they will imbue his skill and power. And so, many a cocky noob have risen and fallen in Agon. They raid a few times together with pros, thinking that their skill have any impact on the battle. With time, they believe themselves to be skillful too, when in fact it's just the combination of meatshield numbers and a few pro players carrying the rest that wins the clan their battles.

Then sometimes, wars break out between clans, that can last for several weeks. This becomes a psychological strain for all players, where we've seen valuable holdings sieged at odd hours in weekdays - something very annoying when happening consecutively. Add on top of this losing consecutively to more elite clans, with the noobs' leaders pointing out mistakes and blaming the new players for their faults. The size of their fat banks, built up with a cocky attitude in times of peace, slowly drained down, until only their leafblade and some r30s remain. By this time, several month old noobs, even long time vets who suck, will have their ego buckling under the external pressure they're faced with. Their illusion, that they have obtained the same 1337 skills as their "pro" leaders, who taught them how to fight and who built their banks up, were nothing more than a sunday brunch for the truly elite clans (who ofcourse only rarely, if ever, recruit noobs), comes crashing down. At the end of the day, their brains are lesser to those who have PvPed more than anyone on the server, and they still remain noobs, who at the end of the day will never be able to become "pro" players, and lead their own clans. So they install LoL, and quit Darkfall, calling it a toxic zergfest with cheaters.

Pretty much the explanation for all the mass-exodus events Darkfall has seen after every major clan war. Lux Arcana, Horde, SKD, SUN etc. pretty much suffered the same thing. Most players will just suck, no matter the effort, and that's something they can't cope with.

Its a problem caused mostly by the good players. Most good players would rather play with other good players (can't really blame them for this though) and would rather just shit on bad players than fight real competition and risk losing (this is a shitty attitude though and fucks over newer players).

If good players took the time to help newer players learn the game it would have helped the game quite a bit, the problem was that the only people that were really willing to help newer players were generally bad players. If the good players saw any potential good players though they snap them up rather than leaving them in the clan with bad players.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
What @fitteslim said is true - Garbage Men and Horde almost never even seen each other in the game. I said almost never as for sure Horde saw Butthurt Pallist when he left and decided to asset damage Horde because he got too little attention while being a member.

But anyways - opposite sites of the map in a localized world. There was only one thing that Butthurt Pallist and his clan competed in against Horde - recruitment. That's why Garbage Men (mostly Pallist) were so obsessed with Horde being present in Ork/Mahirim chat, posting recruitment messages. He keeps mentioning it. Garbage Men tried their best yet failed to attract almost any new players while Horde was getting them. You wonder why? One doesn't need a deep analysis (Horde being an established, well known clan with years of presence in dfo, same leadership, etc) to see the problem - it's enough to just look at the clan names...

Butthurt Pallist couldn't stand DJ/Horde being better at recruitment. As almost every new Ork/Mahirim went to Horde Pallist decided to try and steal some of them from Horde hence the "friendly duels" he mentioned and other attempts - mostly talks behing DJ's back but also tries to diminish Horde's power by joining every fight he could against them. DJ is not stupid, he saw that as what it was. Even after all the work put in, these few guys that left Horde (and then almost immediately went inactive) didn't want to join you Pallist. They created their own clan. Yeah, different name. At that point game was on its way out (population dying). Horde went inactive, Butthurt Pallist initiated the war vs Horde.

You are a failure as a clan leader. Stop pointing at Horde. Be a man (and not a Garbage Man) for a moment and look into mirror - at least 50% responsibility for that terrible name you guys have (Garbage Men) is yours Pallist (as you started the clan with some other guy).

I never saw Garbage spamming recruitment in chat, Horde did all the time, which is the biggest reason they recruited more members.

In general both Horde and Garbage Men both seemed like decent people, most the people I talked to in each clan were nice until I inevitably shit talked them out of boredom (what can I say I troll when I am bored). But talking to both of them it did seem like they quite often tried to play the politics game against each other, both of your clans have said that the other clan did shitty things to them for apparently no reason, so there is obviously something there.

Horde being an established well known clan with years of presence in dfo really means nothing, they are well known for being bad players, so any1 in the know wouldn't want to play with them, I know you are a noob friendly clan but you don't really have any1 to teach your newer players anything beyond the basics, which is a big problem as you are basically recruiting people to fail.

Garbage Men are funny though, they are barely better than new players, yet they seem to look down on actual new players, because they manage to beat them.
Where were you when I was trying to trade =(. I was so close to making 100 hell raisers and putting q4/q5 keens on the bad to mid rolls and q5 rolls on the good rolls, you have enough to finish it off =(.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
If you had two braincells and actually read the posts instead of just throwing out dumbass comments, then you should know who i am.

And i'm not intentionally hiding under a different name, orilt was my first character's name, and i'm not gonna bother make a new forum account to satisfy some random idiot who also have a different ingame name than his forum name.

So just some no name noob then got it, I cant remember ever seeing some1 by the name Orilt and your clan doesn't have a single stand out player in it, to me you are just a clan of bad players that hope to win by out numbering others. Actually Pallist does stand out as some1 who will straight line while u melee him in the back lol.

Sorrow Avaritia was my original name in DF1, I made troll names for DnD because me playing it was originally just to troll around as there is very little real competition on DnD. One of the chars got banned in the thing the devs called Transfer Gate, so that is where my name came from.
General Discussion / Re: ROA IS FTP
Ignoring if RoA or DnD is better, or which vision is better, as people are always going to have different opinions. Also ignoring the fact that DnD devs seem to have gone completely. 

The main issue with a game like DF Online is that it is a game that will only ever appeal to a small amount of people because of the type of game it is, most people just cant handle the full loot aspect now days, so it is very hard to get the population needed.

RoA has been designed around this low population (for failure), so that even though the population is shit people can still go out and get pvp. Although it tends to be fighting the same few people over and over again.

DnD has been designed around having a high population (for success), because of this the low population has hurt the game more than it would have if no changes were made.

If we ignore combat changes (which I am not sure which I prefer 30 ping on DnD is so nice) I personally feel that RoA is a better game for low population and DnD is a better game for high population, If RoA had a high population it would feel really crowded and would need changes to support a high population, DnD is the opposite, it needs changes to support a low population, but for a high population I would really like the systems they implemented.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
Thats ironic...

I have never once hid my name. So whats ironic?

Then again most people don't use the word ironic right.

So who are you if I have ran from you?

As far as DnD goes there is only a few people that would beat me more often than I would beat them and despite knowing that I would never run from them, so why on earth would I run from you?
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
Only time we fought was when you was running from me and waiting for your friends to help you. But doesn't matter it's a dead game and ur shit.

I have never ran from a 1v1 in DnD.

Shit players always hide their name so they cant be called out.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
For me personally i felt like horde wasn't taking care of their members properly pvp wise. But i don't think it's that simple to just point fingers at a single person or view.

I'm however not gonna bring that grudge over to ROA.

Oh and btw, transfer dumpster is a shit tier player like the rest of the simirian.

Who you? Prob som1 I easily beat at some point.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
Just for the record, the whole bad relationship comes from Pallist having a hard on for DJ for whatever reason.
For the clan (or atleast me), Garbage Men never were an issue or anything we (I) cared about one way or another, until they started to show up on the opposite side of every siege against us. They did their thing over in tribelands and we did our thing in orklands and we barely if ever ran into each other.
Pallist never managed to get rid of the green monster on his shoulder though, and at some point at the end of the game, he managed to recruit enough vets and decent players from dead or dying clans to get a stronger team, and he finally got to beat us in several sieges, including Andruk. I have to admit I dont really care that much at this point though. For me, it was fun while it lasted.

He doesn't have any decent players, what u smoking =0.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
Does it really matter who won the siege, or who cherry picked what footage, you both suck so who the fuck cares. Also wild is well known for cherry picking, you are acting like its a new thing.